College Principal’s Report

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Warwick Irwin Hall

On Friday 24 March we honoured Warwick Irwin’s 50 years of service to our college as he officially retired from the Department of Education on this day.

Warwick started teaching at Mount Waverley High School in 1974 and taught Physical Education, Health, and Humanities. During his time at the college, he held various positions of responsibility and was a leading teacher for 17 years.

Warwick has been a proud and passionate member of our learning community and his loyalty to our school has never waned. If you think about the number of students, staff and parents Warwick has had a positive impact on over the years, it would be in the tens of thousands. On behalf of College Council, we have named the Senior Campus Hall the Warwick Irwin Hall. Congratulations Warwick on your dedicated service to our college!


Visit to Mount Waverley North Primary School

On Monday 27 March I had the privilege to be invited to attend a Smoking Ceremony and assembly to mark the start of Mount Waverley North Primary School’s Harmony Week celebrations. Mr Matt Sheehan-Junior Campus Principal and I were joined by our Junior School Captains, College Captains, and Deputy Captains, all of whom were special guests for the day, alongside our local Member for Ashwood, Mr Matt Fregon MP. It was a powerful experience, and a great way to continue our strong partnership with one of our largest feeder primary schools.


Eastern Metropolitan Regional (EMR) Swimming

The EMR swimming carnival was held on Tuesday 28 March. MWSC placed 6th overall, which is a remarkable result. Many of our 27-person team received a medal, which is a credit to the dedication and time they put into their sport. Congratulations to the following students.

1)      Edolie R – Bronze medal in 200m freestyle and 50m breaststroke
2)      Isaac C – Silver medal in 50m freestyle, bronze in 200m freestyle
3)      Patrik D – Bronze medal in 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke
4)      Girls 12-14 Medley Relay Team – Silver medal – Olivia T, Hannah R, Zoe S, Zoe K
5)      14 Girls 4 X 50m freestyle relay – Bronze medal – Zoe K, Olivia T, Olivia S, Hannah R
6)      15 Girls 4 X 50m freestyle relay – Bronze medal – Aleisha C, Camryn R, Kira A, Kira D
7)      15 Boys 4 x 50m freestyle relay – Silver medal – Austin H, Isaac C, Seth S, Julian D
8)      17 boys 4 x 50m freestyle relay – Bronze medal – Jack A, Nori N, Patrick D, Tristan G

Congratulations to the following students who qualified for the State Championships. Julian D of Year 9 won his event and qualified in the 50m backstroke. Our queen of the pool, Aleisha C of Year 9 then participated in the maximum 5 individual events allowed and won all 5!  Aleisha will represent the school in the 200m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 50m butterfly and 50m backstroke. This was one of the most incredible individual achievements our Sports Leaders have seen at Mount Waverley Secondary College.

Good luck to Julian and Aleisha at the State Championships in April.


Virtual Open Night

It was wonderful viewing all the videos made for prospective parents for our 2023 Virtual Open Night and hearing feedback from all members of our learning community regarding the virtual WebEx meetings that took place on the evening of Wednesday 29 March. A lot of hard work and preparation goes into an event such as this and I would like to thank Mr Matt Sheehan Campus Principal and the Junior Sub School Team, Mrs Narda McLennan Marketing and Events Manager for overseeing the organisation of Open Night and all the Faculty Heads for their input into the video clips and for meeting parents on the night to discuss their subject areas.

School tours for prospective parents are now available on both campuses, please see our college the website for further details.


Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences – A resounding success

Thank you to the many parents and students who attended our virtual conferences on Thursday 30 March. Such large numbers clearly demonstrate that Mount Waverley Secondary College parents and students value the learning opportunities on offer and enthusiastically seek teacher support to reflect on their progress, with the aim of continually improving to achieve excellence in learning outcomes.  After talking to many parents, students, and teachers, the college is going from strength to strength and continues to strive to meet each student’s individual learning needs.


Uniform Changeover Time

Winter uniform starts in Term 2, although for the first two weeks of term there is a changeover period where the students can wear either summer or winter uniform.

Please ensure that your students have the correct college uniform which is only supplied by PSW located at their retail outlet at 342 -350 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley (behind Officeworks).


Happy Holidays

First term 2023 has been an exciting time for teaching and learning at Mount Waverley Secondary College.  I hope everyone enjoys some family time over the holidays and I encourage all senior students to ensure a balance between study and relaxation.  Develop a study timetable and stick to it, it will be worth it.  Have a safe and relaxing holiday. We look forward to seeing our students return on Monday 24 April (Note: Tuesday 25 April is a public holiday.)




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Year 8 Guest Speaker – Eric Agyeman

Eric Agyeman went from being racially bullied on his first day in primary school, to joining a gang in high school, to winning the African Australian Community award in his 20’s. Eric shared his powerful and relatable story to our students, promoting the benefits of respect and resilience. The students thoroughly enjoyed his engaging and inspirational style.


Year 7 and families ySafe Program

Thank you to all families who attended the ySafe session on Monday afternoon. They provided us with realistic strategies to navigate online environments, exploring topics such as cyberbullying and online conflict, social media and online reputation, and gaming and screen time in exciting and innovative ways. The students also participated in a session during the day.


Mount Waverley North Primary School – Smoking Ceremony

Last week I had the great privilege, along with Mrs Karen Wade and our Junior and College Captains, of attending Mount Waverley North Primary School to participate in a Smoking ceremony to mark Harmony Week. The Department of Education North-East Victorian Region Koorie Engagement Coordinator, Arbup Peters (a Wurrundjeri Elder) performed the ceremony and spoke to the school community about the traditional land on which we live, work and learn.

Below is report form our Junior School Captains, Lakshay and Rachel:

On Monday morning, the Junior and Senior campus captains were invited to an exciting event at MWNPS, where there were more special guests ready to watch the Smoking Festival performed by the Indigenous Elders.  

We watched the Elders explain about the different plants and natural ingredients they used to produce their smoke. They talked about the symbolism of each plant and how it reflects on society. Everyone then stood up for a minute of silence as we respected the past owners of this land. The Elders roamed around with the smoke and urged parents, teachers and children to inhale it as it is believed to have both spiritual and physical cleansing properties, as well as the ability to ward off bad spirits. The smoke had a very clean feeling and calming, relaxing sensation. At the end of the ceremony, we thanked the Elders for this wonderful performance and we met a few of the students at the school.

Overall, this was a fun and interesting experience that was an amazing opportunity! We would like to thank Mount Waverley North Primary school for inviting us to join them and the Elders for showing us their fascinating smoke!




Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Middle School

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As we move towards the term break it is worth reflecting on the first term of the year which has included learning across the eight key learning areas.   Our Year 10 Camp was great opportunity for students to connect outside of the classroom and challenge themselves with a wide range of activities.  More recently our Year 9 students have undertaken the Morrisby Careers program which helps them to start to think about future careers.  Add to this sport, music and excursions students have had a wide range of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom this term.


Major Projects

STEAM Centre

Work has continued on the STEAM Centre with walls and windows being added most recently.  Work will continue across the holidays and into Term 2 as we move closer to seeing the building finished.  At this stage we are looking at taking ownership of the building in the middle of the year which is every exciting.

Courts and Oval

Work has continued on this exciting project even though the weather has been against us at times.  Work has concentrated on the Junior Campus to ensure we can get this back on-line for the students and staff as soon as possible.

Can I wish all families a safe and restful break and we look forward to welcoming students back to the college on Monday 24 April to commence Term 2.


Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School


Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Parent Teacher Conferences

These were held virtually last Thursday 30 March. Thanks to all the teachers and families who were involved. Many teachers were fully booked, and it was pleasing to see so many parents/carers and students meet virtually with classroom teachers. If a teacher was absent, they can follow up with you early next term.


Compass – Assessment Tasks

Teachers provide regular feedback on CATs and SACs (Learning Tasks) via Compass. This occurs during each term to provide students with timely feedback and strategies to improve. A report in Compass allows students and parents/carers to see what assessment is scheduled for each subject and parents/carers can check Compass to see their child’s progress.


Year 11 – Careers Expo

The Year 11 Careers Expo will take place on Thursday 4 May at Caulfield Racecourse.  Students who have registered and paid will receive more information shortly.



Students are reminded that plagiarism and using the work of others without acknowledging it is not permitted. Plagiarism involves the act of taking and using the thoughts, writings, inventions or creations of another person and passing it off as one’s own work. Not only is plagiarism a breach of copyright laws:  it is also unethical.  Plagiarism can include:

  • Copying – reproducing another person’s words, with or without the knowledge of that person
  • Not acknowledging ideas of information in a bibliography or through referencing
  • Knowingly allowing one’s own work to be copied by another.

At the school level teachers make students aware of what behaviours constitute plagiarism and provide students with strategies that scaffold independent learning.

There are consequences for students who have been found to have plagiarised work. Consequences for Years 7 to 10 can include the classroom teacher, Year Level Coordinator and/or Subschool Leader meeting with the student, a penalty in grading applied and this will depend on the severity of the task and parents/carers notified and the issue is noted on Compass.

In VCE subjects, the issue is dealt with in accordance with the VCAA and VCE policy requirements.


Music Soirees

I had the pleasure of attending a Music Soiree on Tuesday 21 March. It was great to see so many of our students perform (the majority completed a solo performance) in front of friends, their peers, teachers and families. Many overcame their initial nervousness and were able to perform confidently. Thanks to all the Music teachers for their work with the students and to the Music Captains and Music Leaders who ran the evening.


Thank you

Thanks to all of our VCE students, families, senior subschool team, wellbeing team and staff for their hard work this term.


Best wishes to our families for a safe and relaxing break.



Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School



Student Voice Report

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28th National Schools Constitutional Convention in Canberra

I had the privilege to attend the 28th National Schools Constitutional Convention in Canberra from 21- 23 of March 2023. It was an amazing opportunity which was filled with lots of exciting and eye opening experiences. Some highlights included sitting in on a parliament question time, meeting the Governor General at his home, a high court dinner, and meeting amazing people from all around Australia.

Over the couple of days in Canberra, we also worked in groups of 8 learning how the Constitution worked. This included having the opportunity to be the leader or be the scribe of the group discussion and speaking to everyone at the end. Further each working group session was spread out over the couple of days with keynote speakers in between sessions, further developing our understanding of the importance of the constitution as well as the pros and cons of changing such a system.

Some keynote speakers included Senator the Hon. Anthony Chisholm, Assistant Minister for Education and Professor Kim Rubenstein -University of Canberra, with many others who had very knowledgeable points to make on our legal systems.

This trip is one I will never forget, I have made so many friends over the short stay who made the experience all that more memorable. Also thank you to all that helped make the trip possible!

By Jocelyn S (College Captain)


Smoking Ceremony – Mount Waverley North Primary School

On Monday 27 March, the captains and I attended an assembly at Mount Waverley North Primary School. In celebration of Harmony Week we witnessed a traditional smoking ceremony. A traditional Aboriginal custom which involves burning native plants to produce smoke. The smoke is designed to cleanse the area, warding off bad spirits from the people and the land. It was a great opportunity to build on our strong connection with MWNPS and get involved in our local community. 

By Liliana E (Deputy Captain)


Halogen Young Leaders Conference

The Halogen Leadership Conference of 2023 was attended on Monday 27 March by Maya, Aarav, Vivian, Georgia, Fathya and Parker from the Year 11 Leadership Team. It was a wonderful experience full of inspiring guest speakers, activities and lots of new people. The guest speakers included Australian Leaders of today, such as comedian Mr Nazeem Hussain (a graduate from MWSC!), Time Magazine award winner Ms Amanda Johnstone, TV sports broadcaster Ms Candy Hertz, and AFL legend Mr Robert “Dipper” Dieperdominico. There were also featured dance sessions held by Dance Curriculum in order to encourage focus among students as the presentations continued. 

Despite each having embarked on very separate journeys on their career paths, the speakers emphasised common themes, such as the importance of persistence, having faith in oneself, working hard at your passion – and above all, dreaming big. Such gave us invaluable perspectives on how to face challenges in learning, and in leadership – encouraging us to practise resilience.

In particular, Nazeem’s journey to writing his book was due to his mischievous days at high school. He found that through the art of humour, he was able to personalise his storytelling skills, and also advocate for things that matter to him most. Although we had a good laugh listening to his story, we learnt that you never know where life would take you, as was shown by Nazeem as he liked reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” as a child, and he never imagined that he would be a writer. 

Overall, the highlight of the day was listening to the various guest speakers and hearing their stories, but also learning some insights into their presenting methods, the way they got through challenges and their backstories, teaching us the lessons and values they learnt along the way.

The experience of being a part of the National Leadership day was amazing and really helpful not just for us, but for the students from other schools who attended this conference. The guest speakers entertained us with their journey into finding what was right for themselves and what careers were best for them. Each speaker gave tips and tricks into what they define as success, thus teaching us to find what is inevitably our success, even if it means failing and taking a different course to what we initially mapped out for ourselves.

The National Young Leaders Day is a celebration for self-made leaders who aspire to contribute back to the community, and that is exactly what we as the students of Mount Waverley Secondary College should strive to become.

We also wanted to give Ms Walk a big thank you for accompanying us to the event and supporting this wonderful leadership opportunity.

By Fathya P, Aarav B, Georgia K, Parker D, Maya C & Vivian P (Year 11)

Student Wellbeing Report

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ySafe Cyber Safety Parent Hub

We are very pleased to announce that our school has partnered with Australia’s leading cyber safety experts, ySafe, to provide you with support in managing your children’s safety and time online.

As a part of our partnership with ySafe, we have received our very own Parent Cyber Safety Hub. This Hub is a rich source of live information directly from ySafe’s multidisciplinary team of cyber safety experts. You can access our Cyber Safety Hub using the link:


About the Parent Cyber Safety Hub

The Hub includes expert advice on the most pertinent cyber safety issues and frequently asked questions around platforms like TikTok, Fortnite, Instagram, and more. There are app reviews with age and safety recommendations, along with a range of guides and resources to help ensure healthy boundaries around screen-time & gaming, and step-by-step instructions for using parental controls and filtering out inappropriate content.

We are extremely excited to be able to offer you this level of expertise and support in an area that we know has been very challenging for many parents to manage. If you have any questions regarding the Hub, please contact me on


Child Safety Policy and Procedures

The new child safe standards for all organizations in Victoria was released in July 2022. Each of the Standards is expressed as a statement of an expected outcome that organisations must achieve. Since this time, as a school we have conducted a thorough audit of our compliance to these new standards.

At the end of the 2022, we launched a webpage on the school website explaining the child safe standards as well as providing the school community with our relevant child safe policies and procedures.

Our child safe procedures will be reviewed annually. If you have any feedback please let me know.



ParentZone is a service run by Anglicare Victoria that offers all carers and parents a chance to develop and strengthen their parenting skills and create positive change in their family. ParentZone provides free parenting groups, workshops, resources, and training for parents and the professionals who work with them. Our skilled and experienced facilitators tailor the sessions to meet the interests of each group. Please see attached to this newsletter some of the sessions that will be running during Term 2


Message from our Nurses

There are also many other viruses currently in the community, e.g., influenza, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, adenovirus, gastroenteritis, as well as COVID-19. There are also bacterial infections such as streptococcus and staphylococcus. Please monitor your child for any symptoms and be reminded that any student who is unwell with any symptoms of illness, (e.g fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhoea), should stay at home until these symptoms have resolved to minimise the spread of illness at school.


Mr Paul Graham
Student Support and Resources Manager

Sport News

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Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) Swimming Finals

The EMR swim carnival was held on Tuesday 28 March at Aquanation in Ringwood.  MWSC placed 6th overall, which is a remarkable result. We had so many of our 27 person team medal, which is a credit to the dedication and time they put into their sport. The highlights were as follows:

1)      Edolie R (year 11) – Bronze medal in 200m freestyle and 50m breastroke

2)      Isaac C (year 9) – Silver medal in 50m freestyle, bronze in 200m freestyle

3)      Patrik D (year 11) – Bronze medal in 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke

4)      Girls 12-14 Medley Relay Team – Silver medal – Olivia T, Hannah R, Zoe K (year 8), Zoe S (year 7)

5)      14 Girls 4 X 50m freestyle relay – Bronze medal – Zoe K, Olivia T, Olivia S, Hannah R  (year 8)

6)      15 Girls 4 X 50m freestyle relay – Bronze medal – Aleisha C, Camryn R, Kira D (year 9), Kira A (year 10)

7)      15 Boys 4 x 50m freestyle relay – Silver medal –  Isaac C, Seth S, Julian D (year 9), Austin H (year 10)

8)      17 boys 4 x 50m freestyle relay – Bronze medal – Tristan G (year 9), Patrik D (year 11), Jack A, Nori N (year 12)

A massive congratulations to the following students who qualified for the state championships. Julian D (year 9) won his event and qualified for the State Championships in the 50m backstroke. And then our queen of the pool, Aleisha C (year 9), participated in the maximum 5 individual events, and won ALL 5!!

Aleisha will represent the school in the 200m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 50m butterfly and 50m backstroke. One of the most incredible individual achievements we have seen at MWSC!

Good luck to Julian and Aleisha at the State Championships in April!


Mr Danny Gwynne – Sports Leader – Junior Campus
Mr Jay Newport – Sports Leader – Senior Campus

Careers News

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Careers Newsletters

There is a Careers Newsletter issued weekly containing information on topics such as University, Prerequisites, TAFE and University Open Days, courses available and so much more. Click to open this week’s newsletter:

Career News 6 April 2023


For previous newsletters visit Mount Waverley Secondary College website, choose either student or parent menu and select Careers Corner.




Ms Victoria Tortopidis
Careers Education and Alumni Coordinator

Alumni News

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Alumni News

Welcome to April’s issue of Alumni monthly newsletter.    To view April’s newsletter, click here.

We would like to wish our Alumni friends and family a happy Easter.   In this issue view photos and journeys from the Class of 73, 83,93 School Tour Reunion.

Also read full details of the Class of 2003 upcoming 20-year School Tour Reunion.

If any Alumni can assist with Work Experience placements for our Year 10 students during the week of 19 – 23 June, please reach out.  Your contributions and insights (stories, memories and photos) have enhanced this monthly newsletter.  Keep them coming.

We welcome any updates of achievements and celebrations, email me at




Ms Victoria Tortopidis
Alumni Coordinator

Year 10 Geography Excursion – Mount Martha

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The Year 10 Geography students braved the rain on a gloomy Monday to travel to Mount Martha to gather data for their forthcoming assessment. We departed from the school at 8:30am and travelled to the Mount Martha beach by bus which took about an hour.

As soon as we disembarked, we began collecting relevant data required for our fieldwork report.  We analyzed the beach’s human and environmental elements as well as how the shoreline evolves, where we then answered questions and collected photos. The group then went on a beach stroll to collect more information for our reports before heading back to the college after lunch.

By Alexei R 10K


Left to Write Club

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The MWSC writing club runs on the Senior Campus on a Thursday lunchtime and on the Junior Campus on Wednesdays. If students like fast writing to prompts, entering writing competitions and discussing pieces; please email Ms Boughen on, we will let you join our gang!
Here are a couple of recent pieces of work, written in about five minutes at lunchtime. What a talented group of writers!

He wasn’t at all what I expected

He wasn’t at all what I was expecting, specifically because I wasn’t expecting a ‘he’. Generally when you hear about the Amazons, you hear of an entirely female troupe of warrior-hunters who rock up, knock heads, and ride off into the sunset.

That said you likely don’t think of a shipping company with a practical global monopoly and warehouses in every country on the planet huh?

That Bezos is a weird fella ain’t he?

by Anon


The Weeping Song. 

(in response to Nick Cave’s song.)

This echoey feeling; wandering the moors, the pink dawn.
Raw thundering.
Rain bursts down bloody from beyond the clouds.
Violent urges fester,
Rain drips raw screaming.
Lashes sliding no tears
This is where I leave you,
run past you.
The moors, with thunder.
Spring Heeled Jack: ripping, piercing the seams of the night,
breaking through to the eternal – the light at the separation of the corner.
The angel of creation that’s just beyond.
This: sacred, devoted.
Echo, the moors.

by Maya C (year 11)


My favorite object. My best possession. What is your most favorite thing? They ask.
And every time I smile. I look outside, absorb the beauty of nature, of light as if it were part of myself. And I’d answer, “The frost on windows on a winter’s morn’.”
Of course, I’d be met with quite different responses.
One would say, “ Oh, dear! How… lovely and poetic.” Or, “ That’s dumb.” Or, “ Nothing so philosophical, I just asked what object you liked!” But no matter the response I’d tell them why.

“The frost, tints your view of the world
It is a million tiny crystals, bonding and joining together
It melts away in light, reminding you nothing lasts, and that you find the most beautiful things in darkness, the cold
Disappears, before you can get a closer look,
So you’ll always have time to see it again next winter.”

by Dulara  J (year 7)

MWSC College News – Issue 5