College Principal’s Report

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The Arts on Display

Over the past two weeks there have been fantastic Arts ensembles and performances on display. The Year 10, 11 and 12 Drama students performed their pieces and were assessed on their work. The Year 11 and 12 Music Performance students also played to an audience of friends, parents and staff and were assessed by our Instrumental and Classroom Music teachers.
Congratulations to all of our talented students, you should all be very proud of your achievements.


Term 2 Working Bee                                                                                                                   

Our Term 2 working bee was held on Sunday 19 May on the Junior Campus.  Many hands make light work and, before we knew it, many metres of mulch was spread over the garden beds, plants were planted and the basketball court was cleaned.  This made a dramatic impact and instantly improved the Junior Campus grounds.  Thank you to all the students, parents and staff who attended.

Da Vinci Decathlon

A group of Year 7 students headed out to compete in the Da Vinci Decathlon on Tuesday 21 May.  We had teams competing on the day against both government and private schools.  The Da Vinci Decathlon is an academic competition, designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. Students compete in teams of eight across 10 disciplines including engineering, mathematics and chess, code breaking, art and poetry, science, English, philosophy, creative producers, cartography and general knowledge.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the competition.  Thank you to Ms Elizabeth Sutherland and Mr Gordon Gunn who accompanied the students on the day.


Music Soirees

Thank you to all of the Instrumental Music teachers and students who were involved in the fantastic soirees last week. I had the pleasure of attending the soiree on Monday 27 May where our vocal, brass and woodwind students performed. Their performances were thoroughly enjoyable. I was proud to see that even if students made a mistake that they persisted and kept going with their performance until the end. Well done to all involved!


Year 12 Students vs Staff Netball

Last Tuesday our staff took on the Year 12 students in a netball match. I am afraid the students were too good on the day and they defeated our teachers in what was an action filled match. Thank you to all the students and staff who competed on the day.

Biggest Morning Tea 


Every year our staff organise a morning tea on both campuses to raise money for the Cancer Council’s fundraiser Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Staff brought a plate of food and donated money to partake in this wonderful event. I am pleased to say that $705.25 was raised on the day. Special thanks to Mrs Vicky Passmore and Ms Mardi deKretser for organising this special event for such a wonderful cause.



Art Competition


Thank you to our Arts Captains Breanna and Nina who organised a drawing competition with the theme ‘what inspires you?’ The art work was displayed in the Fishbowl last week. Just another example of a wonderful student led initiative at the college.

Production Fundraisers

On Saturday 1 June  the school production team are running a fundraiser sausage sizzle at Bunnings Nottinghill.   Bunnings is located at 232-256 Ferntree Gully Road, Nottinghill.  If you have time and you are in the area please drop in to support the team and consider purchasing a sausage.


Correction Day

A reminder that Friday 14 June is Correction Day and this is a student free day. On Monday 17 June all Year 7 – 12 students begin Semester 2 studies.



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal – Junior School

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Mount Matters

Over the past month we have launched Mount Matters on the Junior Campus with sessions running at Year 7 and Year 8 rotating each week. These continue to be very successful and provide an opportunity for those student representatives from each home group to discuss what is going well at the college and how we can further develop. The sessions are run by our Year 8 Student Leaders which has been great to see them develop the leadership capacity of younger students. We look forward to the Mount Matters Forum on June 26 where all students representatives from Years 7 to 11 come together to present and discuss their ideas. Thank you to Miss Sarah Smith, Miss Hayley Dureau, Miss Lauren Kelly and Mr John Simon for their efforts in leading this initiative.


Student Goals

Our second session of Student Goals will be held on Thursday 27 June during period 2 across both campuses. This session will provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their progress thus far, celebrating successes and identifying areas of improvement for the remainder of the year. Thank you to Miss Hayley Dureau, Mr Matt Sheehan and Mr John Simon for their work in organising this session including developing the capacity of our Year 12 students to lead it.



World Challenge 2020 to Borneo

Last week we held a parent/carer information session for those current Year 9 and 10 students who are interested in participating in the 2020 World Challenge expedition to Borneo. Thank you to those families and staff in attendance. For those Year 9 and 10 students interested who couldn’t make the evening there is information and a pack available from the Middle School Office. The closing date for applications is Friday 7 June.


Monash Tech School

Last week some of our Year 8 students participated in a Monash Tech School program. This allowed them to see impressive technology in action at the new setting at Monash University. The program had a focus on new energy and required students to design solutions to problems that incorporate new energy systems. Thank you Ms Lauren Kelly, Mr Barry Haines, Mrs Nicoletta Kandyliotis, Ms Cecilia Carlill, Mrs Elizabeth Sutherland and Mr Greg Campbell for their work in attending or organising this opportunity for our students.


Year 8 Camp Rubicon

Next  week a group of Year 8 students will be attending Camp Rubicon and are looking forward to the activities on offer which includes an overnight hike. Thank you to all of the staff who will be attending: Miss Clare Challenger, Miss Sam Cody, Miss Grace Leszczynski, Mr Mark Quiambao and Miss Sarah Smith. Thank you to Mr John Simon and Ms Lauren Kelly for their organisation of this camp.



Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School



Head of Junior School’s Report

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Year 8 Camps in 2019

This year, we are running two camp experiences for Year 8 students. The focus of the Year 8 program is building resilience, overcoming challenges and developing students’ capacity for leadership. The camps have been carefully chosen to complement and enhance this focus and provide opportunities for students to develop these skills.

The first of these camps runs next week. 60 Year 8 students and 5 teachers will spend the week at Rubicon Outdoor Centre in Thornton. Their program includes a river journey (rafting through the rapids) as well as hiking and an overnight campout. We wish them all the best on this challenging adventure!

The second camp is for all Year 8 students to Kinglake Forest Adventures in October. Students will have the opportunity to elect preferences regarding the camp experiences they would like to take part in: hiking and camping, camp-based adventure activities or community and forest activities in Kinglake.  More information regarding this camp will be distributed shortly.

Key dates

Monday 3 June to Friday 7 June:                Rubicon Camp (60 students)
Monday 10 June:                                               Queen’s Birthday
Friday 14 June :                                                  Correction Day (student free day)
Monday 17 June:                                               Start of Semester 2
Friday 28 June:                                                   Last day of Term 2

Extended absences

A reminder that the College does not endorse the scheduling of absences during the school day and school term, including family holidays, where these may be arranged for out-of-school periods. If you know your child will be away for three or more days, please notify the college in writing well in advance so your child can complete an Absence Learning Plan before departure.



Mr John Simon
Head of Junior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Middle School

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As we move through Term 2 students in Year 9 have just completed NAPLAN testing.  This testing provides a snapshot for students on their performance in Literacy and Numeracy, with students receiving results later in the year.
Our Year 10 students have completed a week of their first semester exams with their remaining exams schedule to be completed when they return form work experience.  The final preparations for their work experience have been made with our Year 10 students starting their placements on Monday 3 June for one week.  This is a great opportunity for students to experience the world of work.

For our Year 9 students they are finish of courses and are about to begin their first experience of mid-year exams.  The Year 9 Explore Program is in the final stages of being organised with students receiving information about this program over the last few weeks.  This was followed up with a parent information night last Wednesday, which provided parents with an opportunity to understand more about this engaging program.


Working Bee

The second college Working Bee for this year happened on a beautiful sunny day at the Junior Campus.   Students, parents and staff were kept busy weeding, moving mulch and planting, as well as adding rocks to garden beds and cleaning up the lower basketball court.  The day was great success helping to improve the environment at the Junior Campus.  Thanks to everyone who came along.



Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School

Head of Middle School’s Report

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Term 3 Initiatives

 Year 9 – Careers Advisory Service

On Wednesday 26 June our Year 9 students will begin their journey in starting to identify what potential career paths they may wish to follow in the future. The Department of Education and Training is supporting all secondary schools to provide comprehensive career education from Year 7. This includes a new, free, career advisory service for Year 9 students.

The careers advisory service forms part of the Victorian Government’s $109m investment to transform career education in Victorian schools. This service is being provided by Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) in partnership with the Department of Education and Training.

The service is designed to help students make better choices about subject selection, vocational education and training, senior secondary school certificates and further study. All year 9 students in Government Schools will have access to:

  • an online personal career discovery tool that identifies potential suitable careers in a report
  • analysis of their career assessment report by an accredited career practitioner
  • a follow-up one-on-one career counselling session to discuss the outcomes of their assessment and future options.

As part of the overall career planning process for young people, the career advisory service recognises the importance of learning career planning skills over time and of understanding an individual’s strengths and preferences.

The service uses a personal online career discovery tool (Morrisby Online) which provides objective and relevant information about the student and the opportunities available. As part of the service, your child will receive a confidential profile generated through the online career discovery tool.  As a parent or carer, your child is able to invite you to view their profile via a secure website.

Once the assessment has been completed, the student will be provided with a report and a 1:1 career counselling session. There is an opportunity for you (the Parent/Carer) to attend this thirty minute session with the qualified Careers Consultant with your child.  The Careers Consultant will provide you and your child with a 30 minute one on one interview about what your child’s profile suggests and how they can use it to help them with subject choices and to explore future career options and pathways. Career counselling sessions will start at the beginning of term 3, each individual student will be provided with a schedule meeting time.
Further information about this program will be available on Compass from Monday 3 June 2019


Year 10 – Mental Health First Aid Training

In term 3 Year 10 students will be participating in Mental Health First Aid training, this is a terrific opportunity for our students to help equip them with skills to recognise and seek support for mental health problems. The college would like to thank the Rotary Club of Glen Waverley and Monash Council for supporting this initiative, the program is funded by the Victorian Government through Pick My Project. Further information will be available to students and parents on Compass from Monday 3/6/19.

Program Overview

Mental Health First Aid Training gives teenagers the skills they need to recognise and help with mental health problems and crises in their friends, and to get the help of an adult quickly. Young people will often turn to each other when stressed or upset, and try to help each other, and sometimes take too much on. This course teaches students not to try to take on these problems alone, and when they should get an adult involved. Students will not be talking about any problems they are having themselves.

This course has been designed to provide students with education around mental health, it is not happening because of any specific problems individuals may be facing. No individual student will be discussed in the course.

Session 1:  discusses mental health problems in general, and understanding how common and tough these are in young people. Students will also learn about professionals who can help.

Session 2:  talks about helping a friend who is in crisis, engaging in non-suicidal self-injury, using alcohol or other drugs, or experiencing bullying or abuse. The Action Plan (‘Look, Ask, Listen, Help Your Friend’) is introduced for the first time, and applied to a crisis situation.

Session 3:  takes a step back and discusses how to help if someone seems to be developing a mental health problem. We won’t teach you how to diagnose problems – it’s advice about being a supportive friend, encouraging your friend to seek help, and knowing when it’s time to get someone else involved.



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Middle School

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Exams and Reporting and Assessment

Our students have started exams this week on the senior campus and it is a very busy time for students and teachers. The students are to be commended for their preparation in the lead up to the exams and for their behaviour during the exam period. The exams provide valuable experience and feedback on performance in preparation for their final Year 12 VCAA exams.

Some of our Year 12 students are also completing their final exams in Accounting and Further Maths as part of their Northern Hemisphere Timetable studies.

Thanks to Mrs Debbie Sekula (Head of Curriculum) and the middle and senior subschool teams, our faculty heads and teachers and Mr Scott Smith for their planning and support of the exam process.


Unit Three SAC (School Assessed Coursework) Week

Next week all students completing a Units 3 & 4 subject will be involved in SAC week where students will complete their final assessment for first semester. Classes will not run and students will have an opportunity to focus on their assessment and review the work completed so far. Students must attend the college when there is a SAC and if absent from assessment must have a medical certificate (unless it is a school approved activity).


Music at Mount

A number of our students were involved in the North East Region of Victoria concert at Hamer Hall in Melbourne on Tuesday evening. I was lucky enough to attend and see students from across the region. The performances were outstanding and it was wonderful to see our staff and students involved.


Parking on the senior campus

In the interests of safety of students and other motorists can I remind parents and carers that the car parks on the college grounds are not to be used to drop off or pick up students. Please obey the parking signs around the school particularly before and after school.



A big thank you to all of the staff who were involved in planning, organising, supervision and support of the NAPLAN testing at Years 7 and 9. Parents and the college will receive the results and information next term. It provides the college and teachers with another piece of information about students individually and also as a cohort.



Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School


Head of Senior School’s Report

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Northern Hemisphere Timetable Exams

This week saw our Year 12 Accounting and Year 12 Further Maths Northern Hemisphere exams take place. The students in these classes have been working diligently all year and we wish them the best of luck with their results. Next week Year 11 Exams commence as well as the Year 12 SAC week, students should be taking this opportunity to revise and complete practice questions and essays in preparation for the upcoming assessments. The VCE Centre is extremely impressed with the efforts and dedication towards the Year 11 and Year 12’s in relation to their studies.



Ms Claire McCormack
Senior School Leader

Music Director’s Report

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Music Soiree Concerts

On Monday 20 May and Wednesday 22 May, we held our annual Soiree Concerts in the Senior Campus Theatrette. This is the first time that we have held the Soiree’s in this venue and it was a wonderful experience for music students and staff.
These concerts feature students from Year 7-12 of all abilities performing as soloists and small groups. Over the course of the two evenings, 84 students performed on a variety of instruments. Congratulations to these young musicians, and thank-you to the members of the school community who attended these performances.


VCE Music Recitals – 23 and 30 May

Over two evenings the 26 students studying Year 11 and Year 12 Music Solo Performance showcased their talent by performing for their Unit 1 and Unit 3 Recital’s. The students were all required to play a folio of challenging musical works. This takes a great deal of self motivation and persistence and the these students should be proud of the performance that they gave.
These recitals are an opportunity for our students to prepare for the Unit 4 Music Exam which involves a performance of  25 minute of solo repertoire for two external examiners. This exam constitutes 50% of the grade for the subject. Recitals such as these allow students to hone their performance skills in preparation of this. It also allows the college community to enjoy some beautiful music.
Thank-you to our dedicated music staff who gave up their time to accompany and mark these students.

Year 12 music class



This amazing annual event held in Hamer Hall involves student from the North Eastern Victoria Region to be involved in combined bands, orchestras and ensembles for a concert at Hamer Hall. This year, the event titled “ Destination” involves 13 Mount Waverley SC students who were selected to perform in various ensembles including the secondary choir, concert band and symphony orchestra. Further to this, violinist Year 12 student Jessica Y was chosen as one of three soloist from across the region to perform a solo. Congratulations to these students for their performance in this wonderful concert.




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director

From the Sports desk

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Friday, 17 May 2019

Intermediate Boys & Girls Badminton Teams

Well done to the intermediate ‘A’ Boys badminton team.  They won all their matches and are now through to the Regional finals.  A fantastic effort boys!
The Intermediate Boys B Team and the Intermediate Girls A and B Teams fought hard and had some good wins but unfortunately did not make the finals.  Well done everyone! ~ Mr Simon Bartlett

Intermediate Boys AFL 

The intermediate boys AFL team had a great day out on Friday. They won their first two games and played valiantly however they unfortunately lost their third after a tough start and will not go through. Overall, a great day by the boys!   ~ Mr Liam Wall

Intermediate Girls Soccer 

The Intermediate Girls Soccer team faced off against the other rival schools in our district on 17 May, and played valiantly to make it into the Grand Final against Vermont Secondary College. After a gruelling 45 minutes of fierce competition, the Mount Waverley Secondary College girls unfortunately got defeated by the narrow margin of 1-0.  It was a fantastic effort by all girls against quality opposition.  ~ Mr Luke Brookman



Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Intermediate Girls AFL

The intermediate girls went through undefeated at football on Tuesday 28 May. Every single player worked so hard and put on an excellent show!  Congratulations ~ Ms Emma Kerr

Senior Boys Netball 

The Senior Boys Netball  A Team played well but unfortunately finished second.  B Team came first in this pool. Well done to all the boys!  ~ Ms Claire McCormack

College Production – ‘The Addams Family – A New Musical Comedy’

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Mount Waverley Secondary College undertakes an annual school production with an all-inclusive cast from Year 7-12. This year we are delighted to present ‘The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy’

All your favourite Addams Family characters in one hilarious musical. The flamboyant sword swinging Gomez, still madly in love with his ravishing Morticia whose alluring voice and dry wit continue to send him wild.  The eccentric Fester and the madcap Grandma, both up to their old tricks dabbling in potions and spells-defying the the laws of nature. However, it is little Pugsley who’s in a pickle, his normally dark and sadistic sister Wednesday is ignoring him, she is in love with the very ‘normal’ Lucas Beineke. What will Pugsley do? What drastic measures will he take to get the old Wednesday back? Will Lurch open his mouth and tell us how he really feels?

For more information, phone the Box Office on 9262 6555 or email


Production Fundraiser

Saturday 1 June the school production team are running a fundraiser sausage sizzle at Bunnings Nottinghill.   Bunnings is located at 232-256 Ferntree Gully Road, Nottinghill.  So come along and purchase a sausage in support of our production.


Ms Jane Carter
Production Director

Student Wellbeing

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Quite often students put up barriers to receiving the support they need.  They might not feel comfortable sitting face to face with a counsellor or asking for help.  I wanted to inform and remind students and parents of eheadspace.
eheadspace provides free online and telephone support and counselling to young people 12 – 25 and their families and friends. If you’re based in Australia and going through a tough time, eheadspace can help.
Here you can talk 1-on-1 with an eheadspace clinician via an online chat, email or over the phone. You can also join group chats which cover a variety of helpful topics and are a great way to learn from other people’s experiences.
They are open 9am – 1am (Melbourne time) 7 days a week for a 1-on-1 chat. It’s a confidential, free and safe space to talk about what’s going on. 
Follow the link, sign up and connect with a clinician.
Please be aware that during busy periods there can be a wait list for up to an hour.

Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing 

Resource Centre

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Wellbeing Corner

On Thursday 16 May we officially opened the new “Wellbeing Corner” in the Senior Resource Centre.  Geoff and Terry from Rotary Club kindly donated money to obtain a lovely new shelving unit to help delineate the space and Student Wellbeing Faculty purchased two comfy couches for the area.
The space is designed to provide a safe and welcoming space for students to ‘chill out’ during break times, and to provide resources relating to mental health and wellbeing.  Staff from Student Wellbeing will be available on Thursdays at lunchtime to connect with students.
Mrs Robyn Whitelaw
Resource Centre Manager – Senior Campus
MWSC College News – Issue 8