College Principal’s Report

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VCE Students Return

Our VCE students returned last Tuesday from on-site learning and it was a pleasure to see them. Teachers report that our senior students are very focused in class and are enjoying the company of their peers.

I want to sincerely thank our parents and carers for their support of our learning community, over the past seven weeks. It is much appreciated.

I also want to thank my amazing teachers and support staff for the way in which they have conducted themselves, whilst we were in remote learning. The way in which they supported each other and their students at a challenging time makes me so proud as College Principal to be part of such a dedicated had working, but most importantly caring community.

As a parent, I have also witnessed first hand the work, commitment and energy that our teachers have put into their lessons and how they have been supported so well by our Education Support Staff.

I look forward to our Year 7 to 10 students returning to school on Tuesday 9 June.


VCE Star Performers

Congratulations to Hemal Patel from the class of 2019 who was a winner of a 2020 VCE Premier’s Award.

Hemal received the nomination for her outstanding result in Hindi last year. Hemal was enrolled at the Glen Waverley Centre of Victorian School of Languages (VSL). The VSL is a service of the Department of Education and Training (DET) and is a great way for our student to access learning of other languages.  Congratulations Hemal.



Correction Day

Please note the Correction Day which was originally planned for Friday 12 June will now take place on Friday 19 June and this is a student free day.  This day will enable teachers to finalise their Semester 1 assessments.

As VCAA have now informed us of the new VCE exam dates at the end of the year, we have now extended our Semester 1 timeline to finish at the end of Term 2.  This means our Semester 2 classes will begin at the start of Term 3.



Winter Uniform

Just a reminder that when students return to school this term, they should be wearing full winter uniform. This includes long sleeve shirts and ties.  Parents would have received a notification on Compass regarding the reopening of all PSW stores and their open day and times.

PSW will re-opening from Wednesday 20 May.     

  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday : 9am – 5pm
  • Saturdays : 10am – 1pm
    (closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday).

Parents can still order online via



Remote Learning Surveys

Over the past few weeks, a team of students and staff have worked together to create a survey to collect feedback from students on their experiences in the remote learning environment. The working party also created a teacher feedback survey and a parent/career feedback survey.   Our aim is to capture a snapshot of the experiences of MWSC students, staff and parents/carers as we adapted to this new way of learning.

We are hoping that we can use the data collected to celebrate:

  • The resilience of our learners, both staff and students, during this challenging time.
  • The positives that have come about through this experience – for example, advances in student agency and highlight some possible long-term changes to our practise to improve student learning.

Thank you to all of the students, staff and parents and carers who have completed this survey.

There is still time to complete this task if you wish, refer to your Compass notification to access the link for this survey.



Stimulus Package Announcement

Recently I received a phone call from our local Member of Parliament Matt Fregon. He told me we would be receiving funding of $795,200 for planning of our new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Centre.)This STEAM Centre will replace one of our original buildings (A Block) on the Senior Campus. This is a really exciting opportunity for Mount Waverly Secondary College.




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal



Campus Principal – Junior School’s Report

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Student Wellbeing

Whilst we have been undertaking remote learning, we have prioritised student wellbeing to ensure all of our students are healthy, happy and able to learn. Part of the planning when moving to a remote learning environment was to ensure an ongoing connection and sense of belonging for students and staff with the college. We introduced Google Meet sessions to run as home group sessions for students in Years 7 to 9 each morning, along with Google Meet sessions to run as mentoring sessions for students in Years 10 to 12 each afternoon. We would like to thank all of our wonderful teachers who took one of these groups each day and ensured students had a continued positive connection with the college.

Our Student Wellbeing team, along with each Sub-School team, have worked closely with these home group and mentoring teachers to support a whole school approach to student wellbeing. Our wellbeing themes that have run each day have been extremely positive, whether it was Meaningful Monday, Try it Tuesday, Wellbeing Wednesdays, Throwback Thursday, Feel good Friday, or the Healthy Habits focus, with some great activities designed for our students and staff to explore.

As we have had the return of our VCE students this week, and look forward to the return of our students in Years 7 to 10 on Tuesday 9 June, we have continued to prioritise student wellbeing during both the remote learning and face-to-face teaching. All of our teachers and staff are excited to welcome back our students and to continue to encourage them to self-reflect, get back into a school routine, focus on the positives on returning, and encouraging social connections.

It is important that we continue with a real focus on learning in classes, whilst not rushing to get through material, supporting our students and prioritising their wellbeing. All of our staff, including the Sub-School teams and Student Wellbeing team, will continue to focus on student wellbeing and we look forward to working again in person with our students and staff at the college.



Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School

Campus Principal – Middle School’s Report

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We look forward to welcoming back our Year 9 and 10 students to the college on Tuesday 9 June.  Our students have been kept busy through the remote learning phase by our talented teachers.  While the college has been quieter a wide range of maintenance and facilities works have occurred.


The Full Works – maintenance style!

A wide range of works have occurred across both campuses while student have been learning remotely.  These works help to improve our school and at the same time supports our regularly contractors through this challenging period.  Thanks to Mrs Wendy Middleton and Mr Kevin Cai for making these works happen.

The following works have been happening:

  • Air conditioner maintenance on both campuses
  • Window tinting on Junior Campus
  • Emergency lighting and fire extinguisher maintenance on both campuses
  • Safety switch upgrades on both campuses
  • Electrical works on both campuses
  • Cleaning of air conditioning vents
  • Gas safety switch upgrades on both campuses
  • Retaining wall works on the Senior Campus oval and around gardens
  • Changing taps on both campuses
  • Building office furniture
  • Glass replacements on both campuses
  • Cleaning of shade sails on Senior Campus
  • Moving furniture and other preparations for returning to school


ICT – Supporting Staff and Students

The ICT team have provided outstanding support to both students, parents and staff through this period of remote learning.  They have also undertaken maintenance work on our data projectors has also been undertaken in readiness for returning to school.  Thanks to the ICT team which includes Aro, Andrew, Rohan, Steve and Jacob.



Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School

Campus Principal – Senior School’s Report

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Updated assessment and Reporting dates

Due to our interrupted term and staggered return to school in term two, the college has made some adjustments to some of its key semester one assessment and reporting dates. Please note the following:

Week 8 – Monday 1 JuneOn-site assessment resumes (VCE)
Week 9 – Monday 8 JuneQueen’s birthday
Week 9 – Tuesday 9 JuneOn-site learning resumes (years 7-10)
Week 10 – Monday 15 JuneOn-site assessment resumes (years 7-10)
Week 10 – Friday 19 JuneCorrection Day / Student free day
Week 11 – Friday 26 JuneEnd of Semester One
School HolidaysReports available to parents via Compass


Changes to Semester Two dates

EventPrevious dateNew date
General Achievement test (GAT)JuneWednesday 9 September
Year 12 GraduationTuesday 20 OctoberThursday 29 October
VCAA Exams commenceWednesday 28 OctoberMonday 9 November
VCAA Exams concludeWednesday 18 NovemberWednesday 2 December



Mr Matt Sheehan
Acting Campus Principal – Senior School

Head of Senior School’s Report

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Welcome Back

The Senior School team were excited to see our VCE students return to campus last week. Over the past 7 weeks we have been extremely proud of the effort our students have applied to their studies during the remote learning period. Although at times it was challenging for both students and staff, it is evident that our students have returned to school with a greater appreciation for the little things that we sometimes take for granted. It was wonderful to see our students reconnecting with their friends during recess and lunch time, the smiles on their faces highlighted their enthusiasm to be back.

I would like to thank our families for all of your support and understanding during the remote learning period. At times there was some uncertainty with not knowing VCE exam dates or when we would return, however our students were very lucky to have such a strong support network.  Supporting our students through this time were our Classroom Teachers, Mentor Teachers, Year Level Coordinators, School Support staff, and our families; this truly highlights the strength of the Mount Waverley Secondary College school community.

As we transition back to face to face learning our Year 12 students will complete their Unit 3 SAC tasks over the next 6 weeks. If you feel that your child needs additional support during this time please contact the subject teacher or year level coordinator.

Our wellbeing team have worked very hard to support our students during the remote learning period and also during the transition to on site learning. If you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing please contact the college for support.


Year 12 Key Dates

Due to the extension of the VCE examination period there has been some adjustments to VCE key dates, please mark the following in your calendar:

VCAA Administrative Dates

  • General Achievement Test (GAT) – Wednesday 9 September
  • Performance and Languages oral examinations and Extended Investigation: oral presentations Monday 12 October – Sunday 8 November
  • Languages (CCAFL) written examinations Tuesday 20 October
  • VCAA Written examinations Monday 9 November – Wednesday 2 December

 MWSC Administrative Dates

Final day of Year 12 classes – Wednesday 28 October
Year 12 Graduation – Thursday 29 October


Further information about these events will be provided in term 3.



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Senior School

Student Voice Report

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Year 12 Student Leadership

Throughout the remote learning period our Year 12 Leadership Team met weekly to check-in and discuss how they were finding the remote learning experience. They were keen to focus on the positives, and many of our leaders shared that they were enjoying the flexibility of remote learning and saving time travelling to and from school. They liked being able to wear tracksuit pants and slippers to class, and having their pets with them in class too! Other benefits were spending more time with family and on hobbies such as baking and drawing! This week as we return to face-to-face learning our Year 11 and 12 students have enjoyed seeing their friends and being in a physical classroom with their teachers.

Thank you to Deputy Captain Riyah A who oversaw the creation of a gorgeous video for teachers. The video, Thank you teachers, included thank you message from students in Years 7 – 12 and was played to staff at a remote staff meeting before we returned this week. Thank you, Riyah!


Year 8 Student Leadership

Thank you to Mr Nic Barca, Leader of Junior School, for supporting our Year 8 Student Leadership Team to run their weekly meetings during remote learning.  The Year 8 leaders have met to discuss their experiences as remote learners, and how they can work together to create some fun activities for students during Home Group. Thank you to Mr Andrew Batchelor, Mr John Simon, Ms Rachel McCracken and Mr Mark Quiambao for also supporting these meetings.


Remote Learning Survey Working Party

Over the past few weeks, a team of students and staff have worked together to create a survey to collect feedback from students on their experiences in the remote learning environment. The Working Party also created a teacher feedback survey and a parent/carer feedback survey. Our aim is to capture a snapshot of the experiences of MWSC students, staff, and parents/carers as we/they adapted to this new way of learning.

We are hoping that we can use the data collected to celebrate:

A) the resilience of our learners, both staff and students, during this challenging time.
B) the positives that have come about through this experience – for example, advances in student agency.
C) highlight some possible long-term changes to our practice to improve student learning.

We have over 800 student responses so far as well as more than 60 teacher responses. The parent/carer survey has been sent out via Compass and we would love to hear from parents and carers too!

Thank you very much to all members of the Remote Learning Survey Working Party: Farah H (Year 8), Jennifer C (Year 12), Charlotte D (Year 8), Viola H (Year 9), Amit K (Year 12), Lila O (Year 11),  Teresa W (Year 8), Hifzhan H (Year 11),  Rachel T (Year 11), Georgia K (Year 8), Aarya T (Year 11), Ms Clare Challenger, Ms Brittany Barber, Mr Ian MacLeod, Mr Paul Graham, Mr Nicholas Barca, Ms Lauren Kelly, Ms Cara Hill, Ms Elizabeth Sutherland, Ms Sarah Chase John Simon, Mr Matt Sheehan and Mr Andrew Batchelor.


Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice

Head of Careers Report

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The Careers team have been very busy over the last 2 weeks preparing for and implementing Careers week activities, the ethos of the Careers team is ‘Your career is a journey not a destination”.

This ethos was showcased in the many interviews recorded with Industry Leaders; learning about their journey’s it became evident across all interviews that their starting point is very different to their current career position.

Over the coming weeks we will be working with Year 12’s in preparation for their VTAC application scheduled for Term 3.

In past years Year 11 and 12 students have attended Open days, to learn more about their transition pathway. Due to Covid-19 this has not been possible, there are however many webinars and online information sessions that are available to you.

Please contact Careers ( for more information.

Ms Jo Hall
Head of Careers

Music Director’s Report

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Even through our period of isolation due to COVID-19, our Music Department kept the momentum of music at Mount Waverley Secondary College going. Over 300 students continued their instrumental music tuition consistent through weekly lessons, video submissions, recordings and gatherings. The music faculty were amazed by the dedication our Year 7-12 musicians applied to their studies, and the individual and group collaborations that took place. These included recitals from all Year 9-12 music classroom students, recordings of ensembles, compositions and of performances for the school website. 

As a faculty, we are looking at a number of performance opportunities for our students moving forward. We will share these with the college community in the coming months. 

I would like to extend a big thanks to the amazing music staff at the college who showed such dedication and flexibility through the past two months. Also, thank you to the families who supported these students in their practice and attendance at lessons. Lastly, congratulations to the students for their commitment and motivation over the past two months.



  • Monday 25 June: Face to Face music lessons resume – Year 11 and 12 (other year levels continue remote lessons).
  • Tuesday 9 June: Face to Face music lessons resume – Years 7-10.
  • Monday 13 July: All ensembles resume as per Term 1 schedule.   




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director


Enjoy this week’s Instrumental music performers featured on our website here

Geography Field trips – Year 12, Year 10 & Year 7

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Field trip One – Year 12 to Martha Cove on the Mornington Peninsula

As part of Unit 3 students investigate a place that has observable land use change. We spent a long day leaving school at 6.30am and returned late afternoon.  All in one day students were able to interview knowledgeable locals from a local real estate company, the safety Beach Sailing Club, the Safety Beach Country Club, the Dromana Historical Society to listen to their perspective on changes over recent and longer time periods.  Small groups interviewed different locals and pooled their information back at school. All students then surveyed people at the Dromana Shopping Centre for their perspective. We walked all around the marina and residential areas of Martha Cove and contrasted it with the other local regions.

Back at school students worked hard to continue researching land use information before compiling everything into a 2000 word report that included their analysis. Our students are fine geographers.


Field trip Two – Year 10 to Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula

This year students investigated resource use and management by comparing the characteristics of the coastline around the Sorrento region. They had a variety of stops and needed to collect a range of data. Learning to complete field sketches in the wind was certainly a new skill.


Field trip Three – Year 7 On a Virtual Trip to the local Damper Creek Reserve, Mount Waverley

In term 1 our Year 7 geography teachers  did an initial field trip to learn more about the Damper Creek locality before all school excursions (always called field trips for Geographers) were stopped due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Instead our students ably completed a first for our school, a virtual field trip by viewing images and researching secondary data. Just like a regular field trip students had to consider what they observed and analyse the impacts on the environment. We are really proud of the way students adapted to a new set of conditions with enthusiasm. It has been exciting to hear as restrictions have been lifted of students further exploring damper Creek with friends, pet dogs and families.


Ms Stephanie Thomas & Ms Lauren Lockhart
Geography Teachers

My Remote Learning Experience 

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My remote learning experience so far has been anything but boring. If anything, I’m really enjoying the fact that once I’ve finished my set work I can just relax. I have found myself with so much more free time to do things I usually wouldn’t have time for. And in this time I have been able to pick up old hobbies I once loved doing.

Going into this remote learning experience, I thought I would find myself very bored. But I have actually been rather busy, whether it be doing set assignments, baking food or doing workouts in my spare time.

Although I am preferring online school to normal school because of the freedom to do things in my own time, I have found that I have been getting more work than ever before. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it means I always have something to do, but I just have to make sure I am keeping on top of things.

Even though I get to eat food whenever I want and don’t have to walk to and from school, there are still plenty of things I miss about school. And that would be seeing my friends. You don’t realise how much socialising and interacting you really do at school, until you do school in isolation.

Some of the problems I have struggled with, during this isolation have been getting motivated. But I found an easy fix. I’ve found that if I wake up and the first thing I do is make my bed, I am ready to start the day. I have also found if I create a to-do list of all the things I want to complete in a day, I find myself making use of my time more productively.

My advice to other students who have found themselves bored during remote learning would be to definitely create a to-do list of things to do. Some things I love to do when I find myself getting bored or restless after a day of online school is going for a long walk, reading a book, playing with your pets, going for a run, doing a workout and even planning what I am going to do the first thing we are allowed out of isolation. I have found it is also important to make sure you spend some time free of technology so you can let yourself relax. My last piece of advice is to just make the most of this situation. It is definitely not ideal, but when will you ever do something like this again?

Although, with the recent news of going back to school it brings feelings of excitement and joy! Even though I have had a wonderful time during isolation, I cannot wait to finally see my friends and teachers as well as interacting and working in a classroom environment!

My time during isolation has definitely given me perspective to how lucky we all are to be able to go to school and have friends and supportive teachers. So remember to think how lucky you are!


By Charlotte W (Year 10)

My Japanese Exchange Experience

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When I went to Year 10 Camp, I was very confused because I got lost in the school! I was also very afraid of talking to my roommates in English.   At first we were very worried about school life, because most classes were difficult to understand and it was a little difficult to make new friends. But, the teachers were very kind and I made some friends in my Japanese class!
Every time I go to school, I find a lot of difference from Japan. It was very interesting to me. I’m very sad because Japanese Study Tour is cancelled and I cannot see my friends in Osaka  in September, but I’m waiting for them to come to Japan for the holiday.

Let’s meet in japan again! Thank you for talking to me!

by Seika Li
Japanese Exchange Student




I enjoyed studying English for 2 months in Australia. I visited a lot of sightseeing places with my host family. They were pretty kind people. They taught me differences between Japan and Australia. I was anxious if I could make friends when I arrived here for the first time. However, many students talked to me so I was able to make many friends. In English class, we learned by seeing a movie and reading a book. I think my English is better than before thanks to my time here. It was short, but studying abroad was really good.


By Amano Shimomura
Japanese Exchange Student


MWSC College News – Issue 6