It’s a Jungle – Dr Brenda Heyworth

On Wednesday 8 May, Dr Brenda Heyworth – a child and adolescent psychiatrist presented to teachers on understanding the complexity of student emotions, as well as practical tools to help students manage. In the evening, Dr. Heyworth presented to approximately 200 parents – sharing practical tips on how to manage their child’s extreme emotions and behaviours at home.

Dr Heyworth was engaging and motivating to both parents and staff reminding us that we all have emotions and we all struggle with self-control at times. She uses her framework of how emotions trigger behaviours in students that lead them to fight in the jungle and how we as staff and parents need to stay calm, understand the emotions, and not fall into the traps of heading into the jungle with them.

It was thought-provoking and interesting as well as warm and funny. We were grateful to have Dr Heyworth share her knowledge and wisdom with our school community. If you would like more information, please go to her website You can also purchase her parenting book “Its a jungle” which explains her framework in more detail and offers advice on how to manage external emotions as well as emotions that students are internalizing.

It was great to have so many parents attend on the night and we look forward to offering more presentations in the future. If you have any ideas on what topics you would like student wellbeing to cover in the future please let me know on



Mr Paul Graham
Student Support and Resources Manager