MWSC College News – Issue 9

14th June 2019

Read all the latest news and events happening at Mount Waverley Secondary College in this edition of MWSC college news.

Photo:  Year 9 Students participating in the Explore Program – City of Melbourne  (11-13 June 2019)

Upcoming Events

College Principal’s Report

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Hall of Fame Inductee

Congratulations to one of our teachers Mr Warwick Irwin who was inducted into the Brisbane Lions Hall of Fame last Saturday night.
Warwick played 213 games for the Fitzroy Football Club and scored 228 goals. In 1975 Warwick was awarded The Fitzroy Best and Fairest and was named in their Team of the Century. Warwick also represented Victoria on a number of occasions.
Well done Warwick on being recognised for your achievements in this area.


College Raffle

We have been working hard on sourcing some great prizes for our College Raffle this year.  $5000 worth of prizes have been sought including an Acer Travelmate Notebook, a laptop and many other fantastic prizes.

Each student in the college will be allocated one booklet of ten tickets which will be handed out in Home Group before the end of term.  These tickets are numbered and all tickets must be returned to the college either sold or unsold before Thursday 22 July.  If students sell all of their tickets they will be eligible to be entered into the ticket sellers prize draw and six great prizes are on offer.

Please support the college by selling all of your tickets.  Last year we raised over $6000 which went towards the purchase of extra outdoor student furniture.


Work Experience

Nearly 300 Year 10 students attended work experience placements last week and the organisation of this behind the scenes was enormous. Special thanks to Mrs Stephanie Thomas, Mrs Lyn Luongo and Mrs Trish Peel for overseeing the organisation of this program and thank you to all teaching staff who visited students in the workplace. This experience gives our students insight into the world of work and I am sure they represented our college with great pride.


End of Semester 1

It’s been a busy time with a lot to get through.  I would like to thank all the teachers for the great work achieved this semester.  Special thanks to the teachers who prepared their students for mid year examinations.  Many extra classes were held (some out of hours) and this demonstrates the dedication of the staff at this school.  I would also like to thank Miss Claire McCormack, Senior School Leader, and our Chief Examiner and his team for the smooth way in which they ran the VCE examination process.  With 454 students sitting the General Achievement Test (GAT exam) this is no mean feat.  The examiners again stated how well behaved our students were, which is a great credit to our school.


Semester 1 Reports

Semester 1 reports will be available via Compass on the final day of term, Friday 28 June.  Please make the time to discuss your student’s progress with them, both areas of strength and areas for improvement.  Congratulations to those students who achieved excellent results this semester.


Please Note: The first day of Term 3 for students is Tuesday 16 July.


Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Student Goals – Session Two

On Thursday 27 June during period 2 we are undertaking our second Student Goals session. This session will focus on providing students in Years 7 to 12 with the opportunity to reflect on their progress made using the strategies and evidence they developed earlier this year. Our Year 12 students will be leading these sessions in House groups across both campuses with staff. This will again be recorded on Compass under Insights and will be accessible by students, staff and parents/carers.  Thank you to Miss Hayley Dureau, Mr Matt Sheehan and Mr John Simon for their efforts in leading this initiative, along with all staff involved in supervising these student-led sessions.


Mount Matters

Our Mount Matters sessions on the Junior Campus continue to run at Year 7 and Year 8 rotating each week. These continue to be very successful and provide an opportunity for those student representatives from each home group to discuss what is going well at the college and how we can further develop. The sessions run by our Year 8 Student Leaders which has been great to see them develop the leadership capacity of younger students. We look forward to the Mount Matters Forum on 26 June where all students representatives from Years 7 to 11 come together to present and discuss their ideas. Thank you to Miss Sarah Smith, Miss Hayley Dureau, Mr John Simon and Miss Lauren Kelly for their efforts in leading this initiative. Thank you Miss Sam Cody, Miss Rachael McCracken, Miss Jo Rogers and Mr Mark Quiambao for their efforts in supporting this program.


Year 8 Camp Rubicon

Last  week a group of Year 8 students attended Camp Rubicon and had a fantastic time participating in the activities on offer which included an overnight hike. Thank you to all of the staff who attended: Miss Clare Challenger, Miss Sam Cody, Miss Grace Leszczynski, Mr Mark Quiambao and Miss Sarah Smith. Thank you to Mr John Simon and Ms Lauren Kelly for their organisation of this camp.


Boys Netball and Girls Football

On Tuesday 28 May Our Girls Football and Boys Netball teams participated in the Round Robin competition.  All teams gave a great effort and enjoyed the opportunity in representing the college. Thank you to Miss Sam Cody and Mr Danny Gwynne for coaching these teams.


Year 8 Round Robin

On Friday 7 June, the Year 8 Round Robin offered students the chance to player soccer (boys and girls), badminton (boys and girls), AFL football (boys), and netball (girls).  The boys soccer won through to Zone claiming the District title.   Well done to all student participants on the day. Thanks to Miss Alahana Somerville, Mr Peter Young, Mr James Johnston, Miss Meg Bonsema, and Mr Greg Campbell who coached these teams. Thank you to Mr Danny Gwynne for organising these sporting opportunities for our students.


Monash Tech School

This week some of our Year 8 students have been participating in a Monash Tech School program. The ‘Superpowers’ program had a focus on new energy and required students to design solutions to problems that incorporate new energy systems. Thank you to Mr Connor Taylor, Mr Tim Peters, Miss Jo Rogers and Miss Grace Leszczynski for attending, and to Miss Lauren Kelly and Mr Wayne Griffin for organising this opportunity for our students.



Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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The last few weeks have been very busy at the college. Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 were all involved in exams. This provided students with an opportunity to develop planning and study skills and to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding under exam conditions. It provides students with valuable experience in the lead up to the VCE external exams.

The exams ran smoothly and this is the result of input from a range of different people including Mr Scott Smith (Daily Organiser), Mr  Andrew Wallace (Timetabler), the Middle and Senior Subschool teams led by Ms Lisa McKiernan and Mr Jason Nicholas, Mrs Debbie Sekula, Head of Curriculum, Faculty heads and all of the teachers and Education Support staff who prepared exams, supervised them and have spent the last few weeks marking them.


SAC Week

Many of our VCE students completing Units 3 and 4 subjects completed SACs last week. Congratulations to the students on their hard work and exemplary behaviour during this time.


VCAA – General Achievement Test (GAT)

On Wednesday this week all students completing a Unit 3 and 4 subject sat the GAT. It is used to moderate student assessment and can be used to determine Derived Exam Scores if required. Approximately 400 students sat the GAT. Thanks to the Senior Subschool team, particularly the Senior Subschool Leader, Ms Claire McCormack, for their efforts on the day and for supporting students in the lead up to the exam.



Reports are being completed by staff and will be available via Compass on Friday 28 June (last day of term). Second semester subjects will start on Monday 17 June.




Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School


Year 8 Rubicon Camp

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Year 8 Rubicon Camp  (3 – 7 June 2019)

Last week 58 Year 8 students and 5 teachers braved the cold and embarked on a 5-day camp to Rubicon. The camp focused on a range of challenging outdoor activities including river rafting, hiking and camping out and gave students opportunities to challenge themselves and build their perseverance in a different setting. Students also helped out with tasks around the Rubicon camp site on a daily basis such as looking after the chickens and helping out in the kitchen and were fantastic representatives for our school in the way they conducted themselves. Many thanks to the teachers who attended and supported the students throughout the week.

Mr John Simon
Head of Junior School

Year 9 Explore Program

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Year 9 Explore Program (11 – 13 June 2019)

The Year 9 City Explore Program was a great success for all 293 students who participated in the 3-day excursion to the city of Melbourne. Bracing all elements of Melbourne’s in-climate weather, students and staff participated in a range of activities across the 3 days.

Students took part in an all-day ‘Great Race’ activity, where they had to work together in small teams to solve a series of clues based around our iconic city. Students also had the opportunity to partake in ‘The Big Issue’ seminar, where they learnt about the contemporary issues that surround the city of Melbourne, and what they can do to have a positive impact on such issues.

There was also a tour of the MCG and its rich sporting history, and the final activity saw students exploring one of Melbourne’s oldest buildings, the ‘Old Melbourne Gaol’. This program has given students the opportunity to develop their independence, their problem solving skills, their time management skills, their knowledge of the city of Melbourne, and has also taught them the importance of working together as a team. I would like to thank all students and staff who participated in the 3-day program, without you all it wouldn’t have been possible!

A special mention to Mr Peter Schneider and Ms Rebecca Kosach for all their hard work in making this program run so smoothly.


Mr Luke Brookman
Middle School Leader

From the Sports Desk

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Year 8 Round Robin – 7 June 2019

Well done to all our Year 8 Round Robin teams this weeks.  Results are as follows:
  • Boys Soccer Team – 1st and are now to compete in Regional Finals
  • Girls Soccer Team – 2nd
  • Netball A Team –  2nd
  • Netball B Team  – 4th
  • Boys Football Team – 3rd
  • Boys A Badminton Team – 2nd
  • Boys B Badminton Team – 2nd
  • Girls A Badminton Team – 2nd
  • Girls B Badminton Team – 2nd


Year 8 Boys Badminton Team
On Friday 7 June,  the year 8 boys badminton team travelled to the Kilsyth Badminton Stadium to compete in the district round robin.  The A team consisting of Jason Y, Dev S, Pranav S, Tanissh K, defeated Vermont & Highvale in the round robin before losing to Glen Waverley in the final.
The B team consisting of Joel P, Vidyuth S, Vineth M, Yeeheng L, Aditya R, had similar results, coming second to Glen Waverley.   Congratulations boys on an excellent result, you should be very proud of the way you all represented the school. Well done!  ~ Mr Campbell

Student Wellbeing

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Men’s Health Week  10 – 16 June 2019

International Men’s Health Week is celebrated every year around the world in the middle of June. It is an important opportunity to highlight Men’s Health and what it means to be healthy. Through a series of promotions, events and publicity around the country, Men’s Health Week is designed to provoke thought and discussion and highlight to all men the importance of taking care of their health, both physical and mental.

What we know about men’s health? Men, and therefore, young men are less likely to visit a GP compared to women and young women. Men are more likely to ignore symptoms especially if they relate to thoughts, feelings or emotions. One in seven young men between the ages of 16-24 suffer from Anxiety or Depression each year. We know that Young Men that do not ask for help, who don’t seek assistance with their health (physical or mental) turn into Men who do not seek help, which can lead to long-term illnesses or death. The amount of men who die by suicide in Australia each year is nearly double the national road toll.

What can I do? Start a conversation with your young man. Make sure he knows where his local GP is and how to make an appointment. Encourage him that he can access a doctor at any time and discuss your own experiences with seeing a doctor to normalise it. Make sure he knows what support is available to him, such as counselling at school. Be open with your emotions to show them how to cope with ‘normal’ difficult emotions.


Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing

Alumni Program News

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Year 10 Work Experience Placements

One of the objectives of alumni development is to find meaningful work experience placements through the alumni network. This year, a few of the Year 10 students were fortunate to secure a placement with some alumni and they certainly made a great impression. A very big thank-you to Ms Catherine Reinisch ‘86, Ms Rachelle Greer ‘97 and Mr Angelo Perera ‘04 for taking on four students for their week of work experience. Another student secured a placement at Urban Lawyers which was facilitated by Ourschool.


Catherine Reinisch ‘86

Catherine provided a placement for Keisha at Regis Aged Care. This is what Catherine had to say:

“It was lovely having Keisha here, she has a beautiful way about her, quiet, smiling and helpful. She plans to be a doctor and I think she is well suited to be one. I also believe working in an Aged Care facility has helped her understanding of the elderly, by being patient and actively listening to the residents. She was a great help to us and I’ll miss having her here.”


Rachelle Greer ‘97

This was possibly the most decadent placement provided, with Kevin the benefactor!

Rachelle provided a placement for Kevin at Koko Black Chocolate Headquarters in Coburg. Whilst Kevin learnt about various aspects of the business, including Human Resources and Accounting, he was tasked with developing a new product and presenting that to the staff at the end of his week. Kevin certainly impressed staff with his innovation, creativity and presentation skills, so much so, Koko Black might just create his product!


Angelo Perera ‘04

Following his participation in a Year 10 student and alumni session earlier this year, Angelo provided 2 work experience placements for Pahan and Hinata at the ANZ Headquarters. There, the students created a computer game and delivered an impressive presentation. The students found their placement to be “a valuable experience” which gave they insight into software engineering and they now consider this a career path.


We are thrilled with the support alumni are providing our students, both on-campus and in their workplaces, and look forward to sharing more alumni news and stories of support. For alumni parents, Chloe Yap ‘15 (Alumni Coordinator) would love to hear from you. Please email


Ms Chloe Yap
Alumni Coordinator

MWSC College News – Issue 9