College Principal’s Report

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Mount Waverley Secondary College alive with the Sound of Music!        

This year the college has an amazing 250+ students participating in the Music Program.  They are committed to a gruelling training schedule which results in these students showcasing their incredible talents in the 3 concert bands, 2 stage bands, 3 string orchestras, 2 guitar ensembles, a choir, a jazz combo, percussion ensemble, production band and various chamber ensembles. We also have 2 string orchestras and 2 concert bands that are part of our Year 7 classroom music program giving every one of our Year 7 students an opportunity to experience playing in a band.

Our learning community looks forward to attending and enjoying many performances provided by these students through the year.  This fantastic music program is a tribute to the hard work and talent of our dedicated instrumental and music teachers.


Matilda the Musical

Congratulations to all the students who were successful in becoming a cast member for this year’s college production of Matilda the Musical.

Rehearsals have begun and we can’t wait to see the performances at the end of July in our very own MWSC Unicorn Theatre! 

Lead RolesClassroom Ensemble
Matilda –Willow PBruce –Harshitha J
Miss Trunchbull –Neave MLavender –Victoria B
Miss Honey –Beatrice LNigel –Caelen G
Mr Wormwood –Charlie MAmanda –Vanessa L
Mrs Wormwood –Heidi McCEric –Eugene S
Michael Wormwood/Dance SpecSebastian SAlice –Poppy R
Mrs Phelps –Alannah G-RHortensia –Charlotte J
Tommy –Mitchell D
Ensemble –Sanomi H
Ensemble –Giana C
Ensemble –Lakshita K
Big Kid EnsembleBig Kid Ensemble
Doctor/Ensemble –Madeleine DEnsemble/Dad 2 –Shubhi P
Escapologist/Ensemble –Xavier FEnsemble/Dad 3 –Sebastian V
Cook/Ensemble –Chrissa HEnsemble/Dad 4 –Jessica T
Rudolpho/Ensemble –Viola HEnsemble/Mum 1 –Ava C
Sergei/Ensemble –Crow AEnsemble/Mum 2 –Alannah R
Henchman 1/Ensemble –Bee KEnsemble/Dance Spec/Mum 3 –Kiska A
Henchman 2/Ensemble –Ivanka PEnsemble/Mum 4 –Elissa E
Henchman 3/Ensemble –Greta GEnsemble –Ananya J
The Acrobat/Ensemble/Dance Spec –Vidushi WEnsemble/Dance Spec –Charlize M
Children’s Entertainer/Ensemble –Kyra HEnsemble –Sania M
Ensemble/Dad 1 –Anthony TEnsemble/Dance Spc –Yara W


Lunchtime Music Concerts

Thank you to our Music Captains Cameron and Marvin who along with our Music Director Mrs Tijtje Keatley organised lunchtime music concerts recently on both campuses.   Our Senior Staff Band and Jazz Band performed and many students and staff thoroughly enjoyed hearing live music again!  


Surviving Year 12

Renowned Psychologist Dr Michael Carr Gregg visited the college last Monday to speak to our Year 12 students. He spoke about his own experiences and gave our students many practical tips and strategies about how to cope with their final year of secondary school. Thank you to the Wellbeing Team for organising this special event for our students.


Cyber Safety Parent/Carer Webinar

Last Wednesday night I attended the online Cyber Safety forum ‘Y-Safe’ for parents/carers. I found the presentation valuable and informative. All Year 7 students attended a ‘Y-Safe’ Cyber Safety session during the day. Thank you to Mr Paul Graham, Student Support and Resources Manager for organising these important sessions.


Communication Policy

There are a number of documents relating to email and other communication at the college between staff, students and parents. The Communication Policy ( sets out a number of requirements and expectations.

The Communication Policy focuses on the following:

  • Building positive relationships between home and school and the community based on mutual respect and trust that results in success for all students.
  • Ensuring the wellbeing of students and improvement of their learning outcomes.

The Communication Policy aims to:

  • provide a framework for effective communication
  • create co-operative teamwork and partnership between school, parents/carers and students and the community
  • assist the best learning outcomes for students
  • ensure that the college values are reflected through effective communication

Effective communication encompasses the exchange of ideas, where people feel they have   been heard and their opinions valued, and where information is clear and accurate. Communication needs to be related to student performance, wellbeing and behaviour, as well as school related issues. Communication should be respectful, timely and relevant, allowing for open and honest interaction.

This policy refers to the following forms of communication:

  • voicemail/ telephone conversations
  • emails
  • official letters
  • student planner
  • college website
  • newsletters
  • Compass

All members of our learning community should respond to emails within 2 days. Emails should not be sent or responded to after 8 pm in the evening or on weekends – this applies to emails between students & teachers and teachers and parents.


Uniform Changeover Time

Winter uniform starts in Term 2, although for the first two weeks of term there is a changeover period where the students can wear either summer or winter uniform.   Please ensure that your students have the correct college uniform which is only supplied by PSW located at their state-of-the-art retail outlet at 342 -350 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley (behind Officeworks).


End of Term 1 – Start of Term 2

Students will be dismissed at 2.30pm on Friday 8 April and we will look forward to their return for Term 2 on Tuesday 26 April. (Monday 25 April is the ANZAC Day public holiday).



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Monash Tech School (MTS)

We are thrilled to continue with our relationship with Monash Tech School this year. Our year 7 classes who have attended the ‘Superspace’ program have had a great time and been impressed by the wonderful facilities to which we have access. It was wonderful to receive an email from the MTS Director during the week:

“It’s been wonderful to have your students at MTS. The facilitators have commented on how enthusiastic and engaged they’ve been.”

It was, of course, not a surprise to us to hear how delightful our students have been, but it was still a lovely email to receive.



At this stage, we are planning to have all year 8 students using their lockers at the commencement of term two. We had hoped to begin this process earlier, however with the confined nature of our locker bays, and the recent number of Covid cases within the school, we are maintaining our cautious approach. Thank you to all teachers, students and families for your patience as we continually seek to maintain a safe learning environment.


Lunchtime Concert

Well done to all of the students involved in the lunchtime concert on Friday. It was a wonderful way to showcase the tremendous musical talent among our students, and come together to enjoy each others’ company. Well done to our Music Director Tijtje Keatley, and to our Junior Music Captains Rutvi and Nithilan, for organising and hosting the event.


Parent Communication

It is extremely important that we communicate with each other as part of our partnership in educating your child. If you have any matters you wish to discuss with your child’s classroom teachers, please contact them in the first instance. If there is something else you would like to discuss following this, please contact a Year Level Coordinator who will assist or refer it to one of our Leading Teachers/Campus Principals.


Car parking at the Junior Campus

This is a reminder to all families that unfortunately there is no parking available on-site at the Junior Campus. We ask that any families travelling by car make use of the streets adjacent to, and opposite, the campus, while respecting our neighbours’ needs. We also ask that families refrain from stopping on Stephensons Rd. for pick-ups and drop-offs as this is very disruptive to the flow of traffic.



Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Parent Teacher Conferences and reporting and feedback via Compass

Parent teacher conference bookings opened last week. These will take place virtually via WebEx and information has been sent to families via Compass. They will take place on Thursday 31 March. Teachers are also working on putting all assessment activities, CATs and SACs on Compass. The feedback provided relates to the skills and knowledge demonstrated by the student and suggestions for further improvement.  This provides parents/ carers with an opportunity to support their child at home and be aware of upcoming assessment. Please check Compass on a regular basis.


2022 Central Australia Trip – Information Evening

The information evening will take place virtually on Monday 9 May at 7 pm. Information will be provided about the trip, cost and application process. More information will be sent via Compass closer to the event. The trip is scheduled for the last three days of term three into the term three break.   Please email me ( ) if you have any questions.


Year 12 Camp

The Subschool team and particularly Senior Subschool Leader Matt Cara, have worked hard to reschedule the camp which had to be postponed. Information is available regarding the camp which will take place between the 17 and 19 May.


Tips and strategies to support your child in VCE

On Monday, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg spoke to the Year 12 students about approaching the VCE and offered tips and strategies for students to help them manage the demands of the year. He stressed the importance of maintaining a balance in life, the importance of sleep and diet and apps students can use to assist them.  Thanks to the students for their attendance and attention to the session and to the Wellbeing Team and Senior Subschool for organising and supervising the session.

The jump into VCE is always a big one and at times students and their families can feel overwhelmed. Please ensure that your child talks to their teacher and the year level co-ordinators if they are having difficulties with the work.  In addition, the following information may also assist students in both Years 11 and 12. Other tips and strategies include;

  1. Create a study timetable and stick to it (for Year 12 students this should be 3 to 4 hours a night)
  2. Find a place to study and set it up
  3. Study in ‘chunks’ – 20 minutes on an activity or task and then quick break and another 20 minutes
  4. Don’t study with a mobile phone or devices on you – they are a distraction
  5. Practice applying your knowledge – not just remembering it
  6. Use mind maps and tables to summarise the main points
  7. Use the expertise of teachers
  8. Keep a good work/ life balance – make sure you get enough sleep, exercise and social time. Have a part time job but be mindful of spending too much time working at the expense of study time.
  9. Study time includes revision of work covered, not just homework
  10. Organise a study group with other students, the best way to learn something is to teach someone else

Teachers and the subschool team are able to support and assist students to set up study timetables.



Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School


From the Sports Desk

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Year 8 Boys Cricket

On Thursday 17 March, the Year 8 boys cricket team headed to Mulgrave Reserve for the district round robin.  Our first game was against Glen Waverley Secondary College where we were sent into bat first. The boys went on to make 3 – 136 runs off 15 overs.  Anhad K  made 31 not out and Sifat M top scored with 44.   We then restricted Glen Waverley SC to 41 which included 1 run out and wickets to Tavish P (1) Ricky H (3), Jeet T (3) and Nilax S (2).

We then played Highvale Secondary College in the Grand Final.  Batting first we scored 3-128 runs off our 15 overs, with Harith P top scoring on 41 with some big hitting in the final overs.  Well done to Anhad for retiring on 29. In an exceptional bowling display, Highvale SC  were all out for 46.  Tavish claimed 3  wickets, Ricky (2), Nilax (2), Jehan (1) and Hamish (1) for the match.

Congratulations to all the boys for their outstanding performance and representing the school so well. Thank you to our Year 9 coaches – Jishnu S and  Shriman A.

I look forward to the team playing at zone in term 4.   ~  Mr Campbell


Career News

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It’s been a very busy time in the Careers team, we welcomed Ms Victoria Tortopidis to the team and commenced the Career insights interviews. Currently we only have 61 students to complete their interviews. Student feedback post interview have been amazement at the accuracy of their profile and the opportunities that lay ahead of them.
Our Year 10 students are busily working towards securing a Work experience placement. Confirmed dates for placement are 30 May 2022 to – 3 June 2022.


Key Work Experience Dates

Friday 8 April 2022   –   Safe@work certificates (General and Industry) due

Tuesday 3 May 2022 –  All Work Experience required paperwork to be submitted –

Click on the below link to access the required paperwork

Year 10 students received an email today in relation to the Construction White card, this must be completed if working in any building and construction site regardless of size or complexity. The Construction white card course is to be undertaken outside school hours and costs incurred are invoiced by the Training provider directly to the Student/Family. MWSC does not cover payment for this course.

Year 11 students are preparing to attend the Caulfield Careers Expo  within the first week of term (Thursday 28 April), this is a great opportunity for students to learn about different occupations and studies related. Please check your Compass for event details and consent .



Ms Joanne Hall
Careers Education Manager

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Services (VCES)

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Homelessness: How can we help?

Every night, more than 116 000 people in Australia experience homelessness. A group of students from Year 8 and 10 listened to speakers from The Salvation Army and The Big Issue as part of a Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES)  program on Thursday 17 March.

The aim of the event was for students from 3 schools to think about the incidence and experience of homelessness, and the types of support, products and services required for people experiencing homelessness. In the afternoon students from the various schools worked in groups and pitched their ideas during a Zoom meeting to the VCES organisers and each other.  Mount Waverley students’ products and services ideas included:

  • a personal needs and medical services Van, a foodbank van,
  • a library employing and servicing the needs of homeless people,
  • a skills learning centre and an employment program.

We look forward to more students being able to participate in VCES program over the year.  The program ran online and our students are to be commended for their enthusiasm.



Mrs Stephanie Thomas
Teacher Librarian – Junior Campus

Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge

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The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge is open to all students, especially Years 7 -10.  It is a fantastic opportunity to engage your children with reading.  Students have to read 15 books by September in order to get a certificate of completion by the Premier of Victoria.   Year  7 & 8 students are already registered.   Year 9 & 10 students interested in registering for the Premier’s Reading Challenge can either:


Mrs Robyn Whitelaw
Resource Centre Manager


Left to Write 2022

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Congratulations to Kyra H of year 12 who has been elected as the 2022 Left to Write Leader; the MWSC Wordsmith.  Kyra was an inaugural member of the group, helping to establish it four years ago.  During first term, Left to Write runs on a Tuesday lunchtime at the Senior Campus in P6 and on a Thursday lunchtime at the Junior Campus in LA35.

Please email Ms Boughen ( if your would like more information about Left to Write club.



Here I am eating my cake watching as the girl in the red dress in the painting brings me another gift, emerging from the ocean much like the birth of Venus. 
Isabella K  (Year 11)


 A true, hardcore surrealist. Grandma had been rotten to the core with absurdity. She’d leave the windows open during storms, letting thick, curled waves dip onto the carpet. She was always working on a painting; her wrinkled hands reeked of turpentine and she didn’t have a shirt that wasn’t covered in paint flecks.
~ Maya C   (Year 10)




I am the tide, making its way in from the sea.

My eyes are the passing white birds that fly high above me.

My heart is no more, for I am lost to the waves.

My home is the Earth that I own, a planet that without me runs barren and dry.

I am the ocean, deep and dark and treacherous.

I am the sea, soft and light and free.
                            ~  Sarah B  (Year 11)


MWSC College News – Issue 4