The second-hand Book and Uniform shop is located on Senior Campus, Mount Waverley Secondary College, opposite the Unicorn Theatre.

For all enquiries regarding textbook or uniform availability please email:

We are still accepting donations of CURRENT uniform items and textbooks. Please drop these off at the Senior Campus General Office at your convenience.

The MWSC Secondhand Uniform/Book Shop will be open for Term 1 on Wednesday mornings between 9am – 11am on the Senior Campus, commencing Wednesday 1 February, 2023.

Please note, all uniform items and textbooks given to the college are considered a DONATION. 100% of the proceeds made from the sale will go back to the college to be spent on student-led initiatives. 

All items must adhere to the following conditions:

  • All uniform items must be freshly laundered and in good condition to be accepted.
  • Shirts with yellow stains under the arms and along the collar will not be accepted.
  • Any uniform items with paint or ink stains will not be accepted.
  • All zips on jackets, trousers, school dresses and winter skirt must be working.
  • All buttons must be on shirts, trousers, school dresses and winter skirts.
  • Books must have any pencil markings and notes removed.
  • Books with excessive marking along the outside will not be accepted.
  • Books with excessive highlighting will not be accepted

Acceptance of items for sale is conditional by inspection of the volunteers and at their discretion.

We thank you for supporting us in providing this service to our college community.