College Principal’s Report

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Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable holiday.  As College Principal I look forward to joining with students, teachers, and parents for another exciting and productive year of teaching and learning at Mount Waverley Secondary College.

I am pleased to report that the college continues to build upon our successes. Our 2023 VCE results were outstanding considering the last few years and is a testament to the dedication of our wonderful staff and the resilience of our students.  Our 2023 College Dux, Vicky Liu, received an ATAR score of 99.65 which was an outstanding result. Nineteen students received an ATAR over 95 and seventy-three students received an ATAR over 90 which was 20% of our cohort. One student also received a perfect study score of 50 in Health and Human Development and 269 students received their VCE certificate which was a great achievement.

A very warm welcome to all our new students and their families. You are embarking on a wonderful learning journey, which will be enhanced by always trying your personal best.

Mount Waverley Secondary College provides a learning community where we all respect and care for each other, always working cooperatively as a team.  In addition, our college provides you with magnificent facilities and resources which are yours to use to maximize your learning opportunities.  Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. Staff and students are eager to help you make a successful transition into our college.


Welcome New Staff           

I would like to welcome the following new staff to the college:

New Leading Teachers/Learning Specialists
Ms Rebecca McMahon – Head of Disability/Inclusion

Other New Staff
Ms Kathryn Allen – Legal Studies
Mr Chris Bamford – Accounting/Economics
Ms Giorgia Brown – Science
Ms Mary Corbisiero – Maths
Ms Jasmine Croll – English
Mr William Keep – English/Humanities
Ms Alex Klepner – Philosophy/History
Mr Felix Liu – Maths
Ms Jo Lourey – Media
Mr Andrew Morton – Chem/Maths
Ms Aya Regev – Maths
Mr David Scarborough – Maths/Chemistry
Ms Sunita Sewani – Maths
Mr Louis Tie – Design Tech/Systems Engineering
Ms Georgia Walton – PE
Mr Mitchell Waterman – Maths/Physics
Mr Matthew Weekes – Drama/Journalism
Ms Carly Woo – EAL
Ms Paige Wu – Art
Mr Samuel Zanardo – Business Management/Economics

ES Staff
Ms Tahlia Briggs – Student Wellbeing Programs
Ms Mel Henwood – Senior Campus Reception
Mr Oscar Jenkins-Wing – Piano
Mr Lee Jones – Guitar/Electric Bass
Ms Juliana Sung – Events Administrator

We also welcome back from Family Leave Mrs Helen Radisic – Humanities and Mrs Stella Lumb – Maths


Off to a Great Start!

Our staff returned on Monday 29 January and were lucky enough to hear from Mr Dale Sidebottom, a top-rated podcaster and popular TEDx speaker. Dale’s session was entitled ‘You must be well to lead well’. Dale spoke to our staff about the power of play and the importance of exercise, gratitude and giving.

It was wonderful to see all our students returning to school last week. Thank you to my dedicated and hardworking staff for accompanying our students on camps and other activities on the Senior Campus during the first week back. I know that our students thoroughly enjoy these extra-curricular events which are important educational experiences. Our Junior Campus students will be taking part in the Year 7 Camp and the Year 8 Challenge Program during Week 3.


School Council Election 2024

The Department of Education (DE) has approved the commencement of the electoral process for the election of School Councillors for 2024.

  • Membership

Our College Council consists of seven parents, two students, five staff members (including College Principal) and four community members.

  • Term of Office

Term of office is for two years with half of members retiring each year but eligible for re-election. Three parents, two staff members and two student members end their term of office in March 2024

  • Retiring College Councillors

The following members of College Council, while they may be eligible for re-election, retire next month:

Parent Members:

Mrs Kristen Nolan
Ms Joanne O’Mara
Mrs Ruth Woodgate

Staff Members:

Mr Ian Davidson
Mrs Julie Cain

Student Members:

Farah Hassan
Georgia Kaminis

  • Proposed Timeline

Friday 9 February                 Call for nominations

Friday 16 February               Nominations close 4.00pm

Monday 26 February            Nominations displayed at each campus.

Election held if required.

Friday 15 March                   Close of ballot 4.00pm. Votes counted.

Thursday 21 March  College Council AGM, followed by meeting of new Council.

  • Voting

If the number of nominations exceeds the vacancies in either the parent, student or staff categories, an election will be necessary. All parents are entitled to vote for parent representatives, all students are entitled to vote for student representatives and Department of Education (DE) employees vote for staff representatives.

  • Methods of Voting (voting slips available on college website). There are two ways in which you can record your vote on the official voting form during the election period dates as listed above:
  • Post or email your vote to the college to arrive by 4.00pm Friday 15 March
  • Students will receive electronic voting slips (if required)
  • Nominations of Candidates

For most school councils, there are four possible categories of membership:

  1. A mandated elected Parent category – more than one-third of the total members must be from this category. Department of Education (DE) employees can be Parent members at their child’s school as long as they are not engaged in work at the school.
  2. A mandated elected Student category – to be elected the person must be a student enrolled in Year 7 or above. These members are elected by all students enrolled in Year 7 or above at the school.
  3. A mandated elected DE employee category – members of this category may make up no more than one-third of the total membership of school council. The principal of the school is automatically one of these members.
  4. An optional Community member category – members are co-opted by a decision of the council because of their special skills, interests, or experiences. DE employees are not eligible to be Community members
  • Role of School Councillors

School Councillors currently play an important role in decision making and the management of our college.  They donate many hours to the sub committees of Council:  Finance, Education, Buildings & Grounds and Community Engagement. Councillors belong to one subcommittee, attend one monthly council meeting, and represent the college at functions.

SCHEDULE 4 – Notice of Election and Call for Nominations

An election is to be conducted for members of College Council of

Mount Waverley Secondary College

Nomination forms may be obtained from the college website and must be lodged by 4.00pm on Friday 16 February 2024.

Following the closing of nominations, a list of the nominations received will be displayed at each campus. The terms of office, membership categories and number of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows:

Membership                                        Term of Office                         Number of positions

Parent Member                                    21 March 2024 to 21 March 2026                 3

DE Employee Member                        21 March 2024 to 21 March 2026                 2

Student Member                                  21 March 2024 to 21 March 2026                2

If the number of nominations is less than the number of vacancies, a notice to that effect and calling for further nominations will be posted in a prominent position at the college.

If there are more nominations than vacancies, a ballot will be conducted. The ballot will close at 4.00pm on Friday 15 March 2024.

Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

2024 College Uniform

All families should have seen a copy of our 2024 College Uniform Policy. Your support in ensuring the correct uniform is worn is much appreciated.  If your child cannot wear the correct college uniform, a note from a parent/carer is required. This should be forwarded to the appropriate Year Level Coordinator before school. An out of uniform pass will be indicated in the students’ planner or a pass given.

Mount Waverley Secondary College is the college of choice in our local area, and it is important that our students wear the uniform with pride, representing the college in a positive manner.


Annual Privacy Reminder

Our school collects, uses, discloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy

Our Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy Photographing-Filming-Recording-Students-Policy describes how we collect and use photographs, video and recordings of students. The policy also explains when parent consent is required and how it can be provided and withdrawn.

Please take time to remind yourself of the school’s collection statement, found on our website MWSC Privacy Policy

For more information about privacy, see: Schools’ Privacy Policy – information for parents. This information is also available in ten community languages:

  • Amharic
  • Arabic
  • Dari
  • Gujarati
  • Mandarin
  • Somali
  • Sudanese
  • Turkish
  • Urdu
  • Vietnamese


Selective Entry High School

Congratulations to the following students who have been accepted into Year 9 at Selective Entry High Schools this year.   We know that your studies at Mount Waverley Secondary College have given you a strong foundation on your academic pathways.

Saachi A
Sherry Z
Nicole C
Swasti V
Lipika M
Anita G
Eddie S
Geonui (Kyle) K
Thomas L
Eugene S
Seunggwon H
Malhar V
Ethan C
Jagan V
Malhar V
Eesha K


Health Information

COVID 19 Reminders

There is at present an increase in community transmission of COVID-19 in Victoria. You can help us keep our school as safe as possible by taking 2 important steps: 

  1. Ensure your COVID-19 vaccinations are up to date. Information on how and where to get vaccinated is available on the Get vaccinated webpage.
  2. If your child shows symptoms of COVID-19, please ensure they stay home and get tested. The easiest way to test is to use a rapid antigen test (RAT)

Free RATs are available from your local council where you can collect 2 packs of 5 RATs and an extra 2 packs for each person in your household. People with disability and their carers can get 4 packs of 5 RATs. You are not required to have a Medicare card and you can collect RATs as many times as you need. You can also buy RATs at supermarkets, pharmacies, and other retailers.

If your child has symptoms but tests negative, please ensure they stay home until they no longer have symptoms.

If the RAT test result is positive, please ensure they say home for at least 5 days and until there are no more symptoms.

Thank you for your support – these steps will help us all stay well.


Protecting against mosquito-borne diseases

Warm and wet weather can result in greater numbers of mosquitoes and increased risk of illnesses from mosquito bites. While the overall risk is low, some mosquitoes carry diseases that make people sick.

The best protection against mosquito-borne illness is to avoid mosquito bites.

Families can protect against mosquito bites by:

  • covering up as much as possible with long, loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing
  • applying insect repellent that contains picaridin or DEET on exposed skin when leaving home
  • limiting outdoor activity if lots of mosquitoes are active.

Families with any health concerns should see their doctor or phone NURSE-ON-CALL: 1300 606 024 (available 24 hours).


Free Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines

Japanese encephalitis virus is spread to humans through bites from infected mosquitoes and can cause a rare but potentially serious infection of the brain.  Free Japanese encephalitis vaccines are available to protect Victorians at higher risk of the virus.    The Victorian Department of Health encourages eligible people who live or work in high-risk local government areas to get vaccinated.

For more information, including what is considered a high-risk area and eligibility for a free vaccine, refer to the Department of Health’s Japanese encephalitis webpage.

Find out more

For more information on protecting against mosquito-borne diseases, families can refer to the following Better Health Channel pages: · Mosquitoes can carry diseases · Protect yourself from mosquito-borne disease, including a handy checklist to help reduce mosquito breeding sites at home and resources translated into other languages.




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Welcome to 2024

Welcome to our new Year 7 families and welcome back to our returning Year 8 families for 2024. The Junior Campus is an exciting place to be at this time of year. I am thrilled to be once again heading up the campus, alongside Mrs Debbie Sekula (Head of Junior School) and Mrs Danielle Mott (Junior School Leader). I would also like to acknowledge the work of our Year Level Coordinators, who developed an engaging program to help all students and teachers settle into the year. At Year 7 we have Ms Danielle Robertson and Mr Patrick Thompson and at Year 8 are Ms Eliza Yates and Mr Jackie Chan.

Thanks must also go to all of our Junior Campus staff and students for the way they have started the year. It is an exciting learning community and we’re looking forward to a great 2024.


Parent Communication

It is extremely important that we communicate with each other as part of our partnership in educating your child. If you have any matters you wish to discuss with your child’s classroom teachers, please contact them in the first instance. If there is something else you would like to discuss following this, please contact a Year Level Coordinator who will assist or refer it to one of our Leading Teachers/Campus Principals.


Year 7 Camp and Year 8 Challenge Program

We are very excited to start the year with our traditional Year 7 Phillip Island Adventure Camp and Year 8 Challenge Program from 14-16 February. Both programs are wonderful opportunities for our students to make new friends, challenge themselves, and try new things. Thank you to all staff who have volunteered to support these programs. We look forward to sharing our photos and stories in the next newsletter.


Save the date

On Thursday 7 March we will be hosting our new Year 7 parents for our welcome picnic on the oval at the Junior Campus. More information to follow, but please save the date.


Before and After School

While we are a welcoming and inclusive school community, the location and limited size of our campus restricts our ability to have parents/carers visit us on campus. This is a reminder that there is no parent parking available on our campus. Please refrain from dropping off or picking up your child, instead plan to meet in one of the side streets, or encourage other means of commuting.

Likewise, we have had many eager parents/carers seeking to meet their children at the front of the school at the end of the day. With close to 700 students on our very small campus, we ask that parents find alternative places to wait, outside the school gates and away from the crossing area.

We plan to have a number of community events this year where you can come and explore the campus, but would appreciate your cooperation with the requests above in the meantime.


Student accident insurance, ambulance cover arrangements and private property brought to school

Parents/carers are reminded that the Department of Education does not provide personal accident or ambulance cover for students. Parents and carers of students, who do not have private health insurance or ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for their injured child.

Private property brought to the college by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department of Education is not responsible for any loss or damage. This can include mobile phones, calculators, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.

It is recommended that parents/carers consider insurance policies that can be purchased from commercial insurers.



Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Middle School

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Welcome back to what will be another busy year in the Middle School. My name is Ian MacLeod, I am the Campus Principal who works with Middle School.  I would particularly like to welcome our Year 9 students and families as they start their journey at the Senior Campus of the college.

We welcomed our Year 9 and 10 students to the college last week.

Year 9 Inspire Program

Thanks to the staff who supported the Year 9 Inspire program.  The program had many different activities for students and staff to engage with including a Careers session, locker allocation, a scavenger hunt and wellbeing sessions.  Thank you to Ms Asha Vazirani, Mr Liam Wall, Mr Aayush Khosla and Ms Stephanie Xing for their work in organising and running this program.


Year 10 Camp

Camp Coonawarra was the venue for our Year 10 Camp.  The students were kept busy with a wide range of activities including canoeing, raft making, flying fox and giant swing to name juts a few.  Thank you to at the staff who attended Mr Jackie Chan, Ms Linda Davies, Ms Lisa McKiernan, Mr Tristan Kent, Mr Kelvin Nguyen, Mr Mathew Turner, Ms Stephanie Lamborn, Ms Madeline Kerr, Ms Jessica Panther, Ms Alisha Smith, Ms Melinda Malom, Ms Misa Murphy, Ms Ayako Yasunaga, Ms Jennifer Douglas, Ms Alex Klepner, Ms Rebecca McMahon, Mr Rishton McAradle, Mr Jay Newport, Ms Jo Siketa, Ms Caz Coady and Mr Mike Thorburn.  To Mr Liam Wall, Ms Juliz Mathew and Mr Adam Wheeler thank for your work in organising and leading the camp – well done!


Middle School Team

The Middle School team are here to help you support our Year 9 and 10 students both inside and outside the classroom.  Please contact the coordinators if you need any support.

The team is as follows:

Head of Middle School – Ms Asha Vazirani
Acting Leader of Middle School – Mr Liam Wall
Year 9 Coordinators – Ms Stephanie Xing and Mr Aayush Khosla
Year 10 Coordinators – Ms Juliz Mathew and Mr Adam Wheeler
Middle School Admin Support: Ms Karen Box


Student Diaries

Student have received their diaries which are valuable tool to support their learning.  Students should record homework and upcoming events to assist with time management and organisation.  The diary also contains many worthwhile resources and parents are encouraged to check it weekly and discuss “What went well” for the week.


Parking in and around the Senior Campus

The Senior Campus has parking which is for staff only.  The carparks at the Senior Campus should not be used for dropping off or picking up students as this creates safety issues for both staff and students.Students should be dropped off and picked up in adjacent side streets near the Senior Campus.  When parking near the college it is important that parking signs are observed and we ask that you respect our local residents by not blocking their driveways as you drop off or pick up your children.


Student Safety

With the commencement of the school year, it is timely to remind all members of our college community to observe all road laws.  In particular cyclists must wear helmets and when students are crossing roads, it needs to be done with care and observing traffic signals and the crossing supervisor if present.  Please discuss this with your son/daughter and emphasise the need to follow correct road safety practices to keep everyone safe.



All parents should now have access to Compass.  Compass is used to communicate with parents on a wide range of activities within the school.  Compass can be access through the college website using any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) via your desktop computer or mobile device.   Alternatively, parents can also download the Compass App from the Apple App store or Goggle Play by searching “Compass School Manager” which will allow you to access Compass through their mobile device.  It is important to note that some of features of Compass are only available in the “browser” version.


Holiday Works

Across the holiday period the ICT and Facilities Teams were busy improving the college.    If you see anything different from last year on campus it’s the ICT and Facilities teams that have made this happen!

The ICT Works undertaken included:

  • Careers Office moved into L3.
  • Tested and fixed issues with all JC and SC projectors. Prepared for wireless access. Installed new projector in B4
  • Reimaged classroom desktops and notebooks
  • Prepared new teaching and support staff notebooks
  • Compass work including Learning Tasks and reports 2024 S1
  • Removed old ICT equipment from A9 and installed new desktops
  • Decommissioned AV A5 & A6
  • Server maintenance
  • Investigating wireless projection
  • Security Camera maintenance and updates

Thanks to ICT Team their work across the break.  Well done!

The Facilities Team also worked hard across the break with the focus on the following:

  • Both Junior and Senior canteens cleaned down
  • Remodelling of Senior Campus Canteen
  • Solar installation on Senior Library and Junior Admin completed
  • Careers and Pathways relocation to L3 in Senior Library
  • New classroom B4 created from old careers room
  • Trees trimmed around Junior Campus
  • Major water leak under Senior Hall repaired
  • Senior and Junior Hall floors resealed
  • Gutters/downpipes cleaned across the college
  • Junior Hall roof cleaned – major leak identified and sealed
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Vertical Garden on Middle School – maintenance
  • Test and Tagging of equipment across college
  • Operable Doors serviced D/H/V rooms on Senior Campus
  • Lighting in Theatre serviced
  • Graffiti removal
  • Air Purifiers – replaced all filters across the college
  • Whiteboard cleaned down
  • Some electrical work and signage

Thanks to Facilities Team for their great work across the holiday period.


School Photos

Arthur Read Photos took our school photos on Thursday 8 February.  Information on how to order photos was given to all students on the day.  For any students that missed out there will be a catch day on Monday 26 February.



Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Welcome back to our Senior School students, particularly to our new students and families who have joined the college community in 2024.

Senior School Special Programs

Last week our Year 11s participated in the ‘Flying Start’ program that focussed on setting themselves up for success in 2024. It included guest speakers, sessions run by Elevate Education and school run sessions on goal setting and wellbeing.

Our Year 12 students attended The Summit camp for the first time, with the most talked about activity being ‘the mud run’. A great time was had by all and it was an excellent opportunity for the year level to bound prior to the start of their final year of formal schooling.

Thanks to all staff who supported the running of the year 11 program on site and at Deakin, as well as the staff who attended the Year 12 camp. A special thanks to Acting Head of Senior School Ms Jo Rogers, Senior School Leader Mr James Johnston, Year 11 Coordinators Mr Tristan Dunkley and Ms Sunita Sewani, and Year 12 Coordinators Mr Christopher Bamford and Mr Andrew Morton.


Student Planners, Lockers and Uniform

All students should now have a student planner and a locker. Students should make sure that they have a school combination lock to ensure their belongings are securely stored.

The college also asks for your continued support with ensuring students are in the correct uniform, not only whilst at school but on their way to and from. If for any reason your child cannot be in full uniform we ask that you contact the year level coordinators either via email or a note so that a uniform pass can be provided.


Communication with staff

Education is a team effort with teachers, students and parents/carers working together to ensure each student experiences success at school. Teachers and subschool members are happy to work with parents in supporting student learning but as teachers spend a majority of their time in the classroom email is the easiest way to correspond. As a college we have a 48 hour turn around policy so please be patient if the reply isn’t immediate.



Announcements about important year level events, excursions, sport days and information are all communicated via Compass so please ensure you have downloaded the app with announcements turned on.


Continuous Reporting

Students in 7-10 will complete Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) each semester. Students completing VCE will complete School Assessed Coursework (SACs), or in some subjects School Assessed Tasks (SATs).

Teachers will complete comments and enter grades for all Learning Tasks two to three weeks following the tasks. To make reviewing marks and comments for Learning tasks easier, MWSC has created a report that will populate any comments and grades for Learning Tasks that have been entered by the teacher.


Student accident insurance, ambulance cover arrangements and private property brought to school

Parents/carers are reminded that the Department of Education and Training does not provide personal accident or ambulance cover for students. Parents and carers of students, who do not have private health insurance or ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for their injured child.

Private property brought to the college by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department is not responsible for any loss or damage. This can include mobile phones, calculators, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.   It is recommended that parents/carers consider insurance policies that can be purchased from commercial insurers.



Ms Lauren Kelly
Acting Campus Principal – Senior School

Head of Middle School’s Report

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The Middle School would like to extend a warm Welcome to the Senior Campus for the new year of 2024.  We trust that you have had a restful and relaxing break, spending much deserved time with family and friends.  It gives us great pleasure to introduce the 2024 Middle School Team:

Campus Principal: Mr Ian Macleod
Head of Middle School:  Mrs Asha Vazirani
Acting Middle School Leader:  Mr Liam Wall
Middle School Administrator:  Mrs Karen Box
Year 10 Level Coordinators: Mrs Juliz Mathew and Mr Adam Wheeler
Year 9 Level Coordinators: Miss Stephanie Xing and Mr Aayush Khosla

It has been an eventful start to the school year with our Year 10’s going on Camp to Coonawarra and our Year 9’s engaging in the INSPIRE Program.  Both events ran very successfully with students providing positive feedback on their experiences.  We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that both programs were a success.  Congratulations to the Year 10 team, Mr Liam Wall, Ms Juliz Mathew, Mr Adam Wheeler, Ms Karen Box and all the staff members who accompanied the Year 10 students on camp.  Congratulations to the Year 9 team, Ms Stephanie Xing, Mr Aayush Khosla, Ms Karen Box and all the staff who supported the Year 9 Inspire program.

Here is what the students had to say about their start to the year!

Year 9 Inspire Program

“The first time coming back I wasn’t expecting fun activities to start the day, matter of fact I was expecting for us to be given a ‘welcome back from holiday homework!’ but it was amazing. The Inspire program was something that exceeded my expectations. I’ve always had trouble fitting in with new classes, it takes a lot of time for me to settle in and talk to others but the Inspire program made me connect with others by sharing ideas on how we can move a whole family over a river using only a boat, which helped overall to make me feel comfortable, the other activities were a scavenger hunt, which was fun especially when you are with your friends and solving puzzles together, and the Morrisby test which shows my future careers, which I couldn’t wait to get done. Overall the Inspire program was fun and exciting to attend.”     By Angus NC 9B

“We had the Inspire program on the first week back to the senior campus. The Inspire program seemed nerve-wracking at first, but as the first day went by, it was an enjoyable experience to start at a new campus. On Thursday, we started with a few fun group activities and riddles to get our minds running again. The riddles were a great way to bond and discuss our thoughts with our peers. Afterward, we got our lockers and planners for the school year and started our morrisby testing. The Morrisby is a series of tests that would inform us of potential careers and subjects to pick for our future.
On Friday morning we started our day with Toolbox, which was an enjoyable interactive well-being seminar about what goes on in our head and how to manage our thoughts and mind movies. After a short break, we participated in an amazing scavenger hunt with 4 other classes in our year level.
Personally, this was our favorite part of the entire program, as we got to pick our teams and run around the school, cracking codes to eventually find the combination of a lock. The group that got the code first and correctly got lollies. Even though our group didn’t win, the experience was really fun and we got some free time after all the groups found the code. To end the Inspire program, we finished off our Morrisby profiles and found careers and subjects we could pursue in the future. For me, the jobs weren’t very accurate, but the subjects were exactly what I was thinking of doing for VCE and university. For my friend, it was close to what she was interested in. The Inspire program was a fun way to get us back into school and get us students more comfortable with the Senior Campus.”     
By Shehrain Z and Jessica W  9D


Year 10 Coonawarra Camp

Camp Coonawarra was packed with adrenaline-pumping activities, from canoeing across the lake as we attempt to stay upright to the giant swing where our hearts skipped a beat during the initial drop and many more thrill-seeking adventures. During the evening, we embarked on an hour-long guided hike where a stunning backdrop of various hues of pink, yellow and blue was on display that some grazing wallabies and wombats accompanied. Overall, Camp Coonawarra was an experience filled with out-of-the-ordinary activities to test our courage and build our confidence.”    By Izzie D  10D

“Camp Coonawarra was really fun and enjoyable. I was on Lakeside and we had a lot of fun, especially on the trivia night. Some activities we did were flying fox, giant swing, faft making, canoeing and lots more. My personal favourites were the rock climbing wall and the raft making. We made lots of fun memories that will definitely stay with us forever and got to get closer with people we have never spoken to. My camp highlight was the rock climbing races I did with my friends and going for a swim in the lake. A piece of advice I would give everyone is to bring salt for their food.”   By Sofia T  10F


The Middle School Team is committed to supporting our students to develop skills in resilience, persistence and independence.  We are confident that our parent community will support us in ensuring high standards in each of the core areas mentioned below so that together, we can build a safe and positive learning environment for all our students.



The Department of Education (DE) requires that children of school age (six to seventeen years) are in full-time attendance at a government or registered non-government school unless formally exempt.

Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 or an equivalent qualification have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives. It is important that children develop habits of regular attendance at an early age.

School participation is important as it maximizes life opportunities for children and young people by providing them with education and support networks. School also helps people to develop important skills, knowledge and values which set them up for further learning and participation in their community.

All students in Years 7 to 12 at the college are required to have an attendance rate of at least 90%. Mount Waverley Secondary College will keep a record of the reason given for each absence.  If a student is arriving late to school, they are to report to the Middle School Office to sign in. If a student is leaving early, a parent is required to sign them out at the Main Office.



School uniform assists our students to develop a sense of school pride, dress smartly, become confident and help them to realize that they are all equal in our educational organisation.  It also assists our students in establishing unity within diversity, students begin to apply their focus on their education as they do not get distracted, and they develop skills in working collaboratively as they develop a sense of belonging to the school community.

All students are expected to wear the correct full school uniform to and from school. They will be expected to change into their correct full Physical Education uniform at school for practical classes and wear their correct full Physical Education uniform to school on the day of a school approved sporting event. No long sleeved tops under short sleeved tops are permitted, hoodies are banned and will be confiscated.

If a student is not wearing the correct full school uniform, they are expected to bring a note from home and get a uniform pass from their sub school when they arrive, prior to their first class.  If a student does not have a note from home, they are still expected to get a uniform pass from their sub school when they arrive. 


Mobile Phones

As per the Department’s policy, mobile phones should be kept in lockers throughout the duration of the school day.  Students are expected to place their phone on silent and in their school bags upon entering the school gates.  Their bags should be securely locked in the lockers and students can take their phones out once they have exited the school gates. We expect all our students to follow this expectation. Students cannot use their mobile phones to pay at the canteen, they are expected to bring cash or a card.



All students should now have a locker allocated to them, if any student does not have a locker they are required to come to the Middle School office to have one organized.  Bags are to be securely locked in student lockers and it is expected that students do not share their combination with any other students for any reason.



As a student of MWSC, we expect our students to demonstrate the College’s ILEARN values at all times and uphold the highest standard of behavior inside and outside of the classroom and also when they are traveling to and from school

We look forward to working with you all during this year to ensure our students achieve their personal best in all areas of school life.  Our great team of teaching staff and education support staff are looking forward to ensuring students feel safe and supported as we commence 2024.   Please feel free to contact your student’s Year Level Coordinators if you would like clarification or support in any matter.


Wishing you all a great start to the year and I would like to leave you with this quote: ‘High Achievement always takes place in the framework of High Standards’ – Charles Kettering



Mrs Asha Vazirani                                                                   Mr Liam Wall 
Head of Middle School                                                           Acting Middle School Leader

Head of Senior School’s Report

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Welcome back!

Hopefully, all of our students had a safe and relaxing summer break, preparing themselves for their final year or two years of school and ensuring they got their holiday homework finished!
The Senior School started with a bang in week one with both Year 12 Summit Camp and Year 11 Flying Start.


Year 12 Summit Camp

The Year 12s had an excellent time at The Summit in Trafalgar East, working in small groups to complete activities and continue developing their teamwork skills. There was also a significant focus on building resilience and not limiting oneself. The best bit (according to most) was the Monster Course – a 1.5km run through multiple obstacles, including mud! The fact that over 200 students managed to complete the course, despite the physical challenges and their tiredness, showed the determination of our students. A big thank you to Mr James Johnston, who organised The Summit Camp, to the Year 12 Coordinators, Mr Andrew Morton and Mr Chris Bamford, and to all staff who attended.


Year 11 Flying Start

The Year 11s took part in the Flying Start program both at school and at Deakin University Burwood. Olympian and Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Ms Jemima Montag gave an engaging presentation on overcoming challenges, setting goals and working hard.    Students also took part in their first Elevate Education session of the year, completing planning and goal setting, as well as mapping out motivation for senior school success.

On Friday, students made their own way to Deakin University for an information session and tours with current students, including an MWSC alumnus. Many thanks to the Year 11 Coordinators, Ms Sunita Sewani and Mr Tristan Dunkley, for their organisation and support, along with thanks to all staff who facilitated parts of the program.



This week, VCE students have received their lockers and diaries, settled into their classes and (hopefully!) submitted their holiday homework. Catch-up sessions for overdue holiday homework will be run on Monday, 12th Feb, and will be visible on student Compass schedules.

Keep an eye out for an email with details about the current students’ VCE Information Evening on the 20th of February.




Ms Jo Rogers
Acting Head of Senior School

Head of Student Voice Report

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Australian National University, Canberra

From 5-13 January I was lucky enough to participate in the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) at the Australian National University in Canberra. 

The application process was fairly rigorous, consisting of a written application with school reports and teacher recommendation letters, as well as a lengthy interview. Before the program, we also had the opportunity to attend a function hosted at the Victorian Government House by the Governor herself!

During the program, we got to attend lab visits, expos, field trips, lectures and seminars with some of the brightest students and professionals from around the country. I was part of the Chemistry focus group, in which we got to attend the research schools of Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Health, hearing from experts in the fields and experiencing world class facilities. 

We had the opportunity to meet science communicators and space ethicists, computational linguists and medical professors. Some groups even got to go to top secret forensic science agencies!

NYSF has been the most amazing experience, one that I wish I could relive again and again. It’s opened my eyes to the myriad of careers in STEM and shown me how diverse the field really is. It’s an interdisciplinary effort, where people from all walks of life, with all sorts of passions can come together to build knowledge, make it accessible and apply it. 

Of course, the best part of this program has been the amazing people I have met. I have made friends and connections that will last a lifetime, and I’m now part of the NYSF alumni community– a community that I’m so proud to be part of. 

Finally, I would love to give a huge thank you to the Mount Waverley Rotary Club for sponsoring me, as I would not have been able to attend this program without them. They have been massive supporters of our school’s community, especially our Interact Club for years, and my involvement in Interact has helped me come across amazing opportunities like NYSF. So for any students reading this– consider joining our school’s Interact Club! Emails to sign up will be coming out soon! 

And for any students currently in Year 11 – apply for NYSF! If you’re a crazy STEM nerd, or even someone that’s vaguely interested in STEM but unsure what path to take, it is an amazing experience you will never forget. 

Farah H, 12F


Australia Day – Rotary Club, Mount Waverley

The issue of the date and meaning of Australia Day is a highly contested debate, drawing on a wide range of perspectives – especially intergenerationally, and on Wednesday 24 January, Farah and I had the opportunity to speak at the Rotary Club of Mount Waverley’s Australia Day meeting. We were asked to share our perspectives as younger Australians on what the 26th means to us, the challenges it poses, but the opportunities Australian communities (and our involvement in volunteering) also provide.

We contended that we believe the date of Australia day should be changed, as the current date does not truly reflect what it means to be an Australian and yields grief for many.  As part of the opportunities our local communities grant us, Farah shared about her recent trip to the Australian National University for the National Youth Science Forum which was partially funded on a scholarship from the club. During the meeting we also had the opportunity to answer questions about our presentations, chat to members, and observe the rest of the meeting, hearing about the numerous incredible community initiatives Rotary is taking.

By Georgia K, Year 12


Student Wellbeing Report

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It was a very busy week 1 with many wellbeing programs, guest speakers and workshops delivered. Year 8 & 12 leaders participated in a leadership program hosted by youth mentor Mr Eric Agyeman.

Student leaders reflected on how their values and ethics shape their identity and influence, gained skills in public speaking, and built connections through vulnerability and explorations of self. Year 9s interacted in Toolbox Education workshops unpacking how to understand, name and accept common narratives that may occur in emotional or stressful situations, mindfulness strategies and learnt how to be proactive in adapting.

The Year 10’s reflected on concepts of change, growth and adaptation with Mental Health Practitioner, Mr Jason Mann and Year 11 students heard from the Wellbeing Team on healthy minds and managing stress.  The Year 11’s also heard from Olympian Ms Jemima Montag who presented on having an Olympic Mindset and applying this to achieve personal growth. Whilst studying medicine and being a professional athlete and preparing herself for the Paris Olympics games, Jemima was generous to provide her time and words of wisdom to our students. We wish Jemima all the best for the Olympic games.


New Staff

I would like to welcome two new staff members to the Student Wellbeing Team:

Ms Tahlia Briggs joins us in a new role, Student Wellbeing Program’s Coordinator. Tahlia completed her social work placement at MWSC last year. Tahlia’s role is to oversee our student wellbeing program which is delivered to Year 7 to 12. She will also be focusing on developing focus groups to support students who are identified needing some extra support.

Rebecca McMahon is our new Head of Disability Inclusion. Rebecca joins MWSC after leading the disability inclusion and wellbeing teams at Brighton Secondary College. Rebecca will have a very important role of preparing the school with the transition to the new Disability Inclusion Model. Rebecca has a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate about providing inclusive education for all students.



Mr Paul Graham
Student Support and Resources Manager

Year 12 Camp – The Summit, Trafalgar

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The Year 12s started the year off with a blast at The Summit Camp in Trafalgar! We all came into school on Wednesday 31 January– our official last first day of school– packed and ready to go, unsure of what to expect, but excited nevertheless. 

Over the three days, we did a wide range of activities that tested our courage, resilience, strength and teamwork. This included abseiling, giant swing, flying fox, “the leap of faith”– climbing up a super high tower and jumping out to reach a bar, navigating through a pitch black cave all alone, and the “highwire”– climbing up a tree and walking across a rope high off the ground! 

However, the highlight by far was the Mud Run. A series of physically strenuous and confronting obstacles, including swimming through pits of mud under barbed wire and rivers covered in rope, climbing through muddy ball pits and much more. All of these activities we did as groups, linking hands and carrying tires as we ran from obstacle to obstacle. The image of all my peers and teachers hauling themselves through rivers and pools of mud is one I’ll never forget! By the end, a lot of us realised that we were stronger than we thought, and came out not exhausted, but energised and ready to take on the world. From mere classmates, we became each other’s number one supporters, cheering each other on, helping each other out of the mud. 

Overall, the camp was an excellent way to start Year 12. The strength, resilience, teamwork and of course, fun, that we got out of it will definitely support us throughout our Year 12 journey and beyond!

by Farah H, 12F


House Swimming Carnival

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On Monday 5 February, Mount Waverley Secondary College Year 7 to 12 students headed off to the Oakleigh Recreation Centre for the annual House Swimming Carnival.  Our students braved Melbourne’s inclement weather giving their best efforts on the day. 

We had a total of 456 take to the pool, which is fantastic considering the conditions. Congratulations to Fraser house who were the overall winners, placing first, with Landy coming second and Goolagong third.

Sophie L of Year 7 began her secondary school swimming career off with a bang, placing first in 3 events. Minseung H (Year 8) and Zachary C (Year 9) achieving a fantastic result both earning 4 first place finishes.

Aleisha C of Year 10 backed up her stellar 2023 performance with another 5 wins. Sam P and Edolie R (Year 11 and 12 respectively) both put in strong performances and will certainly be strong contributors to our division squad.

Thank you to all the staff that attended and assisted with the running of the carnival and congratulations to all swimmers who participated.


Mr Danny Gwynne and Mr Jay Newport
Sport Leaders

Little Stories, Big Ideas

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Congratulations to Dulara J of Year 8 who placed third in the Little Stories, Big Ideas competition, from Term 4 of 2023.

The theme was ‘Magic’.  The judges’ report wrote, “ This is the third time Dulara has placed in Little Stories, Big Ideas and she’s once again impressed with this sharp, character-driven narrative that drops the reader into the middle of a complex set-up with ease. Bravo!”



If students are interested in joining “Left to Write“, the MWSC writing club, please email Ms Boughen on


My Exchange Experience in Japan

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My Exchange Experience in Japan – November 2023 to January 2024















Career News

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Welcome, from the Careers Team!

We are looking forward to working with students and families throughout the year. We provide career counselling to help students make informed decisions about their career pathways. There are career education programs across all year levels, and Senior Campus students can book an appointment on the student Intranet. Click on Careers to access Careers Corner. All Year 12 students should make an appointment. Careers Corner has a wide range of resources for students, including a regular newsletter packed full of up-to-date information. This week, we would like to draw attention to the summary of university courses based on interest area, located in the Senior School menu.

Year 10 Work Experience Program

Work experience is a valuable opportunity for Year 10 students to gain insight into the world of work and understand the expectations of the workplace. It is an excellent opportunity for students to develop skills, knowledge, and experience that will benefit them in their future careers. Work Experience placements will take place during the week of 24 – 28 June, 2024.

Year 9 My Career Insights – Morrisby profile

Year 9 students completed their Morrisby profile last week and will soon be given individual support from an accredited counsellor to unpack the results. The profile helps students identify their interests and strengths and is a valuable tool for pathway planning.


Mr Phil Newnham and Ms Victoria Tortopidis
Career Practitioners

Alumni News

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MWSC Alumni School Tour

Our school tour reunions have been met with much enthusiasm from our past students which has encourage us to sustain and expand our program.

We are pleased to advise that our tours in 2024 will also include additional classes years.

Tours will start at 9am from the main reception of Senior Campus and conclude with a morning tea.   Bookings essential.

Class of 1964, 1974, 1984

Friday, 22 March 2024

(We are pleased to extend a warm invite to include past students from classes of 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1980, 1981, 1982)


Class of 1994, 2004

Friday, 21 June 2024

(We are pleased to extend a warm invite to include past students from classes of 1990, 1991, 1992 and 2000, 2001, 2002)


Class of 2014

Friday, 16 August 2024

(We are pleased to extend a warm invite to include past students from classes of 2010, 2011 and 2012)




If you have family or friends who went to Mount Waverley in the years listed below, please pass on the exciting news.

Ms Victoria Tortopidis
Careers Education and Alumni Coordinator

MWSC College News – Issue 1