College Principal’s Report

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Our ILEARN Values in action

Our college values are ones that we hold dear and are for all members of our learning community to uphold. As per what is occurring in our State health system and in other sectors of employment, schools are finding it increasingly hard to cover classes when staff are away.

So far, we have done an amazing job with the hard work of our two Daily Organisers Mr Scott Smith and Mr Greg Campbell and our many casual relief teachers who we employ to help fill these gaps, as well as teachers who are taking extra classes and support staff who are picking up extra tasks.

I would ask parents and carers to realise the challenges we face and to think about the way in which you address a member of my staff whether it is in person, on the phone or via email during these challenging times.

We all want the same thing and that is to support your children in their learning, but we cannot control when people get sick or must be absent to care for their own children. Last Tuesday I counted 38 staff members away. Your support and understanding would be much appreciated and can be demonstrated in a respectful and caring way.



All State Jazz Gala Concert

On Saturday 21 May our Stage Band performed at the All State Jazz Gala Concert. Our Stage Band were asked to perform as they won their division in the competition held the previous week. Performances from all the other winning jazz big bands and choirs from across the State took place and we were one of only two government schools that were represented. Thank you to Mrs Tijtje Keatley, Director of Music who conducted the band and Mr Damien Maughan and Mrs Melissa Knowles, instrumental teachers who were there to support our students. Thank you also to the many families who attended the concert to support our great instrumental music program.

VCE Northern Hemisphere Examinations

I would like to thank Mr Matt Cara, Senior School Leader and our Chief Examiner, Mrs Trish Reid and her team for the smooth way in which they ran the VCE Northern Hemisphere Timetable examination process from Tuesday 24 May until Monday 30 May.  Our students were involved in Unit 4 English, Further Mathematics and Biology exams.  The examiners stated how well behaved our students were, which is a great credit to our school.


Reconciliation Week

Mount Waverley Secondary College celebrated Reconciliation Week over the past two weeks. The theme this year was ‘Be Brave. Make Change.’ Many activities for both staff and students were held which were organised by our Reconciliation Action Plan Committee lead by Ms Jane Carter. A very important day occurred on Thursday 26 May which was National Sorry Day and students were informed about the important significance of this day. This day is the anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations, and we all need to understand its importance in Australia’s wider reconciliation journey.


Lifelong Learner

Congratulations to Mr Sam Butterfield our Head of Pedagogy who was recently engaged in an international teaching, learning and leadership debate.  Sam took part in the ‘Pixel Leadership Bookclub’ podcast. Pixel is a school improvement network in the UK that Sam has previously worked with. The podcast involves two school leaders and the CEO of Pixel who all read a non-fiction, non-education book and then discuss its implications for schools.

This podcast discusses ‘The Culture Code’ by Daniel Coyle which looks at patterns in highly successful cultures.


Student Voice Activities

Thank you to Mr Jacob Myers Acting Head of Student Voice who has been encouraging and supporting our students to attend many activities over the last two weeks. Examples of this have included students competing in the VCAA Plain English Speaking Awards held at Melbourne High School, students attending the Monash Women’s Business Network Lunch with Mrs Julie Cain, Campus Principal and students participating in the ABC’s Q&A show as members of the audience.


Star Performer

In April this year, Maya C of Year 10 was chosen to be one of only about fifty students from Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia participating in the ‘ICH SO DU SO’ project through the Goethe Institut Malaysia (the international German language institute).  The project aims to raise awareness and celebrate diversity amongst students in the region and beyond.
Maya was recently completed the project with a very interesting short film entitled ‘Flügel’ (Wings).  Congratulations Maya.

Please find the link attached.


Work Experience Week

It is wonderful to see that our Year 10 students can complete work experience this week.
Work Experience is an opportunity to give our students:

  • an understanding of the work environment and what employers expect of their workers
  • an opportunity to explore possible career options
  • increased self-understanding, maturity, independence, and self-confidence
  • increased motivation to continue study and/or undertake further training
  • a better understanding of how the school curriculum can help prepare young people for work
  • an introduction to workplace recruitment practices
  • enhanced opportunities for part-time and casual employment
  • the opportunity to include the employer’s work experience evaluation in future job and course applications
  • opportunities to develop work-related competencies and acquire skills
  • the chance to ‘try out’ a workplace.

Source: Work experience manual for Victorian Secondary Schools

Can I sincerely thank Mrs Jo Hall, Careers Education Manager for overseeing this program and Mrs Victoria Tortopidis, Careers Education and Alumni Coordinator for her work in organising all the documentation required to send our students into the workplace. Special thanks to all of the staff who visited our students whilst on their placements.


Preparing for Examinations

At this time of year our students are diligently studying for their outcomes and exams.  It has been pleasing to see students studying in the library and VCE Centre, attending Homework Club, catching up with teachers for additional support and attending revision classes to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for their exams.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each student all the best for their SACs and exams.  I am sure they will be rewarded with results that reflect the hard work that has been undertaken throughout the first semester.  Our learning community is proud of the way our students approach their learning, whether it be academic studies, learning a musical instrument, mastering a drama performance, or representing our college in one of our many leadership programs.  Our students and teachers approach all activities with great enthusiasm, matching this with hard work and knowing they will achieve success by giving their best.


School Review

As 2022 is the last year of our current Strategic Plan we will be undertaking the School Review process in Term 3.  I am therefore seeking feedback from parents and carers as part of our 4-year self-evaluation via Compass.  If you can complete the short KEEP, STOP, START survey by 6pm Sunday 5 June, I would be most grateful.


Correction Day

Please note that Correction Day will take place on Friday 17 June, and this is a student free day. This day will enable teachers to finalise their Semester 1 assessments. Our Semester 2 classes will begin on Monday 20 June which is the last week of term.





Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Now that we are well into term 2, this is a reminder about our uniform requirements:

Years 7-10

  • MWSC winter skirt (of modest length – no shorter than 5cm above the knee)
  • MWSC green jumper
  • MWSC green softshell jacket (optional).
  • MWSC long sleeve white shirt or blouse with college logo
  • MWSC college tie
  • Either navy knee-high socks OR ‘Carlton’ navy Kayser opaque tights
  • Navy scarf (optional)
  • In cold weather plain white t-shirts without writing or logos are permitted under shirt/blouse


  • MWSC grey unisex shorts or trousers with college logo (available only from PSW – official uniform supplier)
  • MWSC long sleeve white shirt with college logo
  • MWSC college tie
  • MWSC green softshell jacket (optional).
  • MWSC green jumper  Grey socks (must cover ankle)
  • Navy scarf (optional)
  • In cold weather a plain white t-shirt without writing or logos is permitted under the shirt

On days when students have PE, they must wear full MWSC PE uniform. Students are not to wear items that are not in the uniform. If they do not have access to full PE uniform, they will need to wear full school uniform and bring their PE clothes to change.


Communication with teachers

In the last few weeks of semester, students and teachers are busily working on their Common Assessment Tasks. Parents/carers are encouraged to regular access Compass to keep abreast of the feedback teachers are providing, as well as any other messages that may come through. If your child has any questions about the feedback provided, we encourage them to email or see their teacher in the first instance.  As a parent/carer, if you feel the need to communicate with teachers regarding a Common Assessment Task (or any other concern), please bear in mind the volume of assessment and communication that is occurring at this time when awaiting your reply.



Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School

Student Voice Report

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Child Wise Youth Advisory Board

I recently co-wrote an op-ed with my colleague on behalf of the Child Wise youth advisory board (as a part of Save the Children Australia).

The op-ed was on the issues young people who are not old enough to vote, want you to consider before the election. The full op-ed got published in the Sydney Sentinel today, while another version got published in the Herald Sun.

Azraf – College Captain


Women’s Business Network Lunch

This past Wednesday, fellow year 11 student leader Tasfiya and I attended a Monash Women’s Business Network lunch. The day focused on sustainability and food security, aiming to bring more awareness to the issue of food waste in relation to social and environmental justice and equality. The two of us were able to meet a variety of individuals with the shared interest of achieving a more sustainable community. In the afternoon, we had a delicious lunch and heard from guest speaker Alice Mahar, founder of The Corner Store Network. She explained how the social enterprise supports farmers in Timor-Leste by selling coffee made from imported green beans, reducing food waste and aiding these vulnerable communities, especially as she focuses on employing and teaching women. Throughout her address, it became clearer how much of a role model she is to youths like me. Ultimately, this was a great experience for us both as we went home with a more acquired knowledge of food security around the world, as well as some local handmade jams from the Corner Store.

Kiska A (Year 11)


Q&A experience

On Thursday 26 May, a group of year 11 & 12 students joined ABC’s Q&A audience. The panel consisted of a Liberal party Senator, a Greens party Senator, a Labor MP, incoming independent Monique Ryan and former foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer. The topics being discussed differed from climate change to China to the breakdown of Australia’s main two-party system. It was nice to see the diversity of the audience even well before the start of the show, there were people of all different ages and ethnic backgrounds. The audience consisted of members from all different aisles of the political spectrum. It was an amazing experience. We not only learnt a lot from the behind the scenes workings of Q&A and ABC, but also got a really good taste for political debate and more about how different people think and believe, and cooperate with one another. In short, this had been an amazing experience and I’m sure all our students who attended would agree.

Sienna D  (Year 11)


Public Speaking Contest (PESA)

On Tuesday 31 May, Martin J (year 12) and I travelled to Melbourne High School to participate in the PESA Speech Competition. We listened to multiple speeches that were articulated, well-researched and performed – they all seemed to deserve the win. I spoke about child labour, abusive working conditions, and how they contributed to our happiness as middle-class people living in a first world country. Martin performed a speech about personal experiences with the wealth gap. We spoke to the other students and had a lot of fun talking to each other. At the end of the day, even though we didn’t win, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I hope to participate again in the future.

Ilsa I – (Year 10)

Student Wellbeing Report

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ySafe Parent Cyber Safety Hub

We are very pleased to announce that our school has partnered with Australia’s leading cyber safety experts, ySafe, to provide you with support in managing your children’s safety and time online.
As a part of our partnership with ySafe, we have received our very own Parent Cyber Safety Hub. This Hub is a rich source of live information directly from ySafe’s multidisciplinary team of cyber safety experts. You can access our Cyber Safety Hub using the link:

About the Parent Cyber Safety Hub

The Hub includes expert advice on the most pertinent cyber safety issues and frequently asked questions around platforms like TikTok, Fortnite, Instagram, and more. There are app reviews with age and safety recommendations, along with a range of guides and resources to help ensure healthy boundaries around screen-time & gaming, and step-by-step instructions for using parental controls and filtering out inappropriate content.


FREE Device Monitoring Tool for Parents

ySafe has partnered with the parental control experts, Family Zone, to provide our parents with added cyber safety support in the form of Family Zone Insights. Family Zone Insights is a monitoring app that sends parents an alert if their child accesses risky or inappropriate content online. For more information about Family Zone Insights, and for instructions on how you can set up an Insights account, visit the Family Zone Insights page of our Cyber Safety Hub (under Cyber Safety Tech)

We are extremely excited to be able to offer you this level of expertise and support in an area that we know has been very challenging for many parents to manage.


Pushup Challenge

This year we, as a college, are taking part in the Push-Up Challenge. The challenge runs for the first 24 days of June and its aim is to raise awareness and conversation around mental health and suicide.

We are encouraging students and their family and friends to all take part in teams of up to 10 to reach a collective goal of 3,139 push-ups from the 1st-24th June. If you’re in a team of 10, that’s only 14 push-ups a day each!    Anyone can be in your team, as long as it’s no more than 10 people – so get thinking about a team and a team name!

There are house points and vouchers up for grabs if you participate!


Study Calm Presentation – Year 11 

On Monday 23 May 2022, the year 11 students attended a presentation by Brad Felstead- one of Australia’s leading education specialists. ‘Study Calm’ presentation is a practical program in which students engage in a range of easy to learn, yet highly powerful mindfulness and meditation skills. It is also combined with research-backed information to help students understand the benefits and value of the skills they learnt.



Mr Paul Graham
Student Support and Resources Manager


Music Director’s Report

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All State Jazz Championships Gala Concert 

After the Stage Bands success in winning their section of All State Jazz Championships, the group were invited to perform at the All State Jazz Gala Concert at the Leonardian Centre. The band participated in this wonderful event with other winning schools, and were treated to performances by the All State Jazz Ensemble made up of some of the country’s finest jazz musicians.

MWSC Stage Band


Unit 1 Recital

The Unit 1 Recital was held on Thursday 26 May. The students in the year 11 music have worked since ECP 2021 to plan and prepare a program to present to an audience, and panel of assessors. Performances such as this provide valuable performance preparation for these young musicians and allows the college community to celebrate their success.

Thank you to the marking panel, Richard Liang, Timothy O’Connor and Keryn Lientschnig as well as the parents who came along to support and encourage these young musicians.



Generations in Jazz Recordings

2022 sees the return of Generations in Jazz to the music calendar. This is an event that the college has participated in during the past. After a two year hiatus due to COVID, GIJ has returned in a digital format. Both Jazz Band and Stage Band worked hard to learn a test piece and two songs of choice, and participated in a video recording to be part of this event. Students are invited to attend an online concert event on 16th June to hear the results and celebrate jazz music in Australia.




Around 60 students will be participating in our upcoming soiree concerts. Selected students will be performing as a soloist or small group as part of this concert and will receive a Compass Event notification in the event that they are selected to perform. We invite families and the community to come along to watch. These performances will take place in the Senior Campus Theatrette across two nights. Entry will be via Gold Coin Donation with proceeds going to the 2022 MWSC Production of Matilda. I hope to see you there.




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director


Year 8 Enrichment class excursion to ACMI

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On Friday 27 May, 8H were presented with the enthralling opportunity to visit the Australian Center of the Moving Image. This was in correlation to the film unit currently being completed by the Year 8 cohort, and taking part in this seminar has drastically changed our understanding of the rigorous idea making process film makers use.

The seminar took place over the course of 3 sessions spanned across the day. It was solely dedicated to the art of creating ideas, learning how to structure film stories, and how film scripts may differ from ordinary, written stories. We began with a brainstorming session where we generated story ideas based on both images and sentence starters.

Throughout the day, after selecting an idea brainstormed during the first session, we began to create the rough outline of our stories- from building our main antagonist, to developing a rough story arch. The most significant part of the seminar was the sheer amount of idea sharing and idea pitching we took part in. Hearing the ideas of our peers really maximized our creative outlet and allowed us to expand our story lines.

Overall, on behalf of 8H, we would like to thank all the teachers and staff at ACMI for making this possible!

by Aisha H, Sakina K and Purvi S (8H)

Youth Art for Reconciliation

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Year 7 Art: Corroboree Calling

Youth Art for Reconciliation is a group that promotes Indigenous culture. Each year they hold an exhibition of artwork by students in the City of Monash and this year the theme is Corroboree Calling.

Nine artworks by MWSC Year 7 students were selected to be part of the exhibition:

Emme H
Methvin K
Millie R
Diya M
Abbie M
Aarav N
Bryce S
Nicole C
Olivia S



The exhibition was on at The Track Gallery, Mt Waverley Community Centre, 47 Miller Crescent Mount Waverley until Sunday 29 May.

The Invisible Universe – Radio Telescope Program

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On Monday 16 May a group of Middle School students with a particular interest in astronomy spent a morning on the Junior Campus in the Resource Centre completing self-paced modules to learn about the use of radio telescopes. They were able to access and control a radio telescope at Tallarook which is the only one in Victoria available for student use.

At the end of the session students commented on the what they learnt:

Zern and Bobby – “We tracked the Sun and Orion and we observed temperature changes.”

Vivian and Milly-  “We got to find temperatures of parts of the Sun. We learnt a bit about using radio telescopes;  that they are useful compared with a traditional telescope as clouds do not obliterate viewing. There is also the capacity for more in-depth viewing.”

Georgia and Ishmapreet –  “..amongst the vocabulary we learnt today was “slew”.  through means the rotation of an object around an axis. In our case we waited whilst the telescopes slewed as it searched for Orion.”

Sebastian and Minal –  “We learnt how to distinguish the square shape of a Supernova with the radio telescope. We can see the actual camera and go into the software to interrogate the device for viewing.”

Anna and Gaurav –  “We collaborated using the Victorian Space Science Education Centre Moodle course to learn skills to apply when using the radio telescope. In the future I will keep researching how I can extend my knowledge and capacity.”

Maddie, Hanna and Tuong –  “The two coordinate systems used to track objects in the night sky are the Equatorial and the Azimuth systems. The sun takes 24 hours to return to due north while the star takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds.”



Mrs Stephanie Thomas
Teacher – Librarian
Junior Campus

Alumni News

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Monthly Newsletter

I am delighted to release the first edition of the Alumni Newsletter for 2022.  This newsletter will be issued monthly sharing stories, events and achievements of our Alumni community. Thank you to our Alumni community who have shared their stories so far.  Keep them coming!

Alumni Newsletter Issue 1 – June 2022


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Ms Victoria Tortopidis
Alumni Coordinator

MWSC College News – Issue 8