2024 is a historic year as the college fully implements the Vocational Major (VM) VCE course for the first time in Years 11 and 12. So far, students in both levels have participated in excursions within our local area, completed or started hands-on projects and completed coursework across our four subject areas.

All students doing VM are also actively involved in VET courses. The staff have visited a local TAFE to see how we can bring our courses closer to what TAFE demands of students. Here is a list of things students have done so far this year and what we intend to do for the rest of the term:

  • Year 12 students completed the measurement and layout of the Gordon Road car park, installing 200+ parking discs.
  • Year 11 students have completed planter boxes, nesting boxes and worm farm boxes as we reach the next planning stage of their outdoor space near A12.
  • Year 12 students helped in the selection of new furniture in A12.
  • Year 11 students visited Damper Creek Reserve as part of their PDS (Personal Development Skills) program.
  • Year 12 students visited the Mount Waverley Village as part of their Numeracy and PDS program.
  • Year 12 students will visit Burwood Brickworks for Numeracy and Literacy work.
  • Year 11 students will go fishing as part of their PDS, Literacy, Numeracy and WRS (Work-Related Skills) courses.
  • Year 11 students are given access to Food Handling and Barista training from an external provider to enhance their employability skills.
  • Year 11 students baked cookies for Harmony Week as part of their PDS course.
  • Year 11 and 12 students supporting the “Push Up” challenge to support Headspace, a local community operator.

We still have many things in the pipeline to complete in Semester 2 and enhancing our links within our local community is very important to us. If anyone within the school parent community would like to reach out to engage with the VM program, please contact Wayne Griffin gri@mwsc.vic.edu.au We are open to any concept, suggestion, or idea!

Many thanks to the teaching team for VM, who are creating a curriculum that is unique to the school. I know the students appreciate the significant hard work of the VM staff as designing a new curriculum is very time-consuming and demanding. The team is:

Year 12 Year 11
Literacy – Ms Sarah Smith Ms Jo Rogers
Numeracy – Mr Wayne Griffin Mr James Johnston
Personal Development – Mr Simon Barlett Ms Sally Robothom
Work-Related – Mr Phil Newnham Ms Lauren Lockhart
Hands-On Learning – NA Mr Ian Shaw





Mr Wayne Griffin
VM and VPC Coordinator