College Principal’s Report

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Communication is vital

Mount Waverley Secondary College has a commitment to provide all the care and support necessary for each student to do their best and achieve the highest possible learning outcomes.  It is important that when families have concerns about their children, they contact the relevant staff members immediately to ensure a quick supportive response.

I encourage families to maintain open communication with staff members to ensure each student is provided with optimal support.

The most appropriate staff members to talk to when you have specific concerns are the classroom teachers, then Year Level Coordinator, then Sub School Leader or Head of Sub School prior to contacting one of the Campus Principals.  These are the staff members who have a thorough understanding of the needs of the students in their care: –

Year Level Coordinators

Year 7         Mrs Nicole Griffin, Mr Jamie Stroud
Year 8         Ms Danielle Robertson, Mr Patrick Thompson
Year 9         Mrs Juliz Mathew, Mr Jackson Waters
Year 10       Ms Grace Leszczynski, Ms Stephanie Xing
Year 11       Mr James Johnston, Ms Lauren Lockhart
Year 12       Ms Beth Johnston, Ms Eleni Stavrou

Junior School Leader           Mrs Danielle Mott

Head of Junior School          Mrs Debbie Sekula

Middle School Leader           Ms Jo Rogers

Head of Middle School         Mrs Asha Vazirani

Senior School Leader           Mr Matt Cara

Head of Senior School         Ms Sarah Chase

During the last few weeks, I have observed classrooms and I have been very impressed with how focussed the teaching and learning activities have been and have noted that our teachers and students have a lovely rapport in the classroom.  Teachers and students are clearly demonstrating our motto “Community, Choice and Engagement”.  I am particularly pleased to report our new Year 7 students are making a very smooth transition to the college.

Our college is a safe and caring learning community, and our students and staff believe that Mount Waverley Secondary College is a very special place which offers magnificent learning opportunities.


Community Involvement

Research clearly indicates that if parents are involved in their child’s education, they enhance the learning outcomes for their students.  I would like to thank all the parents who have already volunteered to be involved in our learning community.


2023 MWSC Secondhand Uniform/Bookshop

Thank you to all our wonderful parent volunteers who have been running the MWSC Secondhand Uniform/Book Shop this year.  The shop is open on the following days and time this term:

  • Wednesday 1 March 9am-11am
  • Wednesday 15 March 9am-11am
  • Wednesday 29 March 9am-11am
  • Wednesday 5 April  9am-11am

For any queries regarding textbook and uniform availability please email


Ritchies – Community Benefits 

I encourage all parents to patronise Ritchies Supermarkets and access a Community Benefits Card or you can download the Ritchies Loyalty App on your phone, nominating Mount Waverley Secondary College as your preferred beneficiary.  Each time you shop at Ritchies you will be actively contributing to your child’s education by helping us continue to provide quality resources throughout the college.



MWSC Alumni

In 2023 we are continuing to build our MWSC Alumni (past students and staff association). There are three ways our alumni community can stay in touch.

They can register to receive a monthly MWSC Alumni newsletter, join the MWSC Alumni Facebook page or join the Mount Waverley Secondary College LinkedIn Group.



Student/ Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Our virtual student/parent/teacher conferences for the year will be held online via Webex on Thursday 30 March from 1.00pm-4.30pm and 5.00pm-7.30pm.  Further information will be sent out closer to the time.


2022 Virtual Presentation Night

Congratulations to all our students who will be receiving awards at our 2022 Virtual Presentation Night next Tuesday 28th February at 7.30pm.

Students will be able to collect their awards on the day, before viewing the event with their families that evening.  All members of our learning community are invited to attend, to celebrate our students’ great achievements during 2022. Further details have been sent out on Compass.


STOPIT service

STOPIT is a new Victoria Police text notification service enabling commuters, including school students, to report any form of inappropriate behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable, frightened, or threatened on the public transport network.

How STOPIT works.  The STOPIT service enables commuters to use their mobile phone to report inappropriate behaviours promptly, easily and discreetly. To use the service, commuters simply text ‘STOPIT’ to 0499 455 455. This triggers an automated response that includes a link to where the commuter can provide more details about what’s just happened.

When people report these types of inappropriate behaviours, police can investigate and identify offenders to improve safety on public transport for everyone. Parents and carers are encouraged to consider discussing the new service with students who travel on public transport. Students who use mobile phones outside of school hours are encouraged to save the STOPIT number in their mobile phone.

Please note, STOPIT is for reporting non-urgent incidents on public transport. Always phone 000 in an emergency. For more information, refer to sexual and anti-social behaviour on public transport on the Victoria Police website.



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Year 7 Camp

Well done to all of our year 7 students for their participation in the Phillip Island Adventure Camp last week. Students and staff braved the hot conditions and had a wonderful time getting to know each other and having some fun in the sun. A particular thanks goes to our Junior School Leader, Ms Danielle Mott, and our Year 7 coordinators for their preparation and leadership. I would also like to extend my thanks to all staff who gave up their time to go along. Only through the willingness of our wonderful staff are we able to make these events happen.



Year 8 Challenge

While the Year 7s were at camp, our year 8s had the chance to test their resilience and courage with our annual Challenge Week. Students got the chance to dance, climb, improvise, touch reptiles, and many other challenging activities. I would like to commend the students for participating in the right spirit, and being so encouraging of their peers as they tested their limits.



Before and After School

While we are a welcoming and inclusive school community, the location and limited size of our campus restricts our ability to have parents/carers visit us on campus. This is a reminder that there is no parent parking available on our campus. Please refrain from dropping off or picking up your child, instead plan to me in one of the side streets, or encourage other means of commuting.

Likewise, we have had many eager parents/carers seeking to meet their children at the front of the school at the end of the day. With close to 700 students on our very small campus, we ask that parents find alternative places to wait, outside the school gates and away from the crossing area.

We plan to have a number of community events this year where you can come and explore the campus, but would appreciate your cooperation with the requests above in the meantime.


Getting to Know…Ms Aisha Paternott


How long have you been at MWSC?

Since August 2021.

What is your role at MWSC? Previous roles?

I am a Social Worker by trade but my title is Mental Health Practitioner/Student Wellbeing Coordinator – bit of a mouthful!

What do you like to do outside of school?

I like to spend time with my family and friends until my social battery runs low and the introvert in me takes over. When that happens, I like to go for long walks, re-watch sitcoms and (try!) and practice some mindfulness such as yoga.

Favourite thing about working at a school?

I love that no two days are the same and there’s always something interesting happening. Sometimes I am running in and out of meetings or catching up with students and other days I am glued to my laptop completing admin tasks. I also love working so closely with amazing education staff who not only put our student’s academic abilities at the forefront but also their wellbeing.

The students are also a big part of what I love about working at a school (obviously!) especially this age group. I think they’re fun, quirky and it’s really great to see so much growth and maturity happen within their time on the Junior Campus.

If you didn’t work in a school, what would you be doing?

I think I would still be working with youth and families in some capacity whether it be community-based work or within a clinical mental health setting.

What kind of student were you at school?

I was super chatty and easily distracted in class and if I were to ever see any of teachers in the future I would apologise profusely!




Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School

Head of Middle School’s Report

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We hope that the start of the year has been a smooth one for you all.  The Middle School has been very proud of the values that have been demonstrated by our student community.

Values are integral to who we are and who we would like to become, as they inform our thoughts, words and actions.  They help us to create the future we want to experience and are the driving force in the decisions we make every day.

Mount Waverley Secondary College is founded on the ILEARN values – Integrity, Learning, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Nurturing.  Our aim is to ensure our students develop a strong sense of self through the values that are instilled in them through their journey with us.

In this issue the Middle School would like to reinforce the school value of Integrity.  As a school community we define Integrity “to be selfless, caring and have strong morals”.  When we practice the value of Integrity we are more likely to make good decisions, treat others with respect, and be successful in life.

The MS Team would like to support our student community in developing the value of Integrity and as such we would like to leave you with these thoughts:




Mrs Asha Vazirani
Head of Middle School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Year 11 & 12 School Assessed Coursework (SACs)

All students competing a VCE subject will have started their assessment tasks. An assessment schedule has been shared to assist students in planning their study and preparation. There are strict requirements about attendance and procedures in place for students and teachers to follow. All of this information has been provided to all VCE students and explains the processes for absences, submission of coursework and assessment task requirements. Please contact the senior subschool if there are any questions or concerns.


Senior Secondary Certificate – Vocational Major

The college is proud to offer the new Vocational Major stream for our Year 11 students. As mentioned elsewhere in the newsletter, our students are completing studies in Numeracy/ Mathematics, Literacy, Personal Development Skills and Work-Related Skills. In addition, students are studying a VCE subject of their choice and a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course.

Students are studying and developing their knowledge and skills through an applied learning approach which links their studies to the world of work and training.


Communication at the college

School is a partnership between parents, students and the college.

While we, as a college, make every effort to respond to parents in a timely manner, it can sometimes be difficult when staff work in a school with more than 1840 students and their families. We, as do many schools, use Compass to communicate with families and students. Please check Compass on a regular basis as we send out forms and information through this.

Please note that all staff, including those in the subschools, have a teaching allotment and may not always be available. Please contact the college to make an appointment if you wish to meet with someone. If you need to contact a teacher this can also be done through the email facility in Compass or a phone message can be left.

Student progress on assessment tasks – both CATs and SACs – can be monitored via Compass. Once tasks are assessed and feedback provided, they appear on Compass. Information about attendance, classwork and excursions and upcoming events are also available on Compass.

Please check and contact the relevant subschool or classroom teacher if you have a question or concern.


Parent Teacher Conferences

Term One Parent Teacher Conferences will occur on Thursday 30 March. There are no scheduled classes on this day. The parent teacher conferences will take place virtually using Webex. Information will be sent to all parents in the next few weeks via Compass and bookings can be completed online.


Proposed Year 11 Central Australia Trip

The college has tentatively booked a 9-day trip to Central Australia starting in the last few days of term three and in the first week of the term break. An information evening will be held on Monday 27 February. Information has been sent via Compass with the details of the Webex meeting.

Please contact me – if you have any questions in the meantime.


Parking in the college grounds

Please note that parents cannot park on the Junior or Senior Campus. Visitors to the college should park in the designated visitors’ car park on the senior campus.

Please do not park in front of our dumpsters at gate 6, this is against council regulations for parking for more than 2 mins and also obstructs access for our dumpsters from being emptied.

Please also be aware of others when dropping off and picking up students around the school to ensure the safety of all.




Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School

VCE Vocational Major

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The new VCE Vocational Major has started at our college. This new program opens new and exciting pathways for students as they progress through their final years of education and transition into post schooling pathways. The VCE Vocational Major focus on the five principles of Applied Learning that involves students engaging in authentic and motivating learning experiences.

VCE Vocational Major is comprised of four core subjects, Literacy, VCE Foundation Maths, Personal Development Skills, and Work Related Skills.

Over the last four weeks our students have been focusing on the following:


The students have been looking at a scam-based language for our first unit, as well as starting to build language knowledge around how words work (i.e: compounds, affixation, spelling rules, etc.)  As we progress through the curriculum students will explore and develop  building practical skills, usable resources that focus on education around cyber security.

Work Related Skills

In the Work-Related Skills part for Vocational Major, students have learnt what skills are and the different skills they need in the workforce. All students have identified the skills that relate to them, found a definition meaning for each skill and created a picture collage in google docs. It is great to see that the students can identify these skills which will make them feel ready when they head into the workforce.

Personal Development Skills

Students have been exploring personal identity, what influences us as individuals (family, friends, society etc), where we come from, the people we value and admire. We have also been completing some personality tests to identify their strengths and weaknesses, career prospects, relationships. As we progress through the curriculum students will explore what makes a healthy individual and what makes for a healthy community.



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Senior Pathways

Student Voice Report

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Lions Youth of the Year 2023

On Sunday 19 February, college leaders Vineth M, Jocelyn S (College Captains) and Stanley L (Deputy College Captain) all participated in the Lions Youth of the Year competition. The competition consists of an interview and public speaking components.

Each student spoke with passion and confidence about their chosen topics ‘Stoking a love of literature’, ‘The importance and dangers of social media’ and ‘A need for more educational resources and programs surrounding alcohol and vapes for young people in schools’.

Additionally, the students had to respond to two impromptu topics without any preparation time, a difficult task for anyone, let alone completing it in front of an audience. The topics asked students to discuss an ‘individual they admire the most’ and to consider if ‘technology has brought us closer’.

Congratulations to Jocelyn and Stanley who for the first time in the event’s history were joint recipients of the best speaker award.  Also, congratulations to Vineth who was awarded the club final Lions Youth of the Year for the Lions Club Ashwood-Mount Waverley. Vineth will now go onto the regional final.

The three students did a brilliant job of representing the college and themselves. It is great to see the positive impact events like these have on our local community.


Senior Leaders Badge Presentation

The Year 12 leadership team were presented with their badges by our College Principal, Mrs Karen Wade, in front of their peers at the year level assembly earlier this month. Congratulations to the Leadership Team of 2023.




Mr Jacob Myers
Head of Student Voice

Music Director’s Report

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Music at MWSC has kicked off for the year with 250 students beginning instrumental lessons and ensembles beginning rehearsals for the year. The interest in the program has been overwhelming and a majority of positions are full, many with a waiting list. We do, however, still have a limited number of lessons in low brass (trombone, french horn, euphonium and tuba) for any students interested. These wonderful instruments are valued members of the music community and by learning them, students are presented with a range of musical opportunities. If you are interested in enrolling in the program on low brass please email:

Apart from lessons and bands beginning, the music faculty are beginning to rehearse and practice for a range of amazing concerts and festivals being held in 2023. These include our soirees being held later this term, Victorian Schools Music Festival, South Street Eisteddfod, Gala Concert, NEVR Concert, and a range of other performances. Our Symphonic Band, Jazz Duo, and Senior Stage Band have been auditioning and have been rehearsing since last year in preparation for our music tour to Perth in June. These groups are sounding fantastic and we cannot wait to show them off as the year progresses.

The first lunchtime concert for the year was held on Thursday at the Senior Campus. Featuring the Senior Stage Band and Jazz Duo, two of the items going on tour, it was wonderful to see the school community out to support music at the college. This lunchtime concert will be repeated at the Junior Campus next Wednesday to introduce our new Year 7 cohort to our amazing musicians.

Thanks for the ongoing support of the music program at the college, and I look forward to seeing you at musical events across the year.




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director

Alumni News

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Alumni School Reunion Tours – Friday, 10 March 2023 for Class of 1973, 1983 & 1993

The buildings and grounds have changed so much over the years and we love welcoming our past-students back so that they can tour the grounds once more. Tours start at 10am from the main reception of the Senior Campus and conclude with a morning tea. Don’t miss out! Bookings essential, click below for tickets. and

If you have family or friends who went to Mount Waverley in the years listed, please pass on the exciting news.

We are hoping to have the Class of 2003 in Term 2 and Class of 2013 in Term 3.

Keep up to date by registering your details to receive the monthly newsletter: Register here.

If you have any updates or news to share please email me at





Ms Victoria Tortopidis
Careers Education and Alumni Coordinator

Year 12 Outdoor Indigenous Grampians Hike

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Outdoor and Environmental Studies 2 night camp

“In order to witness what makes Australian outdoor environments unique and to compare Indigenous Australians with our own impacts, perceptions and interactions of our Australian outdoor environments, the 2023 outdoor education class headed off to Gariwerd (or the Grampians) departing from MWSC at 5.30am.

We traveled on foot with everything we needed in our packs for 3 days in Gariwerd. Walking a total of 16km on the first day up and down hills, climbing over rocks around Lake Bellfield. The views were spectacular and a lot of native wildlife was spotted throughout the journey including lizards, cockatoos, kookaburras, finches, emus, kangaroos and wallabies.

Evenings were spent setting up the tents, cooking food and appreciating the outdoors. Overall the group did roughly 28 km over the course of three days. After the hike we sat down with a local ranger and discussed the Indigenous perspectives and interactions with the land, we drove home listening to some wicked tunes. Everyone had a fantastic time.”

by Pria T (Year 11)


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NAPLAN testing will begin on 15 March and finish on 27 March for all Year 7 and 9 students.  We request parents to please ensure that your child’s laptop is working, and that they have access to a pair of headphones (wired or wireless is fine). If possible, please disable parental locks until after NAPLAN is done so that we are able to install and run the lockdown browser needed to run the NAPLAN test.

NAPLAN helps governments, education authorities and schools to see whether young Australians are reaching important literacy and numeracy goals. It provides information about how education programs are working, areas for improvement, and which schools need support in the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy.


Mr Matthew Turner
Testing and Assessment Coordinator
MWSC College News – Issue 2