MWSC College News – Issue 3

10th March 2023

Read all the latest news and events happening at Mount Waverley Secondary College in this edition of MWSC college news.

Photo:  Mount Waverley Secondary College Junior Campus, 145 Stephensons Road Mount Waverley

Upcoming Events

College Principal’s Report

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Swimming Success

Congratulations to our students who competed in the Division Swimming Competition on Monday 6 March, and came second in the overall shield, after losing narrowly to Vermont Secondary College by 17 points.  Our students’ determination throughout the day to create this slice of history is a credit to them and their willingness to step outside their comfort zone and compete in every event to gain points for our school was incredible.  Special congratulations to the following students who were awarded as year level champions.

15 Girls – Aleisha C
15 Boys – Hyuga W
17 Girls – Edolie R
17 Boys – Patrick D

Mount Waverley Secondary College also won the Junior and Intermediate shields and came second in the Senior shield.  Well done to all involved and thank you to Mr Danny Gwynne and Mr Jay Newport for overseeing this event.


Lions Youth of the Year

On Saturday 4  March, College Captain Vineth M participated in the Lions Youth of the Year – Zone 6 Final. Vineth and another student from Huntingtower School participated in an extensive interview stage before a public speaking component of the competition.

Both students had to respond to two impromptu topics without any preparation time. The topics asked students to discuss ‘their thoughts and suggestions for the ATAR system and the new Vocational Major component of the VCE’ and to consider ‘one person they would bring back from history and why?’.

A huge congratulations to Vineth, who won on the day and will progress to the next round of the competition. I would like to extend my thanks to the Lions Club of Ashwood-Mount Waverley for their continuing support and assistance with the program. Thank you also to Mr Jacob Myers-Head of Student Voice who came to support Vineth on the day.

Good luck for the next round Vineth!



School Council Student Representatives

Congratulations to Georgia and Farah of Year 11 who were elected to represent on student body of the 2022/23 School Council. Special thanks to all of the other students who were nominated and to Mr Jacob Myers for organising this student election.


International Women’s Day

Last Wednesday, 8 March we celebrated International Women’s Day to celebrate the social, political, economic and cultural achievements of all women globally. This year’s theme was ‘Embrace Equity’ and we held a special breakfast for some staff and students.  We supported a voluntary charity on the day by donating items to ‘Impact’ which is a charity committed to supporting women and children escaping domestic violence. Thank you to our Student Wellbeing Team for your work with this important initiative.



2022 Virtual Presentation Night

Congratulations to the following students for receiving awards at our 2022 Virtual Presentation evening which was held last week. I am so proud of your achievements, particularly as 2022 was the first year we were back studying onsite full time.

Kwong Lee Dow Award  ADF Long Tan  Community Service Award:
Young Scholars: Leadership Awards: Kyra H – Year 12
Farah H – Year 10 Georgia K – Year 10
Maya C – Year 10 Cameron H – Year 12 VCE Leadership Award 
    (Norm Gibbs Award):
Ampol All Rounder Award: Bindi Gatward Award  Charlotte W – Year 12
Natalie L – Year 12 Junior School:
  Jayda C – Year 8
Lifetime Achievement in Sport:
Imogen T – Year 12


Year 7  Year 8  Year 9  Year 10  Year 11   Year 12 
Endeavour Endeavour Endeavour Endeavour Endeavour Endeavour
Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards
Zinia A Moutamn A Nikhita A Lachlan B Marios A Theresa C
Jocelyn C William A Lucas B Maggie C Jiaqi C Sophia C
Yuna C Ruby B Tiya C Taya F Anita C Aamir K
Angelina D Jayden C Gisele F Jaydon H Carissa H Hanh L
Manny D Sofie D Tasmiya H Ishmanpreet K Jacqueline H Alannah G
Joel E Rita J Alisa H Kristy L Angelo K Harry M
Holly F Eric K Michelle K Tuong N Teagan M Damien L
Jasper J Darcy K Naomi K Saya O Mishima P Saras N
Eshal K Hiruka K Amelia K Sara P Manu V Unni V
Mikayla L Elliot L Seo Young L Alannah R Jack A Elena H
Aarav N Lili M Connor M Morgan S Hannah F Finn C
Elissa O Gurleen N Gemma M Max T Hosanna K Kyra H
Daniel P Stan O Esther S Joshua T Amber R Ming L
Kemitha P Rithila R Yvette S Ashley W Maxwell D Jessica R
Julia R Dejan R Jessie T Justin W Samantha J Amiliya S
Toby S Aska R Gianfranco V Edolie R Elena F Suhani G
Eddie S Aditi S Campbell W
Damian S Rynie T Xinyu X
Reuben S Adams Y Elaine Z
Melissa Y Chak Ming Y Rowan B
Year 7 Year 8  Year 9  Year 10
Academic Awards Academic Awards Academic Awards Academic Awards
Nicole C Lily N Sihan C Farah H
Sristi D Aisha H Keira G Maya C
Anita G Jayda C Xiao Yu W Nihitha A
Swasti V Mia W Anna W Sara P
Matthew Z Shiro Y Nicola G Hayley S
Elaine P Sakina K Madison W Enhui C
Aakanksha P King F Andrea S Karina L
Zoe K Vishwa P Lydia W Natasha S
Saachi A Crystal M Minh Khanh N Gisele A
Avneet Kaur A Amabelle L Kiah C Zitong C
Sophie H Jonathan F Kaitlyn L Krisha R
Dinuki M Manali D Mia J Georgia K
Lauren B Ananya R Hy An D Tim H
Mahi P Yixuan Z Nok Tong L Fathya P
Katherine R Ava B Zahra A Milla C
Gemma H Prithvi D Flora P Elise H
Hannah R Nicholas L Gang Y
Annada V Tai N Brintha B
Shreya M Andrew D
Year 7  Year 8 Year 9  Year 10 
Academic Dux Academic Dux Academic Dux Academic Dux
Amelia Chan Lily Nguyen Susan Chen Farah Hassan
Year 11  Year 12  Top ATAR Awards
Academic Awards Academic Awards
Accounting Vraj S Accounting  Stefan M Tajwal Anwar
Accounting – NHT Gisele A Accounting Vishwa P Nora Bartol
Accounting – NHT  Wei Yi W Biology Natalie L Ewan Burgess
Biology Nihitha A Biology – NHT Marvin O Bowen Chen
Biology Harry S Business Management Avishka Y Azraf Ezaz
Biology – NHT Suha R Business Management Ashlyn S
Grace Guo
Bridging EAL Glanda Z Chemistry Ewan B Parsa Heydari
Business Management Bimsara U Drama Sarah B Trung Le
Chemistry Vidyuth S Product Design & Tech Cameron H
Steve Li
Classical Studies Harry S Economics Stefan M Mingzong Li
Computing Vraj S English Language Ewan B
Natalie Loh
Drama Kiska A English Olivia K
Alice Meng
Economics Vraj S English – NHT Natalie L Stefan Mincic
English Neave M EAL  Jenny Z Ryan Nguyen
English Laurence W Environmental Science Han Ji C
Marvin Ongsawasd
EAL Rachel C Health & Human Dev  Hanano S Nam Pham
English Language Harry S Health & Human Dev Bowen C
Dan Pham
English – NHT Maya C History: Revolutions Olivia R Olivia Rando
Environmental Science Caitlin H Applied Computing Nam P
Hanano Sakamoto
Food Studies Oliver W Literature Marvin O Ashlyn Sequeira
General Maths Caitlin H German Natalie L Catherine Su
German (2nd Lang) Maya C Japanese Megan L Jenny Zhang
Health & Human Dev Allison O Japanese Mirae S Sophie Zhao
Health & Human Dev Sruthy S Legal Studies Olivia R
History 20th Century Magnus T Further Maths Parsa H
Japanese (2nd Lang) Yejean K Further Maths – NHT Ewan B
Japanese (2nd Lang) Harry S Specialist Maths Ewan B
Legal Studies Amanda F Maths Methods Sophie Z
Literature Anne F Music Performance Felicia L
Maths Foundation Chethan S Media Natalie F
Maths Methods Vicky L Outdoor & Enviro Studies Olivia R
Maths Methods Laurence W Physical Education Ethan H
Maths – NHT Amelia G Physics Ewan B
Maths – NHT Harshini T Philosophy Olivia L
Media Charlize M Psychology Azraf E
Music Performance Ethan L Studio Arts Kye Li G
Music Performance Alexander R Systems Engineering Grant H
Outdoor & Enviro Studies Pria T Visual Communication Alisha G
Philosophy Liliana E
Phyical Education Georgia K
Physical Education Madeline T
Physics Vidyuth S
Product Design Wood David R
Psychology Clementine J
Specialist Maths Vicky L
Studio Art 2D & 3D Anne F
Studio Art 2D & 3D Caitlin H
Systems Engineering Natellie L
Visual Communication Ethan L
Year 11
Academic Dux Harry Smith
2022 College Dux Ewan Burgess


Special thanks to Mrs Narda McLennan Marketing and Events Manager of overseeing this event, Ms Amy Walk and Ms Jacinta McLennan for their work with filming and editing, and all of the other staff who were involved. It is wonderful that special nights like this can continue to be celebrated.


Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

The focus for students at Mount Waverley Secondary College is to achieve their very best and to continually improve their learning. An important part of this focus is the partnership between school and home, between teacher and parents/carers and student. Parent/student/ teacher interviews play a key role in this partnership where all parties meet to discuss the student’s achievements, progress and strategies for improvement.

As per the notice that went out on Compass, Parent/student/teacher conferences for semester one are scheduled on Thursday 30 March between 1pm and 7:30pm. These conferences will be held online via Webex links.

Thursday 30 March is also a scheduled student free day. No classes will be running on the day.

Please note the following dates and times:

Wednesday 15 March at 6pm – Conference bookings are due to open to parents/carers via Compass.
Monday 27 March at 9am – Conference bookings are due to close.
Tuesday 28 March by 4pm – Confirmation email to parents/carers to be forwarded, noting selected conference times and Webex teacher links.



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior Campus

Mount Waverley Secondary College - Junior Campus
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Junior Campus Tours

Throughout this term, we have a number of Campus Tours running at the Junior Campus. The purpose of these tours is to allow prospective students and families to see our learning community on a normal school day. While we understand that this can be a distraction for our students and teachers at times, we value the opportunity to welcome new members to our college community.


Clean Up Australia Day

Well done to our wonderful group of year 7 organisers for running the Clean Up Australia Day House Competition. It was great to see the spirit of competition and environmentalism alive and well on the Junior Campus. I would also like to thank the Year 8 House Captains and Ms Murphy for their support on the day.


Year 7 Round Robin

On Thursday our year 7s had their first taste of inter-school sport, competing against the local schools in cricket, softball, baseball, volleyball and tennis. Of the eight possible victories, we were thrilled that four of our teams have progressed through to the next round, happening in term four. Well done to all of the students involved, and thanks to the teachers who have given up their time to coach the teams. Well done also to Mr Danny Gwynne, who leads our Junior Campus sports program with such enthusiasm.


Year 7 Poetry Incursion

Last Tuesday, our year 7s were lucky enough to be visited by poet Mr Steven Herrick. This has become a highly-enjoyable annual event in which the students get exposed to Steven’s humorous and creative style of writing, which in turn inspires their creative work for English. Thank you to the students for their involvement, and to the English team for their organisation on the day.


Mount Matters

Well done to all of those students who put their names forward to participate in the Mount Matters program. A student-led student voice initiative, Mount Matters seeks to listen to the voices of all students at the school. Mount Matters involves fortnightly student-led focus groups at each year level with representatives from each class, and culminates with a Mount Matters forum (all of the groups together) every 10 weeks. At the forum the Mount Matters and Student Leaders present their findings and recommendations to staff, students and the school leadership team.



The NAPLAN whole school testing will begin on Wednesday 15 March until Monday 20 March, with catch up sessions running the rest of the week. Could every student please ensure that they have access to a working laptop and a pair of headphones/earphones. They can be wireless or wired.

Getting to Know…Ms Danielle Mott

How long have you been at MWSC?
Eight years.

What is your role at MWSC? Previous roles?
Currently Junior School Leader. In the past I have been the Student Wellbeing Coordinator. Apart from that, a teacher of Foods and Health on the Junior Campus.

What do you like to do outside of school?
Cook, try to keep fit, walk my dog, play netball, attempt stand up paddle boarding, spend time with my family and relax.

Favourite thing about working at a school?
Every day is different. Every student is different. You can learn so much from the students and at the same time you hope to have some positive impact on them along the way.

If you didn’t work in a school, what would you be doing?
Run a successful café up North where it is warm. Close the café at 3pm and then improve my paddle boarding skills for the rest of the day!

What kind of student were you at school?
I always obeyed the rules. I did not like to get in trouble.




Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Term One Parent Teacher Conferences will occur on Thursday 30 March. There are no scheduled classes on this day. The parent teacher conferences will take place virtually using Webex. Bookings will open to parents/carers next week. Please check Compass for information.



The NAPLAN whole school testing will begin on Wednesday 15 March until Monday 20 March, with catch up sessions running the rest of the week. Could every student please ensure that they have access to a working laptop and a pair of headphones/earphones. They can be wireless or wired.


2023 Central Australia Trip

We are pleased that we got the number of students required for the trip to go ahead. Parents/carers and students are asked to regularly check Compass for information about payments and other messages. The total cost will be finalised as soon as possible. There will be an information evening closer to the trip.   Please email me ( if you have any questions.


Communication and dissemination of information

In a college with more than 1840 students and many families, communication can sometimes be difficult. Information is distributed to students and their families via email, Compass, year level assemblies, the college newsletter and the college website. Please check in with your child and on Compass to ensure that you are up to date with activities, news and programs at the college.


Tips and strategies to support your child in VCE

During the past few weeks students completing VCE subjects have started to complete assessment tasks. The jump into VCE is always a big one and at times students and their families can feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Please ensure that your child talks to their teacher and the year level co-ordinators if they are having difficulties with the work.

Some of the top tips to assist in VCE success include;

  1. Create a study timetable and stick to it (for Year 12 students this should be 3 to 4 hours a night)
  2. Find a place to study and set it up
  3. Don’t study with a mobile phone or devices – they can be a distraction
  4. Practice applying your knowledge – not just remembering it
  5. Use mind maps and tables to summarise the main points
  6. Use the expertise of teachers – they are always happy to assist you
  7. Keep a good work/ life balance – make sure you get enough sleep, exercise and social time. If you have a part time job, be mindful of spending too much time working at the expense of study time.
  8. Study time includes revision of work covered, not just homework.
  9. Make sure that you regularly complete homework and revise. Build up the time and do so every night. It becomes a habit.



Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School

Head of Languages’ Report

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Online Workshop with Japan Foundation

On Tuesday 14 February, a group of Year 10 and 11 students participated in an online session with Japanese teachers from Japan Foundation based in Tokyo.

During the session, our students were able to use their Japanese language skills to introduce themselves, speak about their hobbies and interests and give a detailed description of our school. Despite initially being very nervous about taking part in a session conducted solely in Japanese, our students did a fantastic job of communicating and the Japan Foundation teachers were very impressed with the positive and enthusiastic manner in which our students participated.

Congratulations to the following students for their efforts;
Rennie T, Kevin K, Ananya J, Michael S, Natasha L, Clementine J, Jessie T, Hiruki M, Mia A, Cammy N, Fathan Z, Sanuli F, Imogen M, Anvi R, Keira G and Sara P.


Online Interaction with  Japanese Junior High School

On Tuesday 7 March, volunteers from our Year 10 and 11 Japanese classes participated in an online session with 20 students from Kawasaki Municipal Junior and Senior High School in Japan. We introduced our school by showing pictures and telling them about life at MWSC and they did the same about their school. We then divided into small groups and engaged in some free conversation with the students. Topics covered in the discussions included favourite food, movies, books and what kind of clubs, sports and hobbies we participate in.

It was an excellent opportunity to use our Japanese communication skills and to interact with the school that four of our Year 10 students will be visiting in May as part of the Hakuhodo Language and Culture Exchange scholarship program.

Students who participated were;
Rennie T, Kevin K, Ananya J, Michael S, Natasha L, Clementine J, Jessie T, Hiruki M, Mia A, Fathan Z, Sanuli F, Imogen M, Anvi R, Keira G, Sara P, Ashley W and Tasmiya H.


Hakuhodo Culture and Language Exchange

Four students from MWSC will be representing Australia on an international trip to Japan between May 13-23 in 2023. They will join 36 students from 9 countries from around the world who are all studying Japanese at school. The purpose of this program is to give students the opportunity to learn from each other about the similarities and differences between their countries through the use of Japanese as their common language and experience life as a junior high school student in Japan.



Ms Ayako Yasunaga
Head of Languages

Sport News

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Senior Girls Softball

On Wednesday 1 March, the Senior Girls’ Softball team headed out to play a single game against Glen Waverley. On a typical Melbourne day, the girls endured all four seasons over the course of the day.

The team was expertly led by co-captains Zoe M and Emma P. Glen Waverley started strong and it was a tight first innings with Mount trailing by one run. However, it was during the second innings where the match was blown open with Glen not making a run in the second innings. With scores level in the third innings and Mount stepping up to bat the dugout was filled with tension. To the girls credit they played a composed third innings and ended up running out 13-16 winners.

The team will advance to the next round, but more importantly, they represented their school with a great sense of school spirit. As their coach I was extremely proud of how they handled the day and represented the school. Go team!  ~ Mr Myers



Swimming Carnival

On Monday 6 March, 53 students headed off to the Oakleigh pool to compete in the division swimming carnival. With our cancelled house carnival hovering over us like a dark cloud, we were so impressed with our students’ willingness to put their name forward, despite not having a full opportunity to try out for various events.

It was an amazing day of competition, and we could not have been more proud of our swimmers. They all stepped out of their comfort zone to swim new events or multiple events. Despite narrowly losing to Vermont on the day by a mere 17 points, we managed to win both the junior and the intermediate shields.

Congratulations to the following students who were declared Year level champions:
  • 15 girls – Aleisha C
  • 15 boys – Hyuga W
  • 17 girls – Edolie R
  • 17 boys – Patrick D

We now look forward to watching our super fish take on the best at the Eastern Metropolitan Region Carnival in a few weeks time!  ~  Mr Gwynne and Mr Newport

Careers News

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A warm welcome from Careers

Welcome to a very exciting year at Mount Waverley Secondary College. We are looking forward to working with students and families throughout the year.

The Careers Department is happy to meet with students to discuss their tertiary courses and career pathways. We provide career course counselling with the necessary information and guidance to help students make an informed decision about their future career pathways.

We encourage students to make appointments with Careers. Appointments can be made through

To assist students to explore university degrees, here is a PDF that summaries university courses based on areas of interest. Click the link: University courses based on areas of interest


Work Experience Program

Work experience is a valuable opportunity for Year 10 students to gain insight into the world of work and understand the expectations of the workplace. It is an excellent opportunity for students to develop skills, knowledge, and experience that will benefit them in their future careers.

Work Experience placements will take place during the week of 19-23 June 2023.

For more information refer to the link: Work Experience – A guide for Students, Parents and Carers



Victoria Tortopidis
Careers Education Coordinator

Alumni News

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March Alumni Newsletter

Welcome to March’s issue of the Alumni Monthly Newsletter.    In this issue enjoy memories and photos from the past.

If any Alumni can assist with Work Experience placements for our Year 10 students during the week of 19-23 June, please reach out.

To view March’s Newsletter, click here.

To register your details to become part of our Alumni community and to receive the monthly newsletter directly to your inbox click on this link: Register




Mrs Victoria Tortopidis
Alumni Coordinator

STEM and Tabletop Games Club

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The STEM and Tabletop Games Club at the Junior School has had an excellent start this year!  We have seen a great turnout from students with a diverse range of STEM interests.
Our students have had the opportunity to play around with different games and projects to exercise their critical thinking, tinkering, and problem-solving skills. So far, one of the biggest hits has been the Makeway kit, where students work together to build a magnetic marble run on the whiteboard.

Students have also been involved in learning science through educational board games, such as Spintronics and Schrodinger’s Cats, and testing their logic through the Turing Tumble puzzle. Furthermore, we have students working on their own 3D design and coding projects.

Our next mini-project (which some students have already started working on) will be organising our collection of Lego pieces to allow us to build new designs; a very important and satisfying task! If students are interested in attending STEM and Tabletop Games Club, they can find us in LA21 on Wednesday’s at lunchtime.




Ms Laura Truong (STEAM Coordinator) 
Ms Melissa Chapman (Learning Specialist – Numeracy)

Bringing Food Technology at MWSC into the 21st Century

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We have recently refurbished one of our food technology rooms on Senior Campus, transforming it into a modern, state of the art practical classroom. H2 needed an upgrade and as natural gas is progressively being phased out as an energy source in Victorian schools we have moved exclusively to electrical appliances. H2 now boasts 15 induction cooktops and electric ovens. Induction cooking is fast, safe and planet friendly.

Upgrading our classrooms could not be achieved without generous donations to our Building Fund. These tax deductable donations ensure we are able to continue to provide modern, energy efficient, engaging spaces for our students. We thank everyone who has and continues to make valuable contributions to this fund.

Our students and staff are very much looking forward to honing their cooking skills in H2.




Mrs Judith Walsh
College Project Manager

MWSC College News – Issue 3