How to apply for Year 7 in 2024 (for students in Grade 6 2023)

For enrolment in Year 7 2024 please refer to Transition processes and procedures click here

To apply for Year 7 in 2024 the Department of Education (DE) opens the enrolment process in March/April 2023.  All applications and enquiries may be made through your child’s primary school.

If your child is attending a non-government school, the DE application form will be available for you from April 2023 and should be submitted through your child’s primary school.

Approved entry criteria for Mount Waverley Secondary College are:

  • Students who live within the school zone (guaranteed entry)
  • Students with a sibling attending the school a the same time (priority 1 of the priority order of placement)
  • Students seeking enrolment on legitimate compassionate grounds

Students seeking placement in Year 7 must meet one of the above criteria to be eligible for enrolment in 2024.

Important: If you are moving to australia from overseas, we request your enrolment application be submitted once you are living in Australia. Applications will not be considered prior to your arrival in Australia.


Enrolment Enquiry

Please enter all information in the form below, and submit the relevant documents, in order to apply for a place at Mount Waverley Secondary College:

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