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2017 Parent Payment Refund Policy
2018 MWSC Parent Payment Policy
Anaphylaxis Management Policy
Attendance Policy
Bullying Prevention Policy
Camps Policy and Procedures
Child Safe Statement of Commitment
Child Safety Code of Conduct Policy
Child Safety Environment Policy
Child Workplace Learning Policy Standard
Classroom Protocols for Using Social Media
College Enrolment Policy Years 11 & 12
College Enrolment Policy Years 7 & 8
College Enrolment Policy Years 9 & 10
Communications Policy
Complaints Policy
Continuous Assessment Policy Processes and Procedures
Critical Incident Procedure Policy
Duty of Care Policy
Enhancement and Enrichment Policy
Examination Policy
Excursion Policy and Procedures
First Aid Policy
Health Care Needs Policy
Homestay Policy
Homework + Home Study Policy
ICT Acceptable Use Resource Policy
Inclusion and Diversity Policy
Inclusive Education Policy 2019
Incursion Policy and Procedures
International Students Complaints Policy
Mandatory Reporting Policy
Medications Policy
Mobile Phone and Audio Device Consequences
Modified Assessment and Work Policy
Prevention of Bullying in the Workplace
Privacy Policy
Professional Learning Policy
Professional Practice Days Policy
Senior School Student Policy
Staff Health and Wellbeing Policy
Staffing Selection and Management Practices
Statement of Values and School Philosophy Policy
Student code of Behaviour
Student Engagement Inclusion Policy and Guidelines
Students Driving to School Policy
Visitor and Volunteer Policy
Working with Children Check Policy
Yard Duty and Supervision Policy