Thank you for your interest in our college

Employment opportunities at Mount Waverley Secondary College are advertised through the Department of Education and Training (DET) Recruitment Online website.

Mount Waverley Secondary College attracts, employs and develops people with exceptional skills who share our values and want to make a difference to student learning outcomes.

Our staff promote an environment that will effectively nurture our students’ development and feeling of belonging to our learning community. The college staff comprising both teaching and education support staff are high dedicated professionals who treat every child as their own.

View employment opportunities via the DET Recruitment website


Positions available at this time are as follows

Job DescriptionJob IDTermHoursApplication Due Date
Education Support – Head of Careers1169818Full time / Fixed term3821 October 2019
Business Manager1170436Part time / Fixed term15.2023 October 2019
Classroom Teacher – EAL/English1170510Full time / Fixed term3823 October 2019
Classroom Teacher – English1170528Full time / Fixed term3823 October 2019
Classroom Teacher – Maths1170517Full time / Fixed term3823 October 2019
Classroom Teacher – Music1170535Full time / Fixed term3823 October 2019
Nurse1170541Part time / Fixed term1823 October 2019
Executive Team’s Assistant1170989Full time / Fixed term3827 October 2019
Leading Teacher – Sub School Leader1171786Full time / Ongoing3829 October 2019