College Principal’s Report

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Thank you

Thank you to all members of College Council for their support this year. We held our final meeting for the year last night. College Council is made up of parent, student, and staff representatives as well as our College Captains and my Executive Team. We will be calling for nominations for the new College Council which starts in March 2023 towards the beginning of next year.


2023 Financial Contributions

Parents/Carers should have received a Compass alert regarding 2023 Financial Contributions. Parent/Carer voluntary financial contributions have allowed us to run extensive well-being programs, a wider offering of subjects and special curriculum experiences; enhanced digital learning opportunities; faster WIFI and internet, and enhanced grounds and indoor and outdoor learning spaces. The financial contributions we have received this year is lower than in previous years. This is likely to have an impact longer term to the college’s financial viability, in turn impacting what resources we can offer our students. Contributions to our Building Fund are tax deductible and you will be sent a tax receipt from our Finance Department. Please support our learning community by contributing to these important financial contributions.


Jazz Night

On Wednesday 7 December we held our annual Jazz under the Stars Night. The music was superb, and parents, staff and students all enjoyed the evening. Thank you to the parents who manned the sausage sizzle on the night and all of the instrumental staff and other staff who supported this event. Special thanks to Mrs Tijtje Keatley-Music Director for overseeing this event along with our 2022 Music Captains – Marvin and Cameron. Funds raised will go towards the 2023 Music Tour to Perth.


Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 students went on camp to Phillip Island this week and had a wonderful time. Thank you to Ms Lauren Lockhart for overseeing this event and all the staff members who accompanied our students.


Year 8 Challenge

This week our 2022 Year 8 students attended the Challenge Program on the Senior Campus. Many sessions were on offer including Our Planet, The Spirit of Polynesia, Wellbeing, Sport, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Circus Arts, Hip Hop Dancing, Improvisation and Reptiles activities. Thank you to the Junior and Middle Sub schools for organising these diverse events and thank you to all the students and staff who attended to be challenged in some way!


Farewell and Best Wishes to our Retirees

It is with sadness that we farewell six valued members of staff (teachers and support staff) at the end of the year.  Below I have listed their years of service to Mount Waverley Secondary College.

Mr Warwick Irwin – 48 years
Mrs Chrissie Pappas -35 years
Mr Thomas Lo – 35 years
Mrs Rita Aggarwal – 23 years
Mr Graeme Dickman – 21 years
Mrs Patricia Peel – 18 years
Ms Ersilia Bruno – 4 years

Thank you to all these wonderful members of staff for their dedication and service to our learning community over many years. We wish our retirees the best in their future endeavours and know that they will enjoy the next phase of their lives.

Award Winner

On Monday 12 December, Year 12 student Kyra H attended the Chisholm Community Spirit Awards. Dr. Carina Garland, the MP for Chisholm presided over the event. Kyra was a part of a small group of students who received the award.

The Halina Strnad Community Spirit and Leadership Awards are presented to students in the Chisholm electorate. The awards recognise inspirational young people who make a difference to their communities and to the civic life of their schools. Congratulations Kyra!


2023 Orientation Day

Thanks to the Junior Sub school Team for overseeing our Orientation Day on Tuesday 13 December, which saw our largest ever Year 7 cohort of students join our learning community. It was a wonderful day, and it was great to see everyone welcoming our new students to the college.


2023 Return to School Dates

The first day for Years 7 students is Monday 30 January, and half of our Year 12 students will be off heading off on camp on this day. Years 8, 9 and 10 students start on Tuesday 31 January with our Year 10 students heading off to camp on Wednesday 1 February. The Year 11 students will return on Wednesday 1 February. The General Offices will be open for business on Friday 27 January.


Year 12 Results

Congratulations to our 2022 College Dux Ewan B who scored an outstanding 99.85 ATAR. Ewan received a perfect study score of 50 in Further Mathematics NHT and a study score of 48 in both Mathematical Methods and Chemistry.  Also receiving a perfect study score of 50 was Olivia R in Legal Studies. We also had 24 students receive ATAR scores above 95 and 51 above 90 which was a great achievement. We had 276 achieving their VCE Certificate this year which was our biggest cohort completing Year 12 for the past few years.

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the remaining student body who have done their best always to fulfil their potential in all activities they have undertaken at Mount Waverley Secondary College.  Such a positive attitude to learning enables our college to maintain its exemplary learning culture.

I wish all members of the Mount Waverley Secondary College learning community a well-deserved safe and relaxing holiday.  I look forward to joining you in 2023 for another successful year.




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Year 8 2022 Challenge Program

Our 2022 year 8 students finished off their year in fine style with a three-day Challenge Program where they were involved in a range of activities including yoga, rock-climbing, improvisation, dancing, reptiles and many more. Thank you to the students for getting involved, and to the Middle School team for overseeing the program.


Year 7 2022 Camp

Ten months after the initial planned event, the 2022 year 7s finally got the chance to attend Phillip Island Adventure Resort together to celebrate their first year of secondary schooling. Despite the weather, the students had a great time making memories and getting involved in giant swinging, flying fox, canoeing, high ropes, and a range of other activities. Thanks to the Junior Sub School team and all staff who attended.


Year 7 2023 Orientation Day

This week we were very excited to invite our 2023 year 7s on campus for their Orientation Day. This new group of students seemed to settle in well and got a taste of secondary school life through a series of taster sessions. Thanks to the Junior Sub School team for their facilitation of the day, and to all staff from both campuses who were involved in supporting.


We hope all our students and their families a safe and happy holiday break.  We look forward to seeing you in 2023.

Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Middle School

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As we moved further into December, the holidays started to draw closer, with students recently completing the Early Commencement Program.  This year’s Year 8 students became our Year 9 students for 2023 and our Year 9s moving into their Year 10 classes.  This program has many benefits including helping to transition students into their new year level and it also allows them to better understand the learning program they will be undertaking in each subject in the coming year.

Thanks must go to the Middle School Leadership Team who work with our middle school students, with Mrs Asha Vazirani (Head of Middle School), Ms Bec Kosach (Middle School Leader), working closely with our year level coordinators, Mr Wayne Griffin, Ms Sarah Smith, Ms Grace Leszcyzynski, Ms Stephanine Xing and Mr Chris Beale providing guidance and support to our Middle School students across this year.

Finally, as this year closes, we start to look towards next year and the opportunities for learning and growth that will be provided at the college.  I look forward to welcoming students back to college next year at they continue their learning journey at Mount Waverley Secondary College.  Can I wish all families a safe and happy holiday.


STEAM Centre

Work has been continuing on the STEAM Centre with the addition of the roof across the last week.  Progress will slow across the Christmas period and then ramp up in mid January again.  We look forward to seeing the progress when we return in 2023.


Oval and Courts

Progress has been slowed as result of poor weather.  We have our fingers crossed for improved weather across January to ensure things can keep moving on this exciting project.  We should see a big change when we return in 2023.




Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Early Commencement Program (ECP)

The ECP ran for students in Years 7 to 11 (2023 Years 8 to 12) during the past two weeks. Students in Year 8 were able to spend time on the senior campus and had an opportunity to settle in and meet their new teachers. VCE students were given homework to do, and this must be completed before they start school next year. Students have access to this information via Compass and through Google classrooms or Teams which have been set up by their classroom teachers.

Thank you to all the staff who organised and taught in the program and to the students who attended classes. It makes for a very positive start to the new academic year.


Program at the start of 2023

Information has been given to students and communicated via Compass. The Year 12s will attend a camp (information on which camp will be confirmed) and the Year 11 students have a special program. Please check Compass about the arrangements.


2023 Year 11 Central Australia Trip

In early 2023 information will be provided to students and families about the proposed Central Australia Trip. It will take in the last few days on term three and into the September holidays.


Reports – Years 7 to 11

All reports are now available via Compass. Please log in to the parent portal to access them. The reports provide an opportunity for further discussions at home around progress and achievement on Learning Behaviours, Victorian Curriculum Levels (for Years 7 to 10), Common Assessment Tasks and/or School Assessed Coursework and for Year 9 to 11 students their exam results.

Each assessment item also includes advice on areas for improvement and can be built upon in 2023. I would like to acknowledge the hard work of teachers in assessing, marking exams and writing reports at a very busy time of the year.

A special thank you to Andrew Wallace one of our Information Technology team who has overseen and managed the technical side of the process.


Year 12 results

Students who completed a Units 3 & 4 subject in 2022 received their results on Monday. Year 12 students who have applied for a tertiary course also receive an ATAR. Congratulations to all students who completed their VCE this year. I wish them well in their future endeavours.  More information about student achievement will be shared.

I would like to wish all of our senior students and families a Merry Christmas and safe and relaxing break.



Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School

Student Voice Report

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CIVICA Article

Earlier this year we were approached about having a student contribute an article to the ‘Education 2040: the near future of schools’ series. These articles are published through CIVICA, a global software company that encourages and champions new ideas and ways of thinking.

CIVIA partnered with ‘Cool Australia’, which is an educational organisation that designs effective online resources to enable high quality teaching to engage students in real-world learning.

The article series focused on the idea that 2040 has been identified as a pivotal milestone for our earth. A milestone that will signpost how we’ve addressed the significant challenges of climate change and how we’ve adapted our resources, technology, and communities. Education is core to all this.

This series of articles on the 2040 milestone comes from six education perspectives:

  • Two system leaders
  • A school principal
  • A school teacher
  • An early childhood educator
  • A student

Alannah T (Year 11)  was the student chosen to write the article, which was an intense process and involved a number of proof-reading and drafting stages. Despite the time commitment, Alannah thoroughly enjoyed the process of contributing to an article series that has been published across Australia and New Zealand.

A huge congratulations must go to Alannah for all her hard work and dedication to this project. Also, a big thank you to Mr Hamish Curry, the General Manager of ‘Cool Australia’ for his ongoing support and guidance through this process.

Alannah’s article can be found here:




Mr Jacob Myers
Head of Student Voice

Student Wellbeing Report

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Thank you and Happy Holidays!

The Student wellbeing team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our key external support services, such as Headspace Syndal and Monash Youth Services for the support you have provided our students.


Remember if you need any assistance with the transition into the new school year, please let us know via email. Please also take the time to have a look at the latest edition of the parent bulletin!


We wish all parents, carers and students a great holiday period.
Mr Paul Graham
Student Support and Resources Manager

Music Director’s Report

College Music
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Although it is the end of the year, the MWSC music faculty has been busily involved in planning for the 2023 year. The response to enrollments has been overwhelming with over 250 students enrolled in the program filling all available spaces. At this stage, all instruments are completely full with a few places in brass instruments currently available (trumpet, trombone, french horn, euphonium and tuba). If your student is interested in a place on one of these instruments, please email me on

2022 Jazz Night

On Wednesday 7 December, we hosted our annual jazz night at the Senior Campus Fishbowl. Featuring current MWSC ensembles; Jazz Band, Stage Band, and Improvisation Groups, the night also featured a MWSC Captains band made up of music captains past and present, and an MWSC Superband featuring staff, students and alumni.

A BBQ ran for the duration of the evening run by staff, parents, alumni and students with the proceeds of the evening going towards the 2023 Music Tour to Perth.

An event such as this can not happen without the support of the entire music community. Thankyou to everyone who performed, assisted and attended to make the last concert of 2022 such a success.


Victorian Music Teachers Conference

Last week many of the music staff had the chance to attend the Victorian Music Teachers Conference. This is a wonderful Professional Learning Opportunity for our faculty to attend lectures and workshops and collaborate with music teachers from all over Victoria. I was lucky enough to be asked to present this year under the topic of ‘Teamwork in a Music Department’. Following the wonderful sense of community I witnessed the evening before at the Jazz Night, this was a topic I was able to present authentically and with great enthusiasm about out wonderful program.


Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

Last Saturday a team of music parents organised Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser for the 2023 Perth tour.  A big thank you to Daniel and Alison Ritlewski for organising this on behalf of the music faculty. Once again, it was a great example of community with students, parents and alumni coming together to help out.




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director

Year 7 Phillip Island Camp

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On Monday 12 December, the Year 7 cohort went on their long awaited camp to Phillip Island Adventure Resort. This camp was a great end to our first full year of secondary school, along with the perfect opportunity to spend time with our new homegroups and with existing friends and peers. Staff and students were able to challenge themselves and get involved in a range of activities throughout the camp that included a twin flying fox, high ropes course, canoeing, raft making, initiatives course, team rescue games, giant swing, LaserStrike, and a trip to the Koala Conservation Centre  where everyone saw at least one koala.

On the first night, students were given the opportunity to either watch a movie or go on a beach walk including a sunset picture. Both activities were a success, as staff and students enjoyed their preferred activity. The second night involved a trivia competition with students competing in their houses against each other and a table of staff. While the staff were the winners, a good time was had by all. A room full of students singing and dancing along to Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” will not be easily forgotten by all who were present. Well done to the newly appointed Junior Campus house captains who were their teams biggest cheerleaders.

While Phillip Island’s weather was not always nice, we were able to complete all activities with sunscreen, hats, jackets and insect repellant at the ready. A great way to end the 2022 school year.



Ms Lauren Lockhart
Acting Junior School Leader

Hakuhodo Foundation Scholarship Language & Culture Exchange Program

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I have been fortunate enough to spend the past few weeks in Japan as part of the Hakuhodo Foundation Scholarship Language and Culture Exchange Program. For the past two weeks I have been working with other Japanese language teachers as part of our preparations for our students’ cultural exchange program in May 2023.

The scholarship involves bringing four students back to Japan with me in May 2023 and experiencing life with a Japanese family, school life and Japanese language and cultural lessons. Therefore, on this trip I visited the school in Kawasaki where we will be spending time next year and meeting the teachers and students who will be involved in the program.

As part of our preparation, we attended lectures, workshops, and classes as part of the program – and even had to complete homework every day. As a teacher it was exciting to be back in the role of a student and experience the challenge of engaging with educational theory in a foreign language for the first time.

There were a few very formal occasions where I had to present to large groups of people that had me more nervous than I have ever felt before in a professional setting, and it reminded me of what it must feel like for our students every time I ask them to do something hard and outside their comfort zone in front of their peers.

It was a lot of work but the teachers I met were amazing, the food was delicious and the opportunity being provided for our students in May 2023 is incredible. Thank you to everyone who supported my application for this scholarship, covered my lessons and picked up my responsibilities in my absence as I would not have been able to have gone on this experience without your support.




Ms Michelle Lukaczynski
Teacher of Japanese

Junior Campus Resource Centre

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Summer Reading Challenges from the Junior Campus Library

The longer Summer school holiday break is a good one to encourage habits for a lifetime love of reading for leisure.

Challenge idea: 1

The Junior Campus library issues students the challenge to take photos of different places they read – in a tent, at the beach, on a picnic blanket in the backyard, under a tree, or even in a cosy spot inside on a rainy day.  Include the location so we can create a map for a library display in 2023.

Students have been given the opportunity to borrow books from the school library in the last 2 weeks and your local public library will remain open. If you are on a holiday, consider visiting the local opportunity shop to get books at bargain prices and swap them amongst friends. The school has access to an E Book collection 24/7. Here are 2 links that are available for students using their school email accounts: and here is a list of titles students can look at by genre e-books by genre

● Make sure devices are charged before you get comfy
● Download books in Wi-Fi spaces or before you go camping or away with unstable connections.

Challenge idea:  2

Public Libraries Victoria 2022 state that:
Research has identified a phenomenon known as the ‘summer slide’, which refers to the loss of literacy skills over the summer holidays when children do not read—Library services across the state participate in the BIG Summer Read each year.  The campaign aims to increase library loans, engage young people in reading for pleasure and support literacy development. It is hoped the program will build on the wonderful Libraries Change Lives campaign and improve cross-sector collaboration into the future.”

Registrations for the 2022 BIG Summer Read open on 7 November 2022.  The program starts on 1 December and finishes on 31 January. Only books logged between these dates count towards the program and any prize draws.




Mrs Stephanie Thomas
Teacher / Librarian – Junior Campus

Alumni News

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This is the last newsletter for 2022!  It feels like the year has gone by so quickly. I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing the Alumni Monthly Newsletter to our community.

To view December’s Newsletter, click here


We wish the Class of 2022 all the best for a successful journey ahead.  We look forward to sharing their achievement and memories with all our Alumni community.

We also extend our best wishes to our Alumni friends and family for a happy new year and a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

The Alumni Program is a great way to showcase how past students have grown and developed after graduating from high school. For those who haven’t registered their details please click the link below:

Register here


Stay in touch with the Alumni community through Facebook and LinkedIn.

We welcome any updates of achievements and celebrations, we love to hear all about what our Alumni are up to, email me at


Ms Victoria Tortopidis
Alumni Coordinator

MWSC College News – Issue 19