Welcome new staff I would like to welcome the following new staff to the college: New Leading Teachers Mr Jason Nicholas – Head of Senior School (Health/P.E) Mr Luke Brookman – Middle Sub School Leader (Health/P.E) Learning Specialist Ms Ersilia Bruno Returning Staff Mrs Estella Lum Mrs Priyanka Asthana Mrs Cassie Morris Mrs Emmy Gwynne … Continued Read More

Welcome back to the Junior Campus for another exciting year. I would particularly like to welcome our Year 7 students and their families as they start their journey at the college, along with all new students who have commenced. Our Year 7 students’ first two days at the college involved a specially designed program to … Continued Read More

Welcome to 2019! The start of the year has been busy and positive and has provided opportunities for students to set up good learning habits and high expectations for the remainder of 2018. A key focus for the Year 7 students has been adapting to a new community and they have approached new challenges with … Continued Read More

Welcome back to what will be another busy year in the Middle School. My name is Ian MacLeod, I am the Campus Principal who works with Middle School.  I would particularly like to welcome our Year 9 students and families as they start their journey at the Senior Campus of the college. We welcomed our … Continued Read More

Lisa McKiernan

Welcome to 2019 A warm welcome is extended to all students, parents and staff of our school community, particularly for those families who are new to the college. I would like to congratulate the Middle School students on their positive start to 2019. Week 1 was an exciting week with our Year 9 students participating … Continued Read More

Welcome back to all of our senior students, it has been a productive and smooth start to the year.  A special welcome to our new students and families who have joined our college community in 2019. Camps and Programs Week Last week our students in Years 9 to 12 were involved in a range of … Continued Read More

Year 12 – Week One The first week of year 12 started with a massive bang! Students arrived on the first day for a special program that included four sessions which entailed VCAA Paperwork, Camp preparation and mentoring, Elevate Study Skills and a guest speaker to discuss with the students tips and tricks for preparing … Continued Read More

Student Voice

Year 9 – School for Student Leadership – Snowy River Campus The School for Student Leadership is an opportunity for six 2019 Year 9 students to attend the Snowy River Campus with Year 9 students from across the state for the duration of Term 2 in 2019.  Students develop leadership, communication, teamwork and life skills … Continued Read More

A humid and steamy 32 degree Wednesday 6 February 6 was host to our annual House Swimming Carnival at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. The carnival was filled with impressive individual performances, high levels of encouragement from all attendees and fierce competition between the college houses. As always, house spirit was at fever pitch when the presentation … Continued Read More