College Principal’s Report

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As we approach the end of Term 3 we are reminded of all our achievements to date and we have the time to reflect and re-energise for the remainder of the year.  It has been another successful term of learning for our students across the college.  Students have been busy engaging with their studies in the classroom across the eight learning areas.  They also have had a wide range of activities outside the classroom that have added to their experience this term including House and District Athletics, Round Robin Sports, the college production The Addam’s Family, the Year 10 Gala and Year 11 Fancy Dress to name just a few.

The Year 10 Gala was a night to remember with everyone dressing up and looking fantastic for this special event.  This was followed a week later by the Year 11 Fancy Dress where students excelled themselves with their costumes.  It’s always pleasing to see our students engaging in these events.  Thank you to the Sub School teams for your working in making these events happen.

Parent Teacher Student interviews happened on Thursday 12 September.  These interviews were a fantastic opportunity to visibly see the collaboration that exists between students, teachers and parents.  These conferences allowed students and parents to talk to teachers about how they are progressing and what they can focus on to continue their learning growth next term.


Term 3 – Working Bee 

The third working bee for the year was held last Sunday on the Junior Campus.  It was great to see how much can be achieved with the installation of a new mini vertical garden.  Thank you to all students, parents and staff for their work on the day.

MWSC goes Global!

We currently have 6 students in India as part of the Department’s Victorian Young Leaders to India pilot program.  We also have a larger group students in Germany visiting our sister school and immersing themselves in the language and culture.  The G’day Space tour is new to the college leaving on Friday to visit the US, stopping in Florida at NASA and also San Francisco and Los Angeles. We look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the photos form these great experiences next term.


Building Project

The Building Works across the college are progressing with the newly refurbished toilets opening this week.  Work will continue across the holidays on the VCE Decking and the new open learning spaces on the Senior Campus.  The current timeline for all works to be completed is by the start of Term 4.


Staff Movements

Thank you to Ms Lisa McKiernan for doing a great job in the role of Campus Principal – Middle School for the term.  To Ms Lauren Kelly thank you for leading the Middle School across the term – well done.  Thanks to Ms Sam Cody for step up into the Junior School Leader role and not missing a beat and to Mr James Johnston, thank you for your work as a Year Level Coordinator for the last term.

With Mrs Karen Wade returning next term after Long Service Leave there will be some movement of staff across the college.  Mr Ian MacLeod will return to Campus Principal – Middle School.  Lisa will return to her role as Head of Middle School.  Lauren will move back across to the Junior Campus as Sub School Leader with the domino effect of Sam moving back into Year Level Coordination and James Johnston giving his full focus to the classroom for Term 4.

I look forward to welcoming students back next term as move into our final term of learning re-energised and ready to take on the challenges that await both inside and outside the classroom.  Can I wish all students and their families a safe and relaxing break.



Mr Ian MacLeod
Acting College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Monash Tech School

More of our Junior Campus students attended Monash Tech School last week:  Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 September with students in 7E and 7F. Thank you to Mr Jason McCrae, Mrs Dina Verginis, and Mr John Simon for attending with these Year 7 students. On Wednesday 11 September and Friday 13 September students in 8M and 8N participated. Thank you to Ms Samantha Cody, Ms Clare Challenger, Mr Jason McCrae and Ms Vicky Passmore for attending with these students.

Enrichment Testing – 2020 Year 7

On Thursday 12 September from 9am we conducted the enrichment testing for our 2020 Year 7 students whose families have expressed their interest in being part of this. We had a huge number attending, thank you to Mr John Simon, Ms Samantha Cody, Mr Greg Campbell, Mrs Elizabeth Sutherland, Mrs Colleen Pritchard and Mrs Rhonda Palstra for their efforts organising this process.


Mount Matters

Mount Matters has run again this term on the Junior Campus, being led by some of our Year 8 Student Leaders. Thank you to all of our student representatives along with our talented and dedicated staff involved: Miss Hayley Dureau, Miss Sarah Smith, Mr John Simon, Miss Samantha Cody, Miss Rachael McCracken, Mr James Johnston, Miss Jo Rogers and Mr Mark Quiambao. We look forward to a Mount Matters Forum being held early next term.


Term 3 Holidays

We wish all of students and their families a safe and enjoyable break. Thank you to all of our community for their efforts working together this term. We look forward to welcoming further learning during Term Four, and then as we move into our 2020 timetable during Early Commencement.




Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School

Head of Junior School’s Report

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Cybersafety Parent Evening

We are proud to be hosting an informative and entertaining session from Australia’s foremost cybersafety expert, Susan McLean for all interested parents/carers from across the College on Tuesday 19 November on the Junior Campus. Delivered with a ‘no nonsense’ approach, this presentation will cover the positive benefits of technology as well as what parents need to be aware of to keep children safe online.

Please see the below link for further information and a link to register your attendance:




Year 8 Camp and Step Up Program

We are looking forward to the new Year 8 Kinglake Camp in Week 2. A packing list will be posted to families on Compass News Feed shortly.

When Year 8 students are not at camp during Week 2 they will take part in the Step Up program – a series of activities designed to help students reflect and prepare for the transition to the Senior Campus. Each Home Group will spend two periods on the Senior Campus for a tour and presentation during this week. Information regarding when this visit will occur during the week will be posted on students’ Compass schedules.



Mr John Simon
Head of Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Middle School

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College Vision

Mount Waverley Secondary College is a proudly diverse learning community where everyone is empowered to strive for growth and excellence’


I would like to congratulate all Middle School Students on completing a successful term of learning and growth. Throughout the term our students have been challenged both inside and outside of the classroom, it is through these challenges that they have developed and shown resilience, persistence, and commitment.

Student wellbeing has been a key focus this term with our Year 10 students completing their Youth Mental Health First Aid certificate, the course provided our students with the tools to identify mental health symptoms and support networks. Our Year 9 students participated in a full day wellbeing program educating them about stress and self-care, feelings and emotions, healthy eating, and the importance of healthy sleep. I would like to thank both the Wellbeing and Sub School teams for overseeing and delivering these important programs.


Celebrating our College Values 


Congratulations to the following students who have consistently displayed our college values throughout the term. These students were celebrated at our Year Level Assemblies this week.

Haidee KHelena Z
Sophia HHannah K
Ryan NShenely F
Bowen CDaniel T
Sharrat TJeff c
Olivia SLuc L
Natalie LAiden W
Dan PLi Lan V
Jenny ZRex A
Alanah GFrancesco D
Tiara FMicah Jane C
Mia Rose NFatima M
Romeo S



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Acting Campus Principal – Senior School

Head of Middle School’s Report

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A big congratulations to our Year 9s and 10s on a fantastic term. It was great to be able to recognise individual students who have demonstrated the iLearn values of the College in their year level assemblies this week, via the presentation of a certificate. It was fantastic to see so many of our students supporting the learning of their peers, as well as concentrating on their own learning.

For our Year 9s Term 3 has culminated in a whole year level Wellbeing Day. They were able to engage with presenters as they discussed important topics such as self-care, sleep and looking after their friends. The day ended in the year level playing a variety of sports including spike ball, dodgeball, even yoga. A massive thank you to the Wellbeing team for all the work that went into organising such a great day.

It has been a pleasure acting as Head of Middle School during term 3 whilst Ms Lisa McKiernan was acting Assistant Principal, and I would like to wish the Year 9s and 10s all the best for their endeavours in Term 4.


Ms Lauren Kelly
Acting Head of Middle School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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A busy end to the Term

There have been a lot of different activities on the senior campus during the last few weeks of term.  These include;

  • Dodge ball competitions
  • Performances by our Music students
  • Evening Drama performances by our Year 10 and 12 students
  • Footy Colours casual dress day
  • RUOK? Events

Thanks to all involved in these activities and programs. There is a great deal of planning and organisation that goes on behind the scenes.

Thanks to all of the staff and students who have been involved in all of these events.


Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences were held last week. It was an opportunity for parents to meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress. If parents were unable to see a teacher on the day, teachers can be emailed.


VCE Revision Program

During the first week of the term break students completing a Year 12 subject are required to attend the revision classes, lectures and workshops being run.

Thanks to all of the Year 12 teachers who have spent time putting together a program and/or sourcing guest speakers. Students can make a difference to their exam performance by using their revision and study time between now and the exam period.

I hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing break.



Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School

Head of Senior School’s Report

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Wow, the end of term 3 already, how this term has flown!

Fancy Dress

On Friday 6 September, Our Year 11’s got dressed up for our annual Year 11 Fancy Dress at the Novotel in Glen Waverley. We had lot’s of fantastic both individual and group costumes. The DJ played great tunes all night and had everyone up dancing (include a dance-off!). Thank you to all of the staff and students that attended.


The term three holidays are a fantastic opportunity for our Year 11’s to get on top of their unit 2 or 4 work, prior to exams. All students are encouraged to be revising content, reading notes, planning ahead and preparing for upcoming assessments. There is also a Year 12 Holiday Program running throughout the holiday break. All Year 11 students completing a Unit 3 and 4 subject this year are encouraged to go along t the appropriate session (please see compass post from Mr Nicholas for further information).


Year 11 Guest Speaker – Grit

On Wednesday 11 September, The Year 11’s had Johnny Shannon come out and present about developing and maintaining grit – the passion and perseverance for goals. The session was very valuable and we hope everyone enjoyed it.


National Gymnastics Championships

Recently Talia F (Year 12) has competed in the National Gymnastics Championships on the Gold Coast.  Talia performed exceptionally well qualifying in the top five in the open age group category.  She leaves for a training camp at the A.I.S on 20 September flying to Germany where she will represent Australia alongside four other teammates from other Australian states, where they will be competing at the World Championships in Stuttgart.  The team’s goal is to qualify a team for the Olympics, needing to finish in the top 12 to do this.
MWSC would like to congratulate Talia on her achievements and wish her all the very best at the upcoming World Championships.


The subschool team are really looking forward to a busy term 4. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday break.



Miss Emma Kerr
Year 11 Coordinator

Student Voice Report

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Victorian Young Leaders to India Program

Year 9 students Kes, Yianni, Lachlan, Talyssa, Nive and Charlotte have spent the last two weeks exploring India as part of the inaugural Victorian Young Leaders to India Program. Students have attended school at Sprindales in New Delhi, and at the Springdales Jaipur Campus. The group of 20 students and 4 teachers from Mount Waverley Secondary College, Doncaster Secondary College, Alkira Secondary College and Lyndhurst Secondary College have had the most incredible time so far, seeing amazing places and experiencing the Indian culture.
You can read all about their adventures here:


Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice

Student Wellbeing

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On Wednesday 11 September, the Year 11’s attended a wellbeing presentation by Johnny Shannon. Johnny used humour, wit, evidence and experience to help year 11 students answer 3 key questions;

1) How to get through hard times
2) Who are you?
3) What makes you happy?

Johnny explained to the students that Life is Like a movie… lots of different scenes, some good, some bad and you have to accept the good with the bad. He emphasised how powerful the choices you make are to your life and even though genes and environment play a massive part, you can choose your pathway. In asking the question “what makes you happy”, Johnny explained the PERMA model, which stands for “Positive Emotions”, “Engagement”, “Positive Relationships”, “Meaning” and “Accomplishment”. He challenged all students to create a vision board to visualise their future goals, ideas, values and beliefs in one board, this is something that helped him greatly in achieving his goals as a successful businessman and speaker.

Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing

Melbourne Writers Festival

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A beautiful day was spent with 22 students from Year 8-12 at the 2019 Melbourne Writers Festival on Thursday 5 September

Our first session was entitled “Do something about it” and the panel of writers spoke about their beliefs in terms of social justice and how they express them in their writing, through poetry and other forms.

It’s safe to say the world is facing some…challenges. Environmental journalist Linh Do, writer Laniyuk, poet Elena Gomez, and writer and critic Sonia Nair offer a rallying call to do something about it. For your sake.” (Blurb from MWF website)

A couple of our students asked thoughtful questions and there was quite a bit of discussion afterwards about many of these issues.

Our second event took us to the Immigration Museum to spend some time looking at the exhibits and taking part in a writing workshop with Ms Alice Pung. Alice spoke about the importance of character and together we explored ideas of identity and belonging which was the theme of the festival.

The students participated in many of the discussions and benefited from insights into the world of culture.  Thanks to Mr Peter Scott for attending and for taking the photo!



Mrs Robyn Whitelaw
Library Manager – Senior Campus

Ourschool and Peter Mac Information Session

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Approximately 20 MWSC Year 10 students attended our Ourschool Info session held at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on Friday . The objective:  for Ourschool students to learn about different pathways, jobs and opportunities Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has to offer. Also, as students in Year 10 are currently choosing their VCE subjects and considering tertiary study options, many students don’t know about radiation therapy jobs available.  Broadly, this session was intended for industry professionals (some alumni from public high schools / Ourschool schools) to inform, inspire and encourage the students to not just think about becoming a doctor or nurse, but consider the many diverse opportunities within health and medical sphere.


Ms Elise Dunstan
Ourschool Development Manager


“On the excursion to Peter Mac, we listened to people with different journeys, different ways to reach their goals. it was interesting to hear about their job and what they do at Peter Mac. They inspired us to choose what we like and what we are passionate about. The transport was easy and quick too. overall, the Excursion was one of the best experiences this term. 
thank you”  – Fatemeh  R 


“On  6 September a group of year 10’s were given the opportunity to attend a presentation at the Peter MacCallum cancer research centre. Here medical professionals in fields ranging from nursing to radiation therapy gave detailed and informative presentations about their experiences in the profession, what their everyday life looked like and their journey through schooling. Students were inspired by these presentations and learnt about these potential career paths. The Our school and Peter Mac alumni presentation was an influential and educational experience, and a great experience for anyone who is interested in the field.”  – Jeffrey N


“On Friday the 6th of September we attended The Peter Mac institute to hear from alumini  who worked at the clinic. We heard from a Radiation Therapist , Medical Physicist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Diagnostic Radiographer, Radiation Oncology Registrar (Doctor),Biomedical Engineer and a nurse. They all shared their amazing journeys of how they became successful and the obstacles they encountered along the way. This was a great experience as it taught me that anything is possible and the decision for what you want to become does not need to be rushed.”   – Deon H 

MWSC College News – Issue 15