The Year 9 and 10 and some Year 11 German students, had the wonderful opportunity to attend the German Film Festival on Tuesday 28 May.

We took the train into the city together, to the Palace Kino, which is a lovely smallTtheatre in the city. There we watched the film “Get Up”, a movie about skater girls, set in Frankfurt.

My friends and I really enjoyed the movie, it was better than we expected it to be. Watching the film was also a great way to expand our vocabulary, as it was a German film, along with English subtitles to aid us in our understanding.  After the movie ended, we had lunch, and then together headed back to school by train.

 Overall, going to the German Film Festival was a wonderful experience. It provided an entertaining way to expand our vocabulary, and I was glad to see the Year 9s and 10s who are passionate about learning German enjoy the day as well.

By Marlo B 11L