College Principal’s Report

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Our Staff Go the Extra Mile

I would like to recognise the hard work and dedication of the Mount Waverley Secondary College Staff who always go the extra mile for our students.   In the past two weeks, staff have run a Japanese Study Tour Information Night, The Arts Festival, 2020 Year 7 Music Information Evening, Duke of Edinburgh Camp Information Evening and have supervised a Year 7 & 8 Twilight Cinema.
All of these events are above and beyond the normal work of our teaching staff and would not occur without their support.


Lyrebird Youth Awards

Congratulations to Ms Jane Carter and our school production team who have been nominated for two 2019 Lyrebird Youth Awards. One award is in the category of Outstanding Technical Design and the other award is for Best Lighting.  The Lyrebird Youth Awards celebrate excellence and encourage participation with non professional performing arts associations.
The winners will be announced at a ceremony on Sunday 8 December and we wish our team every success.


Arts Festival

Our annual Arts Festival was held last Tuesday.  The quality of our students’ art work continues to amaze me and many awards were presented to students.  Students, Parents and Staff were entertained by musical items, Drama performances and Media films.  Congratulations to Ms Jane Carter, Head of The Arts and all of the Arts students and staff who were involved on the night.


Last Working Bee for 2019 – Senior Campus

Our last working bee for 2019 will be held on Sunday 24 November from 9.00am until 12 noon. If you can spare some time on this day to help it would be great to see you at the Senior Campus.


Mango Drive

Thank you to all the families who ordered a tray of mangoes in this year’s Mango Drive. We are expecting the mangoes to be delivered in the week starting 2 December. Families will be notified when they arrive and where to collect your order.


Presentation Night

This year, Presentation Night will be held on Friday 13 December at The Besen Centre, 7.00pm, 87-89 Station Street, Burwood.  Students will be notified if they are to receive an award.  Details regarding purchase of tickets will be published over the next few weeks.




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal – Junior School’s Report

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2020 Junior Campus Captains and House Captains

We have completed the application process for our 2020 Junior Campus Captains and are pleased to announce our successful candidates:

Junior Campus Captains: 

  Deputy Captains: 

   House Captains:   


Thank you to Mr John Simon and Miss Hayley Dureau for leading this process. We look forward to commencing the process in appointing other 2020 Leaders at the Junior Campus including Rotary Interact Leaders, Mount Matters and Teach the Teacher leaders.


Student Goals

Our third and final session of Student Goals for 2019 is approaching taking place on our Junior Campus on Wednesday 20 November during period 2 and on the Senior Campus on Tuesday 26 November during period 2. This session will be led by either a 2020 Year 12 or Alumni student providing the opportunity for students to reflect and celebrate their achievements in working towards their goals set earlier in the year. These reflections will be available for viewing by parents/carers via Compass. Thank you to Miss Hayley Dureau, Mr Matt Sheehan and Mr John Simon for their efforts in organising these sessions, supported by Mr Scott Smith and Mr Greg Campbell.



Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School

Head of Middle School’s Report

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As our 2019 academic year comes to an end I would like to thank our Middle School students for their contribution to the college this year. Throughout the year our Year 9 and 10 students have excelled in the classroom, achieved great things on the sporting field, sparkled in the spotlight on stage, and rocked our socks off with their musical talent.

On behalf of our college community I would like to thank the Middle School team for providing support for our students and families throughout the year.


Middle School Exams

This week our Year 10 students have started their exams and they will continue into next week. Year 9 Exams will commence on Monday 28 November. If a student is absent for an exam they are required to submit a medical certificate to the Middle School Office by Thursday 21 November.


Early Commencement Program

The 2020 Early Commencement program begins on Monday 25 November. Students are required to bring exercise books for each of their subjects and also their device.


Camps and Programs

Payments for the Year 10 Camp and Year 11 Flying Start are due by Monday 25 November. Payments can be made via the Compass Portal.




Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Middle School

Campus Principal – Senior School’s Report

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The senior campus has been very busy with exams continuing for students studying a Year 12 subject and this week Years 10 and 11 students started their exams. Year 9 students will complete their exams next week. Staff have been busy assisting students, preparing and marking exams and getting ready for the Early Commencement Program.

The senior and middle sub school teams have worked very hard to ensure that the exams have run smoothly. A special thank you to all of the subschool and subject teachers who have ensured that the exams have been organised, prepared and run smoothly.

Students in Years 9 to 11 are expected to attend all exams unless they are ill or there are other exceptional circumstances. Parents/ carers are asked to contact the college if their child is absent. Year 9 students have timetabled classes as well as exams.

The exams provide a valuable opportunity to reflect and review on their exams and to develop strategies to improve as they move into 2019.



Support for the Year 12 students

On any day since the 22 October the corridors of the college have been filled with students and their teachers working through past exams and discussing knowledge in preparation for the VCAA exams. Other students have emailed their teachers with questions. Congratulations to all of the students who have been proactive in seeking help and thanks to all of the teachers who have given up their time to assist the students.



Professional Learning at the college

A number of staff will be attending subject association conferences over the next few weeks. These provide an opportunity for teachers to meet with colleagues and hear from experts in their subject areas. A number of teachers including Ms Amanda Sfindilis-Reed (Maths), Ms Jane Carter (Drama Conference) and Mr Robert Cetincic, Mr Matt Sheehan, Ms Kydi Cassar, Ms Amanda Irwin, Ms Debbie Sekula and l (VCTA Conference) are all presenting at their respective subject conferences. This is a reflection of the talented and skilled staff at the college.



VCAA Assessors

A number of our VCE teachers are assessing Year 12 VCAA exams. This involvement benefits our students as the teachers gain experience and develop their expertise in what students are required to do in Units 3 & 4.




Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School


Head of Student Voice’s Report

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Year 12 2020 Student Leadership Team

Congratulations to our newly appointed 2020 Year 12 College, Deputy, Music, Arts, Sports and House Captains.
Lynn LCollege Captain
Amit KCollege Captain
Riyah ACollege Deputy Captain
Jennifer CCollege Deputy Captain
Kevin ECollege Sports Captain
Emlyn BCollege Sports Captain
Sam SCollege Music Captain
Paul HCollege Music Captain
Mekayla MCollege Arts Captain
Vanshika BCollege Arts Captain
Emily BLandy House Captain
Makenna PLandy House Captain
Jordan GCuthbert House Captain
Annabel SCuthbert House Captain
Kevin EWhitten House Captain
Charlie OWhitten House Captain
Jordan TFraser House Captain
Ellie PFraser House Captain
Breanna MBradman House Captain
Dylan NBradman House Captain
Merryn H Goolagong House Captain
Amanda CGoolagong House Captain


Year 8 2020 Student Leadership Team

Congratulations to our newly appointed 2020 Year 8 Junior Campus Captains, Deputy Captains and House Captains. These 16 students will make up the 2020 Junior Campus Student Leadership Team.

Benji MJunior Campus Captain
Belen IJunior Campus Captain
Radin TJunior Campus Deputy Captain
Yusra AJunior Campus Deputy Captain
Maya CLandy House Captain
Pria TLandy House Captain
Georgia KCuthbert House Captain
Lachlan SCuthbert House Captain
Amelie BWhitten House Captain
Ben AWhitten House Captain
Taya FFraser House Captain
Brad FFraser House Captain
Charlotte DBradman House Captain
Teresa WBradman House Captain
Grace SGoolagong House Captain
Farah HGoolagong House Captain


Thank you to Mr Andrew Batchelor and Mr John Simon for their time and efforts in leading the selection process, which included shortlisting written applications, conducting interviews, and overseeing a student and staff vote for the Junior Campus Captain positions.   The 2020 Year 8 Leadership Team will be formally introduced to their year level during the Early Commencement Program.


The Global Learning and Engagement Symposium  

On Friday 25 October, Year 9 students Nive, Talyssa and Charlotte presented at The Global Learning and Engagement Symposium in Melbourne CBD. Through this wonderful opportunity, they were able to provide feedback to the Education Department on their experiences on the Victorian Young Leaders to India trip and contribute to existing and potential global learning and engagement supports for schools. The session had a focus on sharing innovation and good practice and examining the methodology being implemented by the Department to accelerate work in this area.


Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice

2019 Arts Festival

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The 2019 Arts Festival was held on a cold and wind swept night in November. The crowd of excited students and their parents huddled in the glowing warmth of the fishbowl to view the vast array of artwork showcasing the diverse talent and dedication of students at MWSC.   But this year something was different, it was more stylish, sharp and professional, almost bespoke – it was our new black display boards! Look out Mona! Our exhibition space dazzled with its new colour and form, and true to form became a sublime framework to display the prodigious amount of student work.

On display were water colours, oils, drawings, printmaking, photography and digital art works.  3D works made from a range of materials: glass, polystyrene and modelling clay. Of note was spectacular series of sewing on photography that drew on ideas of cultural identity. The Visual Communication and Design students drew on a broad range of applications: architectural presentations, communication design, and industrial design. Year 12 student Shruti G collaborated with Monash Technical School to 3D print a model interior for an architectural office space.

Later on in the warmth of the Theatrette we enjoyed some outstanding Performing Arts. Two Drama Solos: Ethan B (Yr 12)  and Chelsea O (Yr 11). We also watched two Media films by Bach N (Yr 11) and Patrick L (Yr 12).  Finally we enjoyed an amazing Cello performance by Alex L (Yr 11).

Congratulations to all the award winners.  Such a successful night would not have been possible without the commitment of our Arts teachers.  Their passion and energy is the driving force behind the success of our students. A big thank you goes to them.

A last thank you to Mrs Tijtjte Keatley, Ms Melissa Knowles and the Music staff and students most of whom unfortunately did not get to play due to the inclement weather.  We do appreciate all the time and effort that was put into organising several bands to be ready for this event. A big thank you to Ms Melissa Knowles and her clarinet ensemble of 5 dedicated students who braved the cold and wind to play for us. The lovely irony of Gershin’s ‘Summertime‘ was not lost on me!   Only in Melbourne!



Ms Jane Carter
Head of Arts


Student Wellbeing

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Andrew Fuller – Clinical Psychologist

On Monday 25 November 2019,  the Student Wellbeing Team are proud to host Well Known, Clinical Psychologist Andrew Fuller. Andrew will be presenting to our current year 10 and 11 students who will become our VCE students in 2020. Andrew will present  ‘The System’ – How to move from surviving to thriving in the senior years of school. This is the 3rd year in a row we have brought Andrew and his expertise to the school.
The presentation will cover the following:
  • How to manage stress and exams
  • Why systems are better than goals
  • How to plan for effective studying
  • How to increase your academic results
  • Building self-esteem and dealing with set backs

Andrew is the originator of Neuro-developmental differentiation that identifies students’ learning strengths and utilizes these to develop other brain areas to enhance well-being and academic success. Andrew is the author of the best selling Unlocking Your Child’s Genius,TRICKY KIDS ,Tricky People , Life: A Guide, RAISING REAL PEOPLE (ACER), FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING (ACER), WORK SMARTER

NOT HARDER and BEATING BULLIES. He has worked with over 200,000 young people nationwide in over 1500 schools and has extensively researched how to create great outcomes for kids.  Andrew has also co-authored a series of programs for the promotion of resilience and emotional intelligence used in over 3500 schools in Britain and Australia.  He is a Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing

From the Sports Desk

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Year 7 Girls Cricket – EMR Finals

The year 7 girls cricket team headed to Hislop Reserve on Tuesday 12/11 for the Eastern Metropolitan Regional finals.
Our first game was a walkover due to Wantirna SC not turning up. The second round saw us play Heathmont SC where we won by 50 runs. The last game of the pool round was against Lilydale Heights SC where our girls had another convincing victory by 60 runs.
We then faced off against Norwood SC in the Grand Final.   After bowling first and restricting Norwood to 7-45, our girls won a thriller by 2 runs, finishing on 7-47.
Congratulations to the following girls :
Shreya A, Eliza B, Tabitha C, Isabella D, Yenuli D,  Sethumi F,  Taya F,  Georgia K,  Cammy N,  Sara P and Yashoda S  (Captain), Sophie W  (absent on the day).
A magnificent effort by the girls, who will now go onto the State Finals in a couple of weeks.  Well done!
Mrs Campbell (Coach)

Music Director’s Report

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Unit 2 Recitals  

The Unit 2 Recital was held on 31st October. It featured an array of talent, instruments and repertoire and was enjoyed by a large audience. These performances are an important part of the preparation process for solo performance, giving students an authentic stage to perform with feedback from a panel of examiners. Thank-you to Tom Frost and Damien Maughan who joined me to assess the students and congratulations to all of the Year 11’s who performed. Anyone in attendance would agree that the standard was magnificent. 


VSMF  – Junior Wind Symphony 

Junior Wind Symphony were the last group to perform in this festival for 2019. Made up of almost 60 junior students, the band gave an excellent performance especially when considering most of the students have played their instruments for under 12 months.  The students performed for Adjudicators Sue Arney of Melbourne Uni and Heather McWilliams of Education Queensland and enjoyed an onstage tutorial with Ms McWilliams. They had a fantastic experience with a “very tight and accurate performance”.   Congratulations to the group and their director, Ms Alahana Somerville. 


2020 Music Information Evening      

On Thursday music department hosted a large number of 2020 Year 7 students to introduce them to the Music Department at the college. These students had the ability to try the instruments, meet the staff and hear all about how exciting the music program at MWSC is. Thanks to the music staff who worked so hard to support this event. 




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director

MWSC College News – Issue 18