MWSC College News – Issue 7

14th May 2021

Read all the latest news and events happening at Mount Waverley Secondary College in this edition of MWSC college news.

Photo:  Mount Waverley Secondary College, Junior Campus 145 Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley.

Upcoming Events

School holidays
Sep 20 – Oct 3 all-day
Revision Lectures/Practice Exams – Year 12
Sep 27 – Oct 1 all-day
Performance & Languages Oral Exams and Extended Investigation: Oral Presentations
Oct 4 – Oct 31 all-day
Term 4 commences
Oct 4 all-day
Year 12 Elevate Session
Oct 4 @ 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm

College Principal’s Report

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Mount Waverley Secondary College’s Exemplary Sporting Program

We are very proud of our many sporting teams who represent our college admirably during competition against other schools.  People regularly comment on our students’ excellent behaviour and good sportsmanship.  Our sports program is going from strength to strength and this is a tribute to our families who encourage in their children a love of sport and doing their best. Congratulations to all our students who participate in our college sports, district sports, zone finals and state finals, we are proud of the high participation rate of our students in sport.

I would also like to thank Mr Liam Wall and Mr Danny Gwynne, our Sports Coordinators, who oversee sporting programs across the college, and all of the other staff who give up their time to coach and run practice sessions for sporting teams.


District Cross Country  

Our students have continued the Mount Waverley Secondary College tradition of participating in large numbers in sport by their active involvement in the school cross country event.  It is rewarding to see our students committing themselves to leading a life of fun and fitness through participating in sport whilst also learning the life-long skills and values of team work and good sportsmanship.

The District Cross Country event took place on Tuesday 7 May.  Mount Waverley Secondary College performed extremely well on the day with over 150 students participating. I congratulate all of the students who competed and represented our college with pride.  Thanks to Mr Liam Wall and Mr Danny Gwynne for all of their hard work in getting the team ready for this event.

Well done to the following students who will now compete at the zone level on Tuesday 18 June:

12/13 Boys14 Boys15 Boys16 Boys 17 – 20 Boys
Andrew D – 1st placeJake N – 2nd placeMorris D – 5th placeIzak B – 1st placeFinn H – 7th place
Thaurl H – 4th placeHenry C – 10th placeEthan B – 6th placeAlexander K – 3rd placeKyle N – 8th place
Noah B – 5th placeShion M – 13th placeNicholas H – 7th placeTom H – 5th placeLuke F – 9th place
Hayden V – 6th placeLuke L – 15th placeBrendon J – 8th placeRyan K – 7th placeDaniel B – 10th place
Max K – 8th placeNicholas C – 12th placeJack A – 8th placeConnor W – 13th place
Omar A – 9th placeLachlan B – 13th placeAlec F – 12th place
Austin H – 11th placeHarrison C – 14th place
Rihan R – 13th place14 GirlsSamson K – 15th place
Matthew M – 14th placeAlina B – 6th place15 Girls
Kayden L – 7th placeZali M – 1st place17 – 20 Girls
12/13 GirlsElise H – 9th placeAnneliese B – 3rd place16 GirlsImogen T – 6th place
Aisha H – 2nd placeMia J – 11th placeTaya F – 10th placeAlannah T – 2nd placeJess B – 8th place
Aleisha C – 3rd placeAnastasia R – 12th placeClementine J – 11th placeViola H – 7th placeNatalie L – 13th place
Charlotte E – 12th placeHiruki M – 13th placeZara A – 15th placeEllen L – 8th placeBella K – 15th place




All State Jazz Gala Concert

On Saturday night 8 May our Jazz band performed at the All State Jazz Gala Concert as they won their section at the recent The Victorian All Schools Jazz Championships. It was an amazing concert with recent competing jazz ensembles and jazz choirs across the State playing. They also featured Australian Vocal group, ‘The Idea of North’ and a jazz ensemble with some of Australia’s best jazz musicians. It was a wonderful overall experience for our stage band students.

Ross Irwin a renowned jazz musician specifically spoke in his concluding speech about Chris R of Year 10 who came a close second as best jazz soloist out of over 100 bands and choirs. It was a proud moment for Chris.  Special thanks to Mrs Tijtje Keatley and Mr Nathan Liow for attending with our students.




Well done to all of our Year 7 and 9 students who completed their NAPLAN tests in language conventions, writing, reading and numeracy this week. As you can imagine with over 600 students sitting these tests a lot of organisation and planning is involved.  Special thanks to Mr Matthew Turner, Testing and Assessment Coordinator and Ms Lauren Kelly, Head of Student Learning and Growth in overseeing this process and the Sub School teams for all of their support.


Preparing for Examinations

At this time of year our students are diligently studying for their outcomes and exams.  It has been pleasing to see students studying in the library and VCE Centre, attending Homework Club, catching up with teachers for additional support and attending revision classes to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for their exams.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each student all the best for their SACs and exams.  I am sure they will be rewarded with results that reflect the hard work that has been undertaken throughout the first semester.  Our learning community is proud of the way our students approach their learning, whether it be academic studies, learning a musical instrument, mastering a drama performance, or representing our college in one of our many leadership programs.  Our students and teachers approach all activities with great enthusiasm, matching this with hard work and knowing they will achieve success by giving their best.

Exam Dates 2021:

Year 9 :  Monday 31 May – Monday 7 June

Year 10 :  Monday 24 May – Friday 28 May and Monday 7 June – Thursday 10 June 

Year 11 :  Monday 31 May – Thursday 10 June

Year 12 SACs :  Monday 31 May – Thursday 10 June

General Achievement Test (GAT) :  Wednesday 9 June 



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Student Learning

At the Junior Campus, our students are exposed to our Student Learning Model for the first time. This model was designed by staff and students to describe effective learning practices and its aims are to promote metacognition and enhance student agency. Students will be familiar with the model from the posters on each classroom wall, and the way that their teachers lay out their work in OneNote.

The three phases of the model (‘Collect’, ‘Connect’ & ‘Expand’) help students to manage their own learning and become more effective learners. We would encourage families to talk about this model as students complete homework and revision. Effective preparation for a Common Assessment Task would involve students moving through activities at each of the ‘Collect’, ‘Connect’ and ‘Expand’ phases to ensure that they move through the stages of the developmental continuum.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at page 17 of the student planner, or get in touch with your child’s teacher.


During the course of this week we have had NAPLAN testing undertaken at the Junior Campus. We congratulate the year 7 students for the positive approach they took to this testing program, and thank our teachers for overseeing the tests on the day.

Junior Campus tours

Throughout this term, we have a number of Campus Tours running at the Junior Campus. The purpose of these tours is to allow prospective students and families to see our learning community on a normal school day. While we understand that this can be a distraction for our students and teachers at times, we value the opportunity to welcome new members to our college community.



Mr Matt Sheehan
Acting Campus Principal – Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Middle School

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As we move through Term 2 students in Year 9 have just completed NAPLAN testing.  This testing provides a snapshot for students on their performance in Literacy and Numeracy, with students receiving results later in the year.

Our Year 10 students are finishing their course in readiness for their first semester exams.  They will also undertake Work Experience.  The final preparations for Work Experience are being made with our Year 10 students starting their placements on Monday 31 May for one week.  This is a great opportunity for students to experience the world of work.

For our Year 9 students they are getting towards the end of the coursework and are about to begin their first experience of mid-year exams in the coming weeks.  The Year 9 Explore Program is in the final stages of being organised with students receiving information about this program over the last few weeks.  The Explore program follows the exam period (8-10 June).



Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Year 11 Careers Expo

On Thursday 29 April, the Year 11 students and teachers attended the Careers Expo at Caulfield Racecourse. It was great to see the students talking to staff at different University stands, collecting resources and attending seminars on VCE.

Thanks to the students for their co-operation and excellent behaviour, thanks to the staff who attended and the Careers and Senior Subschool teams for their work in co-ordinating the excursion. In these COVID times there was a great deal of work that had to be completed before students and staff could attend.


Year 10 and 11 applications for Northern Hemisphere Timetable (NHT) VCE

On Tuesday 4 May the college ran a virtual information evening on the NHT options for Year 10 and 11 students.  111 families joined in on the evening. Thanks to Ms Lisa McKiernan (Head of Senior School) for putting together the presentation and to Mr Matt Cara (Senior Subschool Leader) who supported the presentation and assisted me in answering questions.

Students will be notified during the next few weeks as to whether they have been successful in obtaining a place in the program.


Year 12 SAC Week

Our VCE students studying a Unit 3 & 4 subject will be completing a number of their Unit Three SACs in ‘SAC Week’ which starts on Monday 31 May.  It provides students with an opportunity to focus on their assessment exclusively and also ensures that subjects with multiple classes are able to have all students completing the assessment task at the same time.


Professional Learning Week

Next week our staff will attend workshops and sessions run by their colleagues. It provides an opportunity for staff to collaborate, share their expertise and improve their teaching and student learning. The sessions highlight the skills and experience of our staff at the college.


VCE Music Recitals

Our Unit Three Music students performed on Thursday 13 May to an audience of staff, parents and students. Thanks to all of the students for their hard work in preparing for this and to Ms Tijtje Ellis, Director of Music and our talented Music and Instrumental Music staff.


Reporting – First semester

Reports will be distributed via Compass at the end of this term. The reports will contain detailed feedback on each of the Common Assessment or Learning Tasks or School Assessed Coursework, in the case of VCE subjects, completed by students and the grade for the semester exam (Year 9, 10 and 11 students). There will also be information on student learning behaviour and reporting on Victorian Curriculum progress where applicable. Please check Compass to keep up to date with information regarding this.


Student attendance

Could parents/carers log any student absences on Compass as soon as is practical. Compass is set up to send a message each morning at 10:45 am to the families of those students who are absent without notice. If you have any questions relating to attendance please call the General Office to discuss.
9803 6811 – Senior Campus
98879290 – Junior Campus

Attendance is particularly important for VCE students as there is a 90% attendance requirement to satisfactorily complete a unit and there are strict attendance requirements in relation to assessment tasks.


VCE Central Australia Trip

The trip is booked to go ahead (dependent on health advice and DET advice). Parents/ carers who put in an expression of interest for their child should have received an invoice via Compass.




Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School

Head of Senior School’s Report

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Preparing for Examinations

Year 11 mid year exams and Year 12 SAC week are fast approaching. Completing mid year assessment provides an opportunity for students to develop positive study techniques prior to sitting their VCAA examinations.   Achievement and success does not just happen overnight, it is a combination of effort and hard work over a period of time that see’s results. With everything in life the harder we work, the better the result; preparing for exams is no different.

Here are some tips to help support students to develop a positive approach to exam study:

  • Give yourself enough time to study. Don’t leave it until the last minute
  • Organise your study space
  • Use flow charts and diagrams to identify key concepts
  • Explain your answers to others
  • Organise study groups with friends
  • Take regular breaks
  • Snack on ‘brain food’
  • Maintain a balanced lifestyle – exercise, 8 hrs of sleep per night
  • Avoid listening to music whilst studying


Examination Expectations

VCE students are required to complete all scheduled examinations/SACs. Students must attend in full school uniform. The college library will be open for students to study in between exams, however private study at home is encouraged if possible. VCE teachers are available to support students prior to their subject assessment, students are encouraged to email their teacher and book in a time to meet.

The link to our college Examination Policy is provided below; this policy provides details on what to do if your child is absent on the day of an exam as well as other important information.

If you have any questions regarding the mid year examination/SAC period please contact your child’s year level coordinator.



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Senior School

Head of Languages’ Report

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JLTAV Events Poster Competition

Three talented students, Chelsea N (7I), Mifa M (10N), Hanh L (11M), have entered their work to the 2021 Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria Events Poster Competition.
Mifa and Hanh’s work were selected amongst the five winners and will be used in the resources JLTAV create for its events this year.     ~ Ms Ayako Yasunaga


Japanese Taiko Drumming Incursion

On Wednesday 28 April, there was a Taiko drumming incursion organised by EZ Japanese, for all year 9 Japanese students. Kiyomi Calwell was our Taiko drumming sensei, and the program started with an introduction to the names of the equipment, the correct posture and position while drumming, and how to hold and use the bachi (drumsticks). We were presented with the necessity of using our voice as a group, which is just as important as the drumming itself.

The first rhythm that we learnt was a simple 8 beat pattern. Followed by some more complex ones, such as a crescendo and combinations of drumming and shouting. We rotated around as a group, so that everyone had a turn at playing the professional Taikos. Eventually, we put them all together and practised the sequence until perfect. Our sensei encouraged us to use our voices to stay in time by counting ‘ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi’ until it resonated throughout the hall. Kiyomi shared her anecdotes and her personal story, which she used to emphasise the significance of being strong.

We finished the session with a Q&A session and a story about Kiyomi’s experience with learning and teaching Taiko drumming. We thank her for this incredible opportunity to learn about the culture of Japanese drumming, and for sharing her knowledge with us.

By Clementine 9I and Austin 9K


Music Director’s Report

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All State Jazz Championships & Gala Concert

On Sunday 2 May both the MWSC Jazz Band and the MWSC Stage Band participated in the inaugural All State Jazz Championships.

The Jazz band, taken by myself, is an ensemble with many who are new to playing this genre of music. They performed with accuracy and style and was well received by the adjudicator, jazz great, Daryl McKenzie.  As part of this division, the band had the opportunity to partake in an on stage tutorial with Mr McKenzie.

The stage band directed by who were competing in a division of 12 ensembles were a standout and achieved the following accolades.

  • Overall winners – C Grade
  • Best trombone section in C Grade
  • Outstanding improviser (only 26 individuals chosen through over 100 bands and vocal groups) – Chris R
  • C Grade Superband – (One band of 16 made up of the best players from across all schools):
    1. Sara P (Baritone Saxophone)
    2. Raina K (Trombone)
    3. Chris R (Trombone)
    4. Tom S (Trumpet)
    5. Magnus T (Trumpet)
    6. Jonathan K (bass)

As section winners the band were invited to perform at the Gala Concert on Saturday 8 May. It was an amazing concert with the other winning jazz ensembles and jazz choirs from across the state performing. The concert also featured Australian vocal group, The Idea of North and a jazz ensemble with some of Australia’s best jazz musicians. It was a wonderful overall experience for our stage band students.


Junior Choir seeking members

Our Junior Choir is seeking new members from Year 7 and 8 to come along. The group rehearses on Wednesday mornings from 8am in LA51 on the Junior Campus.  Any students interested in joining this group please email the ensemble director Mr Liang on:


Year 12 Recital

 On Thursday 13 May, the Unit 3 students performed as part of the Unit 3 recital. The concert showcased students studying VCE Music and featured a variety of instruments and musical genres. The students gave a wonderful performance for a small audience and panel of staff who provided them with invaluable feedback. Congratulations to these students on performing at such a high standard.

Upcoming music events

(Please refer to Compass to see if your student is involved) 

  • 21 May – Year 10 Recital (Classroom music students only)
  • 27 May – Unit 1 Recital
  • June & 17 June – MWSC Soirees (information re: performers and ticketing coming in future weeks)
  • Week 6:  Instrumental Music CATS – instrumental students will be preparing for this with their teacher




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director

From the Sports desk

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Senior Boys and Girls Badminton

Mount Waverley fielded four full senior teams for badminton this year – a tremendous effort! As per usual, our students should be proud of the polite and sportsperson-like way they conducted themselves.
The Boys A team are through the next round, defeating rivals Glen Waverley SC in the finals 5 rubbers to 1. The Boys B team also made the final of their pool, winning it comprehensively.
In the Girls draw, the A team also met with success, making the finals. Unfortunately, Glen Waverley SC was too strong this year. However, our A1 player Eva Z (year 11) went undefeated in singles, defeating Glen Waverley’s number 1 player 21-3 in the final.   Congratulations Eva!   ~ Mr Tim Peters


Senior Boys Football

It was a case of nostalgia for the senior boys footy team this year, as the theme was ‘back to the 70’s’. The players all embraced the theme and did both themselves and the school proud. Special thanks must go to the volunteers who helped on the day as well.

The boys easily dispatched their opponents in the first two games, running out comfortable winners over Highvale SC and Glen Waverley SC. The scene was set for a titanic showdown between Vermont SC and MWSC for the final match of the day, unfortunately the team fell short by 2 goals.

However, as quoted by one of the boys after the day “We had the most fun out there, we were the team that loved being there the most.” And isn’t that what football is all about.    ~ Mr Jacob Myers



Senior Boys Soccer

The Senior Boys’ team were undefeated on the day thumping VermontSC  5 – 1 in the final.  I’m not sure how last year’s lockdown impacted most people, but I got the impression that most of my team spent the extra time at home brushing up their soccer skills – they were amazing!  ~ Mr Peter Young



Division Cross Country

Term 2 sport started off with our Division Cross Country carnival.  We headed to Norton’s Park on a cold, wet and windy Tuesday with 80 junior school students.  Despite the weather, they all attacked the course with determination, and while we were narrowly defeated by Vermont SC to come in 2nd place, we had a huge number of individuals who qualified for the next level. Congratulations, and what an amazing achievement to all the students  who will compete at Yarra Glen Racecourse on Tuesday 15 June.  Refer to  College Principal’s article for the list of students who have made it through to the next round. ~ Mr Danny Gwynne, Sports Coordinator – Junior Campus


On Tuesday 4 May, 62 MWSC Senior Campus students took off to Norton’s Park to take part in the Division Cross Country.  Despite the cool weather and occasional drizzle, the day was a resounding success!  All MWSC students competed strongly all day with many students winning through to the Eastern Metropolitan Regional finals.  MWSC were winners of the Intermediate Age Shield, with winners across both the 15 and 16 year age groups, and placed 2nd in the Senior Shield as well as 2nd overall for the day.  What an amazing achievement!
Congratulations to all students involved and good luck to everyone progressing through to the next round!  ~ Mr Liam Wall, Sports Coordinator – Senior Campus

Year 7 Poetry Incursion

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On Monday 3 May, the Year 7 students were lucky to participate in a presentation by the poet and author,  Mr Steven Herrick.

Steven Herrick is an Australian  author, who writes fiction, poetry and verse-novels for children, young adults and adults. He has written many books which have been translated into numerous languages and have  won national and international awards  Herrick explained that he spends part of the year writing, part of the year visiting schools and performing and part of the year cycling in Europe (or used to!) and writing about his adventures.   His works include “The Simple Gift”, “A place like this” , “Waterbombs” and “Love, Ghosts and Nose Hairs.”

Mr Herrick performed poetry on diverse topics ranging from football, to school and even toenails. His poetry was often humorous, as well as narrative and informative.  Students were impressed with the diverse collection of works and his ability to remember them all and perform them so skilfully.    The students thoroughly enjoyed Mr Herrick’s entertaining poetry and learnt a great deal about the creative process and how wonderful poems can be written about everyday life.
Steven Herrick kindly stayed on and gave an informative session to our senior students in the “Left to Write” creative writing group.  The students asked lots of questions and received inspiring, thought-provoking advice.
He was really interesting, I learnt a lot and will definitely be incorporating some of his advice into my writing.  (Kyra H – Year 11)
I loved it! It was a priceless insight into the inside life of an author and Steven is a really funny and passionate man.  I’ve certainly taken many of the things he has said to heart to think about for a long time.  (Jack T – Year 12)
After Mr Herrick’s session, the Left to Write group collectively penned this poem;


Are useless without thumbs

Hold bruises and scars

Are the ones that make and the ones that break

One is useful, the other useless

Much more beautiful when attached to the person who owns them

Are like spiders…that lost three legs…

Are what I see on a clock

Hands wrinkle and age

I like them best when they are holding a pen

Hands covers the truth

Hands: one does everything, is skilled, strong, and brave. The other hangs by uselessly and awkwardly, unable to do anything…

Junior Campus Student Activities

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Chess Club 

On Tuesday 11 May, the Junior School held a Chess tournament. Students were able to participate in this tournament to have fun and earn house points for their house. Students of any ability whether they were at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level for chess had the opportunity to participate. There were around 50-60 students who participated in the tournament which was a great number!
All participants were able to receive one house point for their house as they came along to show some house spirit and wanted to participate, a further two points were distributed to winners. Students were able to play against friends, new faces or even teachers. Students who competed against new faces were able to make new friends and had an opportunity to work on their social skills.

The following results are as followed:

  • 1st place was Goolagong with 72 points
  • 2nd place was Landy with 42 points
  • 3rd place was Bradman, Cuthbert & Whitten with 36 points
  • 4th  place was Fraser with 30 points.

Students showed great house spirit and had a lot of fun competing against other students & teachers, and winning house points for their house!    ~ by Naomi K (8G)

Jewellery Club

Lot’s of creativity has been on display at the Origami and Jewellery club on the Junior Campus. Students have been making their own bracelets, mothers day cards and keyrings using equipment, material and colourful beads. It has been a very busy club and a great outlet for students looking to invent themselves a new accessory.   Thank you to Miss Passmore for running this club!  ~ Ms Grace Leszczynski
MWSC College News – Issue 7