MWSC College News – Issue 5

1st May 2020

Read all the latest news and events happening at Mount Waverley Secondary College in this edition of MWSC college news.

Photo:  Mount Waverley Secondary College, Senior Campus

Upcoming Events

College Principal’s Report

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Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. I am excited to have started my sixth year of service as your College Principal at Mount Waverley Secondary College this term. It’s inspiring for me to be part of a learning community where teachers and students are passionate about doing their best and join together as a supportive team to unite in a spirit of cooperation and success.


College Council

Congratulations to our new members who were successful in their nomination for College Council for the term March 2020 to March 2022.  They will join our other parents, staff and students.

Parent Members:Shraddha ApteStaff Members:Ian Davidson
Pene DedesLisa McKiernan
Madhur GuptaDebbie Sekula
Manpreet Kaur OberoiBill Thomas
Jimmy Mastrandonakis
Nishant Patel
Divya Sharma
Student Members:Lewis Cavolo
Jesse Jovellan
Community Members:Riyah AsadCo-opted Members:Andrew Batchelor
Jennifer ClarkeJulie Cain
Lynn Li GanIan MacLeod
Amit KafeKari Simmons
Linda Westgarth
Executive Member:Karen Wade


Congratulations to Mr Nishant Patel who was re-elected as College Council President, Ms Shraddha Apte who was elected as Vice President and Mr Madhur Gupta who was elected as Treasurer.


Annual Report

Our Annual Report was tabled at last week’s College Council meeting and was based on the School Performance Report data. I am very pleased to say that our data was outstanding in 2019 and the best it has been over the last five years that I have been at the college.

Our Parent Opinion and Staff Opinion surveys indicated that our results were higher than the State Median results. Our Student Attitudes to school data was also rated above similar schools in relation to our management of bullying and the students’ sense of connectedness. Our student absence rates were excellent and found to be much lower than similar schools.

Our NAPLAN Numeracy results in Year 9 and VCE results were also categorised as above compared to similar schools. I would like to congratulate all members of our college for their efforts in achieving these results. Mount Waverley Secondary College is a great school and we should all be proud to be part of such a wonderful learning community.


ICT Support

Our ICT Team have been busy behind the scenes ensuring our ICT systems are running smoothly to support remote learning.  The team have also been supporting students who need devices to work remotely.  Thank you to Mr Aro Ezackial, Mr Andrew Wallace,  Mr Rohan Cupper, Mr Steve Martin and Mr Jacob Cox for this work.

If students are having any ICT issues please email for support.


Instrumental Music Performers – Remote Learning

Each week we will be showcasing MWSC student performers on our website, as they work hard to improve musically in remote learning conditions.

To enjoy this week’s performers please click here.

I would like to thank the following students for their wonderful performance, their hard work and dedication and to their families for their ongoing support.

Yura K (Year 8) – Saxophone performing in The Kojima family band
Felicia L (Year 10) – Violin performing Bordel 1900 by Piazzolla 
Edwin N (Year 12) – Saxophone performing Yardbird Suite 
Tom S (Year 9) – Trumpet performing Last Post and Reveille


SC Hall Building Works

The long awaited building works next to the SC Hall have commenced as of Wednesday 15 April.  These works will continue across the coming days and weeks.  We will keep you posted on progress!




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Student Wellbeing Report

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Whilst working remotely from home, the Student Wellbeing Team have been busy connecting with students via email and offering video and voice counselling. We have received emails from parents/carers and have provided advice to best support their child during remote learning. We have been sending daily emails to all students and staff promoting our Wellbeing @ Home program. The program consists of an activity each day linked to the following:

Meaningful Monday
Try it Tuesday
Wellbeing Wednesday
Throwback Thursday
Feel Good Friday

Some examples of the activities have been; encouraging students to create a vision board, practice mindfulness, play hopscotch and write a thank-you email to your teacher.

Each week the nurses have also provided students with a ‘healthy habit’, this weeks healthy habit was focusing on stretching as we know students are spending a lot of time sitting in front of their computer.

We know that its not just students who may be feeling stressed and anxious due to social isolation and remote learning, but parents and carers too.  There are lot of resources out there for parents but one of the best websites is reach

I strongly encourage all parents/carers to have a look at the recent information on supporting your child through COVID-19 stress.



Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing

Online Safety – From Esafety Commissioner

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Keeping children safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

The global impact of COVID-19 means young people will be spending more time at home — and more time online. There are lots of great ways children can use connected devices to learn and play, but there are also risks.

As parents and carers, you have the best opportunity to support and guide your children to avoid online risks and have safer experiences. Governments and industry also have a role to play in making sure the online world is a safe place to be.

In these uncertain times, children may feel isolated or anxious, and might see family members disturbed by the COVID-19 impacts. Away from school, children have less access to their usual support systems including friends, teachers and counsellors. If possible, it could be useful to reach out to your child’s regular support people to check if they can provide online or telephone support.

This guide covers some of the key online safety issues for young people and includes a range of practical tips and advice on what to do if things go wrong. It covers common online safety issues like managing time online, using parent controls and setting and responding to issues like cyberbullying, inappropriate content, sending nudes and contact from strangers.

For more information, please explore the eSafety website.

You will find this help online booklet for parents and carers on how to keep your children safe online:


My Remote Teaching Experience

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By Mr Laan
Learning Specialist
The first day of Term 2, although it was a student free day, MWSC staff spent the entire workday in online meetings, discussing and preparing ourselves for this unique teaching journey.

Staff were sharing ideas and supporting each other in any way they could.  Quickly banding together to overcome all the new and unique challenges that remote teaching presented. How lucky am I to work with such great colleagues.

The second day of Term 2, was our first remote teaching day.
My first online class was a bit of a challenge, Environmental Science … indoors. Students had to 
demonstrate an understanding of how important biodiversity is by going outside and taking photos of the examples they found in the natural world around them, while still isolating of course. 90 minutes later, my email inbox was flooded with the photos from the lesson. It was very evident how much effort had gone into each and every snap.
Students are showing real initiative and such creativity in their remote learning.
I really do get to teach some amazing students.

Three weeks in, the abnormal has become the normal. Google is how we talk, Compass is how we teach and attending lessons in pyjamas is now commonplace. My students and teaching teams have adapted to the changes to learning and teaching remotely with positivity and adaptability. We are all going out less, seeing fewer people and washing our hands a whole lot more often. If there is one thing I think a lot of us have learnt, it’s that we really do love being in the classroom and interacting with each other on a day to day basis. I cannot wait until it is safe for all of us to go back to the old style of classroom.

School at the moment is so different and yet there is comfort in the things that remain the same. My students are working hard, like always. My colleagues continue to provide support and display innovation, like always. Our college community is staying strong and connected, like always.

This is my remote work desk at the moment.  As you can see, I even came up with some creative solutions to make my desk ergonomic.

My Remote Learning Experience

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By Lynn Li G
College Captain


When we moved to remote learning this term, it wasn’t a surprise, but adjusting to it was still hard.  Not only did we have to get a grip on technology: video conferencing, formative assessments, and sharing work; but we also had to navigate a lifestyle without a typical school routine.

Not having to be in school during school hours is a learning curve for me: it’s the loss of a routine and an environment that allowed me to feel productive with my studies and my learning. Nevertheless, it has produced many positive things.  Without the commute to and from school, I have found that I can get more sleep, and invest more time into my hobbies and passions. Some of these activities include yoga, dressmaking, embroidery, painting, playing instruments, and even arranging sheet music.

I’ve been able to stay connected with friends and family through video calls, texting, and playing online games together. The wellbeing team of MWSC has also been amazing in sending out resources to help students take care of their wellbeing at this time. In this troubling time, I’ve also felt supported by our teachers in remote learning, through constant communication which helps ease my worries.

I’m still learning how to manage my time in a home environment. Building routine and stability is more important than ever, and I am working on my self-motivation and time management skills which will benefit me in the future.

Don’t forget to keep in regular contact with friends and family, and be open to teachers about your difficulties now: it’ll definitely help! Let’s get through this together!

MWSC College News – Issue 5