The Year 12s started the year off with a blast at The Summit Camp in Trafalgar! We all came into school on Wednesday 31 January– our official last first day of school– packed and ready to go, unsure of what to expect, but excited nevertheless. 

Over the three days, we did a wide range of activities that tested our courage, resilience, strength and teamwork. This included abseiling, giant swing, flying fox, “the leap of faith”– climbing up a super high tower and jumping out to reach a bar, navigating through a pitch black cave all alone, and the “highwire”– climbing up a tree and walking across a rope high off the ground! 

However, the highlight by far was the Mud Run. A series of physically strenuous and confronting obstacles, including swimming through pits of mud under barbed wire and rivers covered in rope, climbing through muddy ball pits and much more. All of these activities we did as groups, linking hands and carrying tires as we ran from obstacle to obstacle. The image of all my peers and teachers hauling themselves through rivers and pools of mud is one I’ll never forget! By the end, a lot of us realised that we were stronger than we thought, and came out not exhausted, but energised and ready to take on the world. From mere classmates, we became each other’s number one supporters, cheering each other on, helping each other out of the mud. 

Overall, the camp was an excellent way to start Year 12. The strength, resilience, teamwork and of course, fun, that we got out of it will definitely support us throughout our Year 12 journey and beyond!

by Farah H, 12F