As we move through November and into December the Middle School students in Year 10 have been busy with exams which will continue next week.  Our Year 9 group have been engaged in the Explore program this week and will undertake exams in the coming week.  Following the exam period students will be busy in … Continued Read More

It has been wonderful to see students back on site and once again in music lessons. The commitment and flexibility of these students moving from remote to in person lessons should be commended. The music faculty has exciting plans moving forward into 2022. We have begun to plan for ensembles, performances, production and ensembles. We … Continued Read More

On Tuesday 16 November, our  Year 9 and 10 students participated in a guest speaking event, Ms Tayla Harris was invited to discuss her journey and how she found empowerment in adversity.  The students may have thought they would learn about and be inspired by the many great achievements Tayla Harris has experienced and this … Continued Read More

Last Friday 19 November,  the year 11s were involved in a Fancy Dress Day, where they could come as any character from a movie, book, tv show etc!  The students exceeded our expectations, and the effort that they went to in making amazing, creative and detailed costumes was incredibly impressive! The day was very fun.  Students … Continued Read More

2021 what a year.  Every year typically has a few defining moments but the past 12 months has contained so many world changing developments that it is hard not to be overwhelmed by the immense disruption to our lives. This year as Arts teachers we have had to rapidly shift our perspectives and take up … Continued Read More

It was with great excitement that 250 students and 50 staff members travelled into the city for 2 days of Exploring our beautiful city, Melbourne. On both days, we were lucky enough to experience glorious sunshine and warmth, which made the experience that much more pleasant. The city was very quiet on both mornings but … Continued Read More

St Vincent’s Appeal – Tinnies for Vinnies Mount Waverley Students on the Junior Campus have been collecting donations for the St Vincent’s Appeal. The hampers are put together for families in need to help them celebrate over the festive season. We’ve had lots of contributions of non-perishable foods including tinned items, rice, cereal and chips. … Continued Read More

Exams on the Senior Campus This week the senior campus has been a very busy place. Students in Years 10 and 11 have been completing exams and teachers have been marking them and writing reports.  Year 9 exams will run next week. The VCAA exams have also been running and finished last week. Thanks to … Continued Read More

On Thursday 25 November, our two Mental Health Practitioners, Phoebe and Aisha presented our first wellbeing at home- parent webinar on family inclusive approaches of supporting good mental health at home. They covered what good mental health looks like, how good mental health promotion can affect other aspects of our lives, how to encourage open … Continued Read More

On 19 October 2021, the Year 10 students attended a virtual presentation by motivational speaker Mr Daniel Merza called Leader of your Life. Daniel challenged the year 10 students to ‘get the monkey off their back’ and become the best version of themselves that they can be. Daniel presented with a lot of energy and … Continued Read More