Farewell It is with sadness that we farewell another long serving staff member of the college who will retire at the end of the year.  Mrs Sheena Rak started at the college in 2001 She has taught English, Psychology and Literature.    We wish Sheena the best in her future endeavours and know that she will … Continued Read More

As we move further into December, the holidays start to draw closer, with students recently completing the Early Commencement Program.  This year’s Year 8 students have become our Year 9 students for 2020 and our Year 9s moving into their Year 10 classes.  This program has many benefits including helping to transition students into their … Continued Read More

ECP in the Middle School It has been a successful Early Commencement Program for students in the Middle School, albeit challenging and exciting.  We were joined by our 2020 year 9 students who have transitioned smoothly to their new campus which they will call home for the next four years as they journey to VCE … Continued Read More

Early Commencement Program (ECP) The ECP ran for students in Years 7 to 11 and was very successful. Students in Year 8 were able to spend time on the senior campus and had an opportunity to settle in and meet their new teachers. VCE students were given homework to do and this must be completed … Continued Read More

Student Leadership Planning Day On Friday 6 December  the 2020 Year 8 and 12 Student Leaders took part in a Student Leadership Planning Day at the Junior Campus.  Students had an opportunity to work in teams and start planning for 2020. Alumni Chester (Captain 2016), Maddy (Deputy 2017), Emma (Deputy 2017), Jessalyn and Demetri (2019) … Continued Read More

“My opportunity to work at the Australian Cybersecurity Centre (ACSC) in Canberra entailed many new learning experiences. These experiences ranged from gaining and nurturing new skills in the field of I.T all the way to learning about independence and being far away from home. Whether it be meeting new people, solving problems that required me … Continued Read More

Congratulations, Class of 2019!    You are now MWSC alumni & are eligible to join the Alumni Community.  Benefits of being part of this community and program include: provides role modeling to current students; helping them with practical advice about school study tips, work, university / TAFE, ‘life skills’, wellbeing and other specific interests enables … Continued Read More

Exams on the Senior campus Over the last few weeks the senior campus has been a very busy place. Students in Year 9, 10 and 11 have been completing exams and teachers have been marking them and writing reports.   Early Commencement Program Students in Years 7 to 11 have started their 2020 subjects. This … Continued Read More

I would like to congratulate our 2020 VCE cohort on a fantastic start to their studies during the early Commencement Program. It has been pleasing to see students start their academic year with a positive attitude and a dedicated approach to every class. Our Senior School team is looking forward to supporting our students both … Continued Read More

As we move through November and into December the Middle School students have been busy in classrooms starting their 2020 courses as part of the college’s Early Commence Program.  This program is designed to give students a head start on their learning for 2020. Working Bee Thank you to all students and parents who attend … Continued Read More