College Principal’s Report

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Magnificent Work of our Education Support Staff                                                            

On Monday 16 May Education Support staff were acknowledged and celebrated for their contribution to the college.  We are very fortunate to have a terrific team of support staff helping to care for and education your children and run our college.  Our Education Support staff, to mention a few, include our friendly and caring Admin and Finance staff, Integration Assistants, Nurses, Interpreter/EAL Assistants, Resource Centre, Science Laboratory and Food Tech staff, as well as skilled Maintenance and ICT staff.

It is such personnel who are quiet achievers and who so admirably support our teaching staff in effectively delivering the curriculum.  This large team of personnel are ably led by our talented Business Manager’s Mrs Linda Westgarth and Mrs Kari Simmons.

On behalf of the college community, I wish to thank our Education Support staff for their significant contribution to our college.



‘MWSC Wordsmith’ 2022 – Badge Award

On Tuesday 10 May the student creative writing group ‘Left to Write’ had a celebratory meeting.

Kyra H (Year 12) was awarded the official title and badge – ‘2022 Wordsmith’ for leading this multi-year level group of talented creative writers. Kyra is being commended for stepping up whilst Ms Boughen is on long service leave. ‘Left to Write’ was inaugurated in 2019, with Kyra being one of the founding members. ‘Left to Write’ has been nurtured by Ms Boughen through two years of the pandemic and has emerged with, writing awards, publications and over 20 members.
Congratulations Kyra!


Community Bank Pinewood Scholarship

On Wednesday 11 May, Jocelyn S from Year 11 was awarded the inaugural ‘Community Bank Pinewood Scholarship’ in association with the Bendigo Bank. The scholarship aims to encourage and support a Year 11 community-focussed student with their studies and school-related expenses.
The selection panel commented on the difficulty of their decision as there were many impressive applications in a very strong field. This scholarship process highlighted all the fantastic work the students from Mount Waverley Secondary College are engaging within the broader community.
Jocelyn was a worthy recipient having achieved both her silver and bronze medals through The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, as well as being a Guide Leader and a Squad Leader for St Johns Ambulance. Jocelyn was awarded the scholarship by Mr Robert Davies, the Community Bank Pinewood Chairman of the Board. Congratulations Jocelyn!


All State Jazz Festival

Well done to our college Jazz Band and Senior Stage Band for their amazing performances last Saturday at the All State Jazz Competition.  Both bands have been rehearsing for the past 6 months and their commitment to our music program really showed.  Thank you to our instrumental staff who have been supporting our students.
A big thank you to Mr Damien Maughan for his work with the Jazz Band. Thank you to Mrs Tijtje Keatley for her work with the Stage Band and her leadership to ensure our students had the opportunity to perform at such a big event.

Our Senior Stage Band came first place overall in their division. We also won best trumpet and rhythm sections and three of our students were named all stars.

Victorian All State Jazz Championships ALL STARS:

Baritone sax: Noah L  (Year 9)
Trumpet 3: Alannah R  (Year 10)
Bass: Sam E  (Year 11)

The band will now be playing at a Gala Concert this Saturday. This was an amazing achievement. Congratulations to all involved.

Senior Campus Careers Week

Special thanks to Mrs Joanne Hall our Careers Education Manager and Mrs Victoria Tortopidis our Careers Education and Alumni Coordinator, for putting together a fantastic program of sessions for Career Week this week. It was pleasing to see so many students engage across the week with presenters including Dr Bowen Xia, a medical intern at Monash Medical Centre, the Australian Defence Force and major universities and TAFE colleges.


Celebrating Diversity

Our Respect Club organised activities on both campuses to help celebrate diversity at Mount Waverley Secondary College this week. It is lovely to see that we are an inclusive school.


Professional Practice Day in Term 2, 2022

The Department of Education and training recently reached an in-principle agreement with unions, as bargaining representatives of employees in the Victorian Teaching Service, on a proposed replacement enterprise agreement that will apply to eligible teaching service employees.  If approved, teachers will be entitled to 3 professional practice days in 2022, starting in Term 2, 2022.

For Term 2, 2022 only, the department recommends schools hold their first professional practice day on the same day for all staff.  This is to make it easier for schools who are finding it hard to source casual relief teachers.
Our professional practice day for Term 2 will be held next Wednesday 25 May and students are not expected to attend school on the day.



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Unit Three SAC (School Assessed Coursework) Week

All students completing a Units 3 & 4 subject will be involved in SAC week from Monday 6 June. Students will complete their final assessment for first semester. Classes will not run, and students will have an opportunity to focus on their assessment and review the work completed so far. Students must attend the college when there is a SAC and if absent from assessment must have a medical certificate (unless it is a school approved activity).


Year 11 Exams

All Year 11 students will have exams from the Monday 6th until Thursday 16th June. Students need to come to all exams and if ill must contact the college and provide a medical certificate. The exams cover all of the content and skills covered in Unit 1 and provides students with an opportunity to develop their revision, study and exam techniques.

Thanks to Mr Tim Peters (Head of Curriculum) and the Middle and Senior Subschool teams, our faculty heads and teachers and Mr Scott Smith (Daily Organiser) for their planning and support of the exam process.


Year 12 Formal

Our Year 12 students, and many of their teachers, are looking forward to the Year 12 Formal which takes place on Wednesday 7 September.  Students will receive further information about this soon.


Careers Activities

During the week the Careers Team have arranged for speakers from a range of institutions to come to the college to speak to interested students. Thanks to the Careers Team and to the students who have come along during lunchtime.


Professional Learning Week

This week our staff attended workshops and sessions facilitated by their colleagues. It provides an opportunity for staff to collaborate, share their expertise and improve their teaching and student learning. The sessions highlight the skills and experience of our staff at the college. In addition, some of our teachers have been involved in running sessions for other teachers. Ms Jane Carter (Head of The Arts) presented at a Work Futures Conference, Mr Matt Hall (Head of Technology) presented at a Cybersecurity Seminar on ‘Student, School and Teacher Resources Overview for Australia’ and Mrs Debbie Sekula (Head of Junior School) and I have been mentoring teachers new to VCE Business Management.


VCE Music Recitals

Our Unit Three Music students performed on Thursday 12 May to an audience. The Unit One and Year 10 Recitals will take place over the next few weeks. Thanks to all of the students for their hard work in preparing for this and to Ms Tijtje Keatley – Director of Music and our talented Music and Instrumental Music staff.


Reporting – First semester

Reports will be distributed via Compass at the start of the term break. The reports will contain detailed feedback on each of the Common Assessment or Learning Tasks or School Assessed Coursework, in the case of VCE subjects, completed by students and the grade for the semester exam (Year 9, 10 and 11 students). There will also be information on student learning behaviour and reporting on Victorian Curriculum progress where applicable. Please check Compass to keep up to date with information regarding this.


Year 12 Camp

Our Year 12 students and a group of teachers headed to Torquay and Anglesea this week. Thanks to all involved – it was good that students had the opportunity to attend their camp. Thanks to all of the teachers who gave up their time during a busy period in the term and a special thanks to Mr Matt Cara (Senior Subschool Leader) for his planning and organisation of the camp.


Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School

Head of Middle School’s Report

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Middle School Moments

The Year 9 students underwent their final NAPLAN assessments last week and we would like to thank all the students and families who were involved for their support during this time.  The entire process ran very smoothly, and our students demonstrated the ILEARN school values with pride as they underwent their assessment.  Of course, this positive outcome could not have been achieved without a team of staff that worked tirelessly behind the scenes.  A very big thank you to Mr Matthew Turner, Mr Aro Ezackiel, Mr Andrew Wallace, Ms Robyn Whitelaw, our Year 9 Level Leaders, Mr Wayne Griffin and Ms Sarah Smith for all their planning and preparation to ensure the NAPLAN experience was a positive learning experience for our Year 9 students.

We would like to congratulate our Year 10 students for demonstrating the school value of Accountability and the value of Resilience as they prepare for their Work Experience opportunity.  The year 10 students have been working very hard at securing work placements in their field of interest.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to get firsthand experience in an area that they are passionate about, learn about the skills that are required in the workplace of their choice and start to think about their future pathways.  Working hard alongside our students and supporting them every step of the way has been the fabulous Careers team, Ms Jo Hall and Ms Victoria Tortopidis along with our Year 10 Level Leaders, Ms Grace Leszczynski and Mr Chris Beale.  We would also like to thank our Year 10 families for all their support in ensuring the success of this program.




Ms Asha Vazirani
Head of Middle School

Head of Junior School’s Report

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Year 7 students are to be congratulated in their readiness and approach in managing NAPLAN testing last week. There were some catch ups for students who were absent during the week. We will distribute student results to families when we receive them later in Term 3.

Monash Technical School have prepared an excellent Supercities program for our Year 8 students who were immersed in problem solving activities to create potential solutions through urban planning and machine learning. Student coded the movement of rovers to undertake tasks such as lifting a rubbish bin and how to detect stimuli that requires a change of movement. Using the design thinking process, students worked collaboratively to develop an invention that offered a solution to an urban issue.


Health and Absences

There seems to be a growing number of students who are becoming unwell for a range of reasons. We continue to ask that unwell students remain at home. Parents are asked to complete the attendance requirements in Compass.  If your child is diagnosed with COVID, please contact the school as we need to collate additional information for DET.


Coming Up

  • As part of Reconciliation Week, the Music faculty have organised an incursion on Thursday 26 May with indigenous artist Allara Paterson.
  • Music faculty are currently offering bridging bands for students during lunchtimes
  • Many of our students are involved in training for winter sports before and after school and can look forward to representing MWSC at the Year 8 Round Robin on Friday 3 June and Year 7 Round Robin on Thursday 9 June.



Mrs Debbie Sekula
Head of Junior School

Head of Senior Pathway’s Report

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Introducing the VCE Vocational Major (2023)

In 2023 our college will be introducing the new VCE Vocational Major. We will be offering this new stream of the VCE to Year 11 students in 2023 and will expand the program in 2024 for both Year 11 and 12 students.

The VCE Vocational Major is a new vocational and applied learning program that sits within the VCE. It is four new subjects that have been added to the VCE that will make up the core of your program.  It takes what is called an ‘Applied Learning approach”.  Applied learning involves students engaging in relevant and authentic learning experiences. It is a method of learning where theoretical information comes to life for students in a real world context that relates directly to their own future, is within their own control and is within an environment where they feel safe and respected.  Students’ knowledge grows and expands as they take action to learn, reflect on that action and plan how to do it better next time.

The VCE Vocational Major will prepare students to move successfully into apprenticeships, traineeships, further education and training, university through alternative entry programs or directly into the workforce.  The four main studies are assessed at a school level through authentic assessment activities.  There are no external examinations for the VCE Vocational Major studies and therefore students do not receive a study score, and are not eligible to receive an ATAR.

The VCE Vocational Major is a two year program over Year 11 and 12.  Only students who enrol in the full program can choose these new VCE Vocational Major studies.

Students who have completed the requirements of the VCE Vocational Major will receive a Victorian Certificate of Education with the words Vocational Major on it to recognise their achievements, they will graduate with their cohort.

The introduction of the VCE Vocational Major is an exciting opportunity for our students. The college will be holding an information evening at the beginning of term 3 to provide our year 10 students and families more information.

If you have any questions in relation to the VCE Vocational Major, please email me at



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Senior Pathways

Student Wellbeing Report

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Study Calm- Year 11

On Monday 23 May, the Year 11 students will attend a presentation by Mr Brad Felstead from Felstead Education on mindfulness techniques to help them with studying and getting the best out of themselves with the upcoming exam period.


Push up Challenge

This year we are taking part in the Push-Up Challenge. The challenge runs for the first 24 days of June and it’s aim is to raise awareness and conversation around mental health and suicide. We are encouraging students and their family and friends to take part in teams of up to 10 to reach a collective goal of 3,139 push-ups from the 1st June to 24th June. If you’re in a team of 10, that’s only 14 push-ups a day! You can find more information about the via this link


What to do if your child is unwell – A message from the Nurses

COVID-19 infections are still very much present in the community and we are now also dealing with seasonal cases of influenza and other respiratory viruses, as well as gastroenteritis. If your child is feeling unwell before school (e.g. sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever, or with vomiting or diarrhoea), even with mild symptoms, please do not send them to school, they must stay at home until they are well again, even if their RAT test is negative.

If your child has had symptoms of gastroenteritis, they need to stay home until they are feeling well and symptoms have stopped for at least 24 hours.

The Nurses will call Parents/Carers to collect any students who become unwell whilst at school and we thank you for your continuing cooperation with these measures to minimise the spread of infections at school.

Further information can be found at:




Mr Paul Graham
Student Support and Resources Manager

Music Director’s Report

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All State Jazz Championships

On Saturday 14 May, the MWSC Jazz Band and Stage Band attended the All State Jazz Championships held at St Leonards College.

The Jazz Band, under the direction of Mr Damien Maughan performed 3 songs in the non-competitive section of the event. The band was also given a short on-stage tutorial from Australian trombonist, Jordan Murray following their performance in which he praised the band for their efforts, and gave some excellent feedback for improvement.

Later in the afternoon, the MWSC Stage Band performed for the competitive C Grade division. Under the direction of Tijtje Keatley, the band showed off their hard work performing three contrasting numbers, achieving 1st place and several other awards. For winning the division, the band has been invited to perform at a gala concert this Saturday night with other winning ensembles and Australian Jazz Greats. They have also won a workshop with an affiliated jazz musician to be held later in the year.

Senior Stage Band Results:

Overall: 1st place
Best Trumpet Section
Best Rhythm Section ($750 prize in equipment for the school)

Victorian All State Jazz Championships ALL STARS (students picked as the best player of their instrument in the section)

  • Baritone Saxophone: Noah L (Year 9)
  • Trumpet 4:  Alannah R (Year 10)
  • Bass:  Sam E (Year 11)
MWSC Stage Band


MWSC Jazz Band


Victorian All State Jazz Championships ALL STARS


Unit 3 Recital

The Unit 3 Recital was held on Thursday 12 May. The students in the Year 12 Music class have been preparing a program for the past six months in readiness for this recital and their end of year exam. Recitals such as this provide an excellent opportunity for the students for performance practice, as well as giving the parents and teachers an opportunity to hear the hard work of these students.

Thank You to the marking panel, Ms Melissa Knowles, Mr Timothy O’Connor and Ms Keryn Lientschnig as well as the parents who came along to support and encourage these young musicians.

Unit 3 Music Class


Year 10  Recital

The Semester 1 Year 10 class performed in their first recital held during a lunchtime concert on Thursday 19 May. This recital allowed students to perform for a small audience of peers and teachers and demonstrated a diverse range of instruments and music styles. Congratulations to the students for completing this recital as part of their CAT assessment for the term.



  • All State Jazz Championships Gala Concert – 21 May
  • Generations in Jazz – Recordings for submission – 20th May & 23rd May
  • Unit 2 Recital – Limited audience
  • Matilda Sitzprobe (Orchestra and Leads) – 28 May
  • Soiree Concerts – 14 & 16 June



Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director

From the Sports desk

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Senior Boys Soccer

A very chilly Friday saw the Senior Boys Soccer Team head to Monash Uni to play in their first District Comp in 3 years.  Thankfully the rain held off and the boys carried the day winning 3 – 0 versus Vermont, 1 – 0 against Glen Waverley in a very tight contest, and conceded only one goal for the day against Highvale SC, thankfully still winning 3 – 1.

Great plays were too many to mention but Zander K’s (Year 11) fantastic corners kept the opposition scared and scarred all day!  We look forward to contesting at Regionals in July ~ Mr Peter Young

Senior Boys Footy

On Friday 6 May, it was a case of ‘Back to the 80’s’ for the Senior Boys Football team. The theme this year was 1980’s, while the players may not have quite had the hair cuts or the woollen jumpers to be reminiscent of a bygone decade, they were valiant and played incredibly well.
The boys got an early jump on Highvale SC, before easily brushing past Glen Waverley SC for two victories. However, they were outclassed and outplayed in the final game against Vermont SC, unfortunately not progressing to the next stage.Despite this, it was a fantastic day for all, with the sun shining and the rain holding off on what was a very cold afternoon. The highlight of the day was a huge run-down tackle from Ranu ‘The Do’ P (Year 12).

All the boys finished with a big smile on their faces and played their hearts out. Their two coaches were incredibly proud of everyone for their efforts and want to congratulate them on their efforts again. ~ Mr Jacob Myers

Career News

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National Careers Week

Welcome to National Careers week, this week we celebrated Careers, pathways and choices available to the students. Career development is the process of managing learning, work and leisure to progress through life.

It includes making informed decisions through self-reflection and self-clarity, visioning what life might look like if I make this decision, setting and implementing goals and adapting to new environments.  National Careers week celebrates pathways, education work and lifelong learning.

From the 16 – 20 May 2022, we have learnt about different careers, pathways, education and work from key industry stakeholders, during lunchtime information sessions.


Swinburne early offer

Swinburne opened their early entry program on Wednesday 18 May, this is ATAR free, the application rather evaluates students’ written responses and a school recommendation. If you are interested in applying for the Swinburne early offer, please make an appointment with to discuss further.


Work Experience

The Careers team have been working very closely with students in preparation for their work experience placement, students will attend workplaces from the 30th May-3rd June.  It is very exciting to re-launch work experience after 2 years of cancellations due to COVID 19. We wish the students well and look forward to hearing about their experiences




Ms Joanne Hall
Careers Education Manager


Alumni News

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Do you have a story to tell about your time at Mount Waverley Secondary College or about your journey after leaving school?

I would like to hear your story and share your news with our Alumni family and friends.

Past students of Mount Waverley Secondary College are invited to register their details below to become part of our Alumni community and receive the new Alumni monthly newsletter via email.

The first Alumni Newsletter for 2022 is set to be released in June.  Keep up to date on all thing’s Alumni with stories, events and achievements of our past students and staff.

Register here


Ms Victoria Tortopidis
Alumni Coordinator

Junior Campus Resource Centre News

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Recreation and volunteering opportunities

During the week many students have made friends in the Resource Centre as they play board games and  work on a communal jigsaw at lunchtimes.  It has been encouraging to see many students elect to be part of the Resource Centre Crew to do small tasks that build the capacity of the centre and encourage team building. At the end of Term 1 these students celebrated their involvement with a traditional Hot Cross Buns morning tea. Any student is welcome to volunteer to be part of the crew and tasks have included: changing due date stamps, emptying recycling bins, running the Circulation desk, helping with enquiries, shelving, putting up posters.


Reading support opportunities

Each fortnight Year 7 English classes are encouraged to have a lesson in the library reading space. The sessions are designed to encourage students’ reading with various mini lessons. The first session in term 2 students were encouraged to read picture books, selected non-fiction texts and excerpts of novels related to the Gallipoli campaign and ANZAC day. Students identified unfamiliar words and worked out meanings in the context of the story or in discussion.

The Reading Space is a calming one with natural light and bright new furniture that encourages imagination during classes and breaks. Students completed a short reflective written activity where they defined unfamiliar words or locations specific to the theme. Classes developed large banks of knowledge so last week during a lunchtime break in the library we had a competition where Year 7s competed in table groups against Mr Sheehan, Campus Principal – Junior School, in a multiple choice competition whilst nibbling traditional ANZAC biscuits. Some students had done extra learning to increase their knowledge base and the winners were students! Over the cooler months we aim to have more competitions.

Many students are entering book reviews for the books they have entered in the Premiers Reading Challenge 2022. Whether a student enters the formal competition or not we applaud their efforts in reading beyond the set work as reading for enjoyment and information is a skill for lifelong learning and recreation. If your child seems to wonder what to read next please encourage them to talk to the library staff.



Supporting students in their research tasks

During Term 1 students completed research tasks during Year 7 and 8 Science and Year 8 English with linked lessons in the Research Space. There were lessons teaching them how to use the databases that the school subscribes to, evaluate the relative value of independently researched websites and how to access relevant books. It was interesting that as English were investigating female scientists who had experienced adversity alongside the viewing of “Hidden Figures” that students were investigating science topics of interest in their Science subjects. Students are constantly making links across curriculum areas and the Resource Centre aimed to work with students on creating bibliographies and note taking charts in Term 1.



Mrs Stephanie Thomas
Teacher Librarian
Resource Centre – Junior Campus

MWSC College News – Issue 7