The Student Wellbeing area at Mount Waverley Secondary College encompasses a wide range of services offered to support students and families.  We aim, through a holistic approach to provide both preventative programs and needs based individual care to each student.  Our role as a team is to support the physical, social and emotional needs of every student.

The team comprises of a group of highly skilled staff who have the wellbeing of students as a core focus:

  • Manager of Student Wellbeing:  Mr Paul Graham
  • Student Wellbeing Coordinators (SWC):   Ms Danielle Mott – Junior Campus and Ms Kerri Haworth – Senior Campus
  • Nurses:  Mrs Michelle Taylor, Mrs Debi Radi, Ms Penny Fleming, Ms Jody Clooney and Ms Sandra Davies
  • Chaplains:   Ms Alyssa Mercer (Term 1) and Mr Kyle Barnden (commencing Term 2)
  • Visiting DET Support Staff:   Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech Therapists and Visiting Teachers
  • Outreach Workers from community organisations:  MYFS, KYMS, EAMS et al
  • Integration and Individual Learning Needs Coordinator:  Mrs Margaret Taylor

Students and families can access a number of services through direct contact with the college.  If we cannot provide services which are appropriate, we will refer to the appropriate agency.

Spaces: Our Student Wellbeing area is designated a SAFE SPACE, where students can discuss any concerns they may have without fear of judgement.  Anything that is shared in these spaces is treated with respect and empathy.

Privacy: When students access counselling at school it is natural to be concerned about who else may know about what is discussed.  For our team, privacy means that what you discuss with us is not shared with anyone else without your permission.  The only reasons for a breach of this privacy will be discussed with you in person.

Counselling: Counselling is mostly about helping and guidance. Our aim is to guide you through alternative options through conversation and investigation.  You can access the student wellbeing coordinators through referrals from teachers, coordinators and nurses, self referrals and parent referrals.

Financial Support: From time to time we provide support for families who are finding it difficult to make ends meet.  We provide access to uniform, books and materials as well as assisting families to generate payment plans and accessing other funding options where possible.

Chaplains: The college is fortunate to have the support of a Chaplain on both campuses. They assist with programs such as Breakfast Club, mentoring and run focus groups with students that target specific skills such as study skills, organisation, healthy lifestyles and exam preparation.

Nurses: We have a team of highly skilled registered nurses on both campuses who are here to support our students throughout the day.  Our nurses are able to provide not only provide excellent first aid care, but also ensure that all camps and excursions are prepared and catered for.

Integration and Individual Needs: Our students are supported by a dedicated team who work on improving access to curricular and co-curricular activities.  They work closely with students, staff and families to provide individualised support for students and actively encourage success.


Useful Links & Contacts:

  • Police / Fire / Ambulance: 000
  • Headspace: – Online and telephone mental health support (12-25)
  • Kids Help Line: 1800 55 1800 – Online and telephone support for young people (0-24)
  • Life Line: 13 11 14 – Telephone support for people of all ages
  • Monash Youth and Family Services: – Support for families in the Monash area
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Service: 1300 721 927 – Support for young people experiencing distress or severe emotional disturbance.
  • Parent Line: 13 22 89 – Support for parents of young people aged 0-18
  • Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 – Supporting everyone to achieve their best possible mental health