Jazz Night 2019

MWSC College News – Issue 4

22nd March 2019

Photo: Jazz Night @ Caravan Club – Wednesday 20 March 2019.

Upcoming Events

Monash Tech School – 7C & 7D
Oct 14 – Oct 16 all-day
Year 8 Camp# 1 – Kinglake Forest Adventure
Oct 14 – Oct 16 all-day

3 day camp for half the year level

Year 8 Camp# 2 – Kinglake Forest Adventure
Oct 16 – Oct 18 all-day

3 day camp for other half of the year level

Year 7 Classroom Music/Bridging Band Concert @ MWSC Senior Campus Hall
Oct 17 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Students to arrive at 5.30pm

Year 12- Red Frogs Schoolies Presentation @ MWSC Senior Campus Theatrette
Oct 18 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

College Principal’s Report

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Teachers: Leading The Way To Improve Student Learning Outcomes

It is no surprise that recent research clearly indicates that the effectiveness of the teacher has a significant effect on the learning outcomes of students. At Mount Waverley Secondary College we are extremely fortunate to have the best of teachers. Our teachers are committed to sharing their practice to support each other in providing optimal learning experiences for our students.  This year we have provided additional meeting times for our teachers to work in teams to further develop their skills. Each team will investigate a range of proven research based teaching strategies and trial them in the classroom. This will ensure that the teaching and learning environment at Mount Waverley Secondary College will remain at the forefront of what is regarded as best practice.


Our School is a Safe School

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence was held across Australia on Friday 15 March 2019. Mount Waverley Secondary College joined over 2300 schools who signed up for the day to commit to take a stand against bullying. Our students were involved in a variety of activities on the day including signing a pledge against bullying in our school.


Jazz Night

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the MWSC Jazz Night which was held at The Caravan Club in Bentleigh East. Congratulations to our two Music Captains Oscar and Aaron who oversaw the organisation of the night. I was proud to see our students perform with such joy and dedication in a professional venue. Performances included ensembles such as the Jazz Band, Senior Choir, Jazz Combo, You’re out of the Band, Practice 3, Take 4, Alumni Band, Senior Stage Band and The Teachers Band. Special thanks to the alumni who performed on the night and all of the Instrumental Music teachers who also took the stage. I know that all members of the audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s entertainment.


Working Bee – Sunday 24 March

I am looking forward to seeing many parents, friends and students at our first Working Bee for 2019 on Sunday 24 March between 9am and 12 noon on the Senior Campus.  This is an opportunity for parents to establish a strong sense of belonging to our learning community and to show their children how much they value the wonderful educational opportunities Mount Waverley Secondary College has to offer.
If you have some spare time on this day your contribution would be greatly appreciated.


Parent Teacher Conferences

By appointment only – Thursday 28 March  1.00pm until 4.30pm and 5.00pm until 7.30pm

Information regarding making appointments has been sent out via Compass. There will not be any formal classes operating on Thursday 28 March as all teachers will be involved in interviews. Students are required to attend interviews with their parent/carer to allow students, parents and teachers to all participate in a meaningful discussion to plan for ongoing improvement.
The duration of each interview will be 6 minutes. If you require a longer period of time for an interview, please contact the teacher directly to organise another meeting time.

All interviews will be conducted on the Senior Campus. Parking is not available on Campus so please park in local side streets observing Council restrictions. There will be tea and coffee available in the Fishbowl.  These interviews provide our students with an important learning experience where they have the opportunity to reflect upon and evaluate their progress and join in partnership with their teacher and parents to plan for ongoing success. For these reasons I recommend everyone is involved in this process.


Young Leaders Trip to India

Congratulations to Miss Hayley Dureau, Head of Student Voice for applying for the inaugural trip of the Department of Education and Training’s Year 9 Young Leaders to India program. We were one of eight schools chosen for this program and five students will be selected to be part of this exciting three week tour which will take place in September.


End of Term 1 – Start of Term 2

Students will be dismissed at 2.30pm on Friday 5 April and we will look forward to their return for Term 2 on Tuesday 23 April.




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal


Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday 28 March and are open on Compass.  If staff are not available on this day please email the teacher concerned. The conferences provide an opportunity for parents to discuss the progress of their child with teachers.

Car parking on the Senior Campus

As a college the safety of our students is paramount. Therefore we have concerns about the number of parents coming into the car park and into the school to pick up children. The car parks on the campus are for staff and there is one section for visitors. Please do not come into the school to pick up your child.
I would also like to remind parents that students are not to leave school without signing out through the General Office. We have incidents this week where students have left class early, not signed out and have been picked up in the car park.  We appreciate your support in this matter.

Classical Studies/ History Tour to Europe 2020 – Information Evening

On Monday 1 April there will be a meeting for Year 9, 10 and 11 families regarding the proposed tour.  It will be for two weeks in the April school holidays in 2020.  Details about the trip, the itinerary and the approximate cost will be covered at the meeting.  Please contact Mr Peter Soutar –  Head of Humanities (sou@mwsc.vic.edu.au)  or myself (caj@mwsc.vic.edu.au ) if you have any questions.

Reporting and feedback via Compass

Teachers are working on putting all assessment activities, CATs and SACs on to Compass. The feedback provided relates to the skills and knowledge demonstrated by the student and suggestions for further improvement.  This provides parents/ carers with an opportunity to support their child at home and be aware of upcoming assessment.

Peer observations – visiting classes

As part of our Performance and Development Process a number of teachers have been working in triads and observing each other’s classes and talk to students about their learning. This provides teachers with an opportunity to reflect on their practice and talk with colleagues. The focus of the observations is on ‘HITS’ (High Impact Teaching Strategies) and student agency within the classroom. This will continue to occur during the rest of the year.


Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Middle School

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Students and staff have settled into the year and the routine of college life very well across the Middle School.  Classrooms have been very productive with students with engaging in a wide range of learning experiences and also more recently with Common Assessment Tasks.  With conversations about learning progress occurring next week at Student Parent Teachers conferences on Thursday 28 March.
Student Parent Teachers conferences provide a fantastic opportunity for reflection on learning progress to date.  They also allow for conversations on areas for improvement and the creation of an action plan to further support students with their learning in the latter part of Semester 1.  We look forward to welcome parents and students to these valuable meetings next week.

Indonesian School Leaders visit the College

We recently welcomed four school leaders from Indonesia to our college.  The Indonesians visited two Year 9 English Classes and spent some time in Year 8 Maths classes.  They also had the opportunity to get an understanding of our – Explicit Instructional Model and Student Learning Model as well as how we cater for individual differences.  Once, again this opportunities allowed us to showcase the college and the great work our students and staff do on a daily basis across the college.  The Indonesian school leaders visited the college as part of a program three week learning program through Monash University.

Working Bee 

The first Working Bee for 2019 is happening on the Senior Campus on Sunday 24 March starting at 9:00am.  There will be a focus on weeding, mulching and general cleaning up of the grounds.  All students and parents are invited to attend on the day.  Morning tea is provided.  Bee part of it!


Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School

Campus Principal’s Report – Junior School

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Open Day – Thursday 2 May

Planning and preparations are well underway for this important annual event.  Our Faculty Heads are starting to plan displays for the night with their teams of teachers. The Junior Campus will be open from 4.00pm to 7.30pm allowing families to engage with teachers, students and get a feel for the college community.  School tours of both campuses will be offered on the day for prospective parents.  Please see the college website for further details. Thank you to Mrs Narda McLennan for her efforts in organising materials and promoting this great event.


Visit from The Second Affiliated Middle School of Huadong Normal University

We are excited to be welcoming a visit from some staff and students from The Second Affiliated Middle School of Huadong Normal University between Monday July 29 to Friday August 9 this year. This visit is for them to learn more about our college and to experience education and our culture. Part of this visit provides us with the opportunity to host these visitors during their stay. We are asking for expressions of interest to host these thirteen students. Thank you to those families who have already indicated they would like to be involved. Please email me: bat@mwsc.vic.edu.au if you would like to be part of this cultural experience with a planned return visit for a group of students and staff to Shanghai in 2020.


 College Values

Congratulations to Isabella K, Prachi P and Olivia R from Year 8 for clearly demonstrating our School Values, in particular, respect, excellence and accountability via their role as flag monitors.
We look forward to acknowledging other students over the course of the year as we aim to consistently demonstrate our community values.


Parent Communication

It is extremely important that we communicate with each other as part of our partnership in educating your child. If you have any matters you wish to discuss with your child’s classroom teachers, please contact them in the first instance. If there is something else you would like to discuss following this, please contact a Year Level Coordinator who will assist or refer it to one of our Leading Teachers/Campus Principals.



Mr Andrew Batchelor
Campus Principal – Junior School

Head of Junior School’s Report

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In 2019, students at Mount Waverley Secondary College will complete the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests online. The NAPLAN Online tests will be conducted between Tuesday 14 May and Friday 24 May 2019. Year 7 students will complete the tests on their iPads.
There will be a Practice Test held for all Year 7 students on Friday 29 March in order to check hardware and internet capabilities and to ensure students are familiar with the new online platform. Student achievement will not be assessed or reported in the Practice Test.
An information sheet about NAPLAN Online is being sent home with students today.


Rubicon Camp

Congratulations to the 60 Year 8 students who have successfully applied to attend the Rubicon Camp from June 3 to 7. We hope the students enjoy the opportunity and we look forward to working with them in the lead up to this week of challenging outdoor activities.



Mr John Simon
Head of Junior School

Student Voice Report

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On Thursday 7 March, I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Year 12 Captains Demitri and Jessalyn at the Peninsula Principals Conference at RACV Cape Schanck. The theme of the conference was Student Agency, and Demetri and Jessalyn did a wonderful job presenting to Principals from schools across the peninsula on our Teach the Teacher program.



Mount Waverley Secondary College is one of eight Victorian schools to be selected to take part in the Victorian Young Leaders to India program.
The Victorian Young Leaders to India Program is a Victorian Government initiative providing Year 9 students with a three week immersion experience. The program is designed to develop students’ skills and confidence as future leaders, encourage global learning and engagement, and their ability to act as global citizens in an interconnected world.

Five Year 9 students will have the opportunity to travel to India for three weeks in September 2019.  The students will travel as part of a group of 40 students and 8 teachers from the eight schools.

Approximate Dates: September 5 – 27
Cost: $3000*
How to apply: Your son/daughter can express interest by completing the attached form and returning it to Miss Hayley Dureau by Monday 1 April.

*There are a limited number of fully-subsidised places for students whose parents hold a Health Care card with the child’s name on it. Please email Miss Hayley Dureau for more information  dur@mwsc.vic.edu.au  or call 98036811.

VYL India Information brochure for Parents and Students




Miss Hayley  Dureau
Head of Student Services

Year 12 Environmental Science Fieldtrip

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First Camp of Environmental Science 2019  by Catherine V (12G)

On Thursday 14 March 2019, our Year 12 Environmental Science camp went on an overnight camp west of Melbourne.   The aim of the camp was to learn about conservation in Victoria, and we specifically focused on the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.
We arrived at the Boar Gully campsite and set up our tents.  We immediately started to assess the biodiversity by quadrats which meant setting up 10 metre squares and looking at the different species of plants in them. We even discovered a plant called Sneezeweed, which became a running joke in our group.
Our next destination was Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre, which was probably the most popular site among the whole class. There we walked around various areas in the afternoon and night and got to see several native Australian animals up close, such as the Eastern Quoll, Southern Brown Bandicoot and Brush-tailed rock-wallaby. We learnt about how to set up traps (which didn’t harm the animals) and managed to catch Quolls, Potoroos and a Possum. We were also lucky enough to see a Quoll being micro-chipped, as well as being shown how to scan for microchips, weigh an animal and identify the sex of different species.
Another highlight of this location was being able to pet the dingoes. On the second day we visited Serendip Sanctuary, which displays many native animals in the open grassy woodlands and wetland ecosystems. Our class was able to wander through the
Sanctuary at our own leisure and explore the diversity of ecosystems. The practical aspects of this camp made my learning experience more beneficial, and was definitely more interesting than simply reading a textbook. We were also able to interact with many animals which are extinct in the wild, and that is likely a once in a lifetime experience.

Setting up tents at Boar Gully campsite                                                                                         Sign for Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre      Wetland ecosystem – Serendip Sanctuary



Year 12 Enviro Fieldtrip  by Jessie P (12K)

Last week our year 12 Environmental Science class went on an overnight camp to visit the Dandenong Ranges, Mount Rothwell Conservation Centre, and Serendip Sanctuary. When we arrived at our campsite, we walked around and made a note of all of the plant and animal species that we saw, then had lunch and made our way to Mt. Rothwell. There we had one of the conservationists give us a tour of the fox and cat free enclosures, and she taught us all about our threatened animal of focus: the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. We then learnt how to set safe traps to keep track of the animals that they are monitoring and protecting in the park, and we learnt the ins and outs of her job which was very interesting! We caught many Quolls and Potoroos, and we weighed them and checked their health. The next day we went to Serendip Sanctuary, where we looked through the enclosures of many birds and small animals. In summary, the trip was a one in a lifetime experience to see these threatened and protected species up close, and learn what we can do to help them. It was so enriching and was so much fun!

Music Director’s Report

Jazz Night 2019 - Foyer Caravan Club
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MWSC Jazz Night 

The Annual MWSC Jazz Night was held at The Caravan Club on Wednesday evening. The evening featured the three college ensembles travelling to Generations in Jazz, Mount Gambier in May along with other groups of current students, alumni, and staff.  Attended by over 100 of the the college community it was a great night to kick of a year of music at MWSC.

Music leadership opportunities @ mwsc

The music leadership team at Mount Waverley Secondary C ollege grows stronger each year. This year we introduced Music Captains at the Junior Campus into the structure. The music committee meets weekly and once a month on the Junior Campus, to discuss upcoming music events. The team worked together to organise and run the MWSC Jazz Night and congratulations need to go to the Music Captains Oscar J and Aaron J on the smooth organisation of the night.    The group have planned upcoming lunchtime concerts at both Campus’ to showcase the musical talents of the students at the college.


MUSIC – Upcoming dates  

Please check Compass Permissions to see if your child is involved

15 & 16 April :  9-1pm- Jazz Band Camp, Jazz Band & Stage Band
26 April : MSO Excursion, VCE Classroom Music students
2 May : Open Night, various performers TBC through Compass
3 -5  May : Generations in Jazz, Mount Gambier




Mrs Tijtje Keatley
Music Director

From The Sports Desk

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Year 7 Round Robin – Wednesday 13 March

On Wednesday 13 March 8 teams competed in cricket, baseball, softball tennis and volleyball.  Students showed great sportsmanship and effort.  Congratulations to the softball, baseball and girls cricket teams who made it through to Region.


On Wednesday 13 March, Year 7 Boys Cricket team headed to Ballyshannassy Park in Burwood East,  for the District round robin.  Our first game was against Glen Waverley SC where we were sent into bat. Our boys went on to make 74 runs off 12 overs for the loss of 2 wickets.  Our captain Aditya C opened the batting making 36 not out with Shlok M and Ben A also contributing valuable runs.
The boys then put on a magnificent display of bowling and fielding, restricting the opposition to 67 runs. Lachlan B and Saran K picked up 1 wicket each.
We then played Vermont in the Grand final, bowling first we managed to keep them to 95 runs off 15 overs. Wickets were shared between Tobey, Lachlan and Saran.
From our 15 overs, we managed to score 92 runs. Despite falling 3 runs short our batsman played extremely well, with our captain Adi again leading from the front retiring on 50 runs.
Congratulations to all the boys for their outstanding performance, you all represented the school with distinction.  Well done!
~  Mr Campbell



Senior Girls Cricket – Region Finals

On Tuesday 19 March, our senior girls cricket team took part in the region grand final and gave it their all! Unfortunately, finishing runners up to Koonung Secondary who were victorious on the day. The team spirit and level of sportsmanship shown by the girls throughout their journey this year has been incredible. Congratulations girls!


Just an update on the Senior Girls Tennis. Unfortunately, the girls were unsuccessful and did not finish on top today, so they will not be going through to states.
On a positive note, they had a great day out and everybody played fantastic tennis!  ~ Mr Wall

Careers News

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Resources for supporting your child in conversations about their potential career

The below link is a good one for parents to use to engage in conversations about careers.


  • Careers News is sent out regularly to students and parents. We subscribe to this newsletter that has a focus on current resources. Many are aimed at students making decisions before they end school. Other entries focuS on specific occupations.
  • We have been advised of a free seminar about overseas (UK and USA) applications for tertiary studies being presented by a commercial organisation: Crimson Education.

With the end of Term 1 is fast approaching, we are holding our final round of US & UK introductory events. These seminars are designed to help students understand the academic benchmarks, application timelines, expected costs and an overview of the application process to studying overseas. A recent admit to NYU Abu Dhabi will also be sharing her experiences with the process at the Malvern and Glen Waverley events.”

Tickets are usually $10, but we warmly invite MWSC students to register for free (or with a $5 VIP ticket) at the links below.  If interested please contact me on tho@mwsc.vic.edu.au.




Mrs Stephanie Thomas
Careers Coordinator

Student Wellbeing Report

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National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

On Friday 15 March, the Student Wellbeing team recognised the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

Students were able to come along on both campuses and make a pledge to stand up and act against bullying and violence, or write an anonymous apology that was placed on our Wellbeing Tree in order to ‘turn over a new leaf’ and make positive changes to their interactions with others.  The most common message from the students was to ‘be kind’ to others.

A simple but really powerful statement!

Monash Community Conversations event ‘Mental Health & Young People’

This is a FREE community event for parents and young people regarding mental health, facilitated by Monash Youth Services (MYS) staff, who are also accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainers.
This is a great community session to link parents in with as it will provide a great overview of signs to look out for and easy strategies for supporting their young person. The event is on Thursday 11 April from 6:30pm – 8pm at the Monash Civic Centre in Glen Waverley.

For further details click HERE

Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing

Japanese Exchange Program – Part 2

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Snapshots from MWSC Students on Japanese Exchange Program (Nov 2018 – Jan 2019)

My Exchange Experience in Japan  By Chuong N (11M)

Highlight at school: Being able to make a lot of friends and talk with them in class was my school highlight.
Highlight outside of school: My highlight outside of school was going sightseeing and visiting lots of places around Kansai, like going to Arashiyama with my friends and going to Lake Biwako with my host family.
Challenge: The biggest challenge in Japan was doing a 10 minute presentation to the first years about the cultural differences about Australia and Japan. I overcame this challenge by practicing my speech a lot with my host and in front of my friends.
My host family: My host family was very kind and understanding when it came to learning the language and my favourite memory with them was eating homemade sushi for dinner and watching detective Conan.


My Minami Exchange Student

Name: Hiromi Kawai
Hiromi’s passion: Her passion is the playing the clarinet and reading novels.
What Hiromi wants to achieve at MWSC: To improve her communication skills, be more friendly and make lots of good friends.
Interesting fact about Hiromi: J-pop, K-pop(a little), Honey Works, Amastuki(singer) and Disney.

Nice to meet you!





My Exchange Experience in Japan By Michael S (12G)

Highlight at school: Making new friends and being immersed in the Japanese language
Highlight outside of school: Going on bike rides and trying new food
Challenge: Difficulty understanding language at times; overcome by using recovery phrases
My host family: Extremely kind and very funny. Spending time with them was the most enjoyable part of exchange program. I always played Nintendo Wii with my host brother and sister, had conversations about differences between Australian and Japanese culture with my host mum and made a lot of jokes with my host dad.


My Minami Exchange Student

Name: Ami Shimano
Ami’s passion: Swimming
What Ami wants to achieve at MWSC: Wants to improve her English speaking ability
Interesting fact about Ami: Her favourite bands are SHINee, Red velvet and 1the9






My Exchange Experience in Japan By Henry L (11L)

Highlight at school: Joining the Minami brass band club was a really good experience for me. As someone who loves participating in ensembles, I found it really interesting to attend and experience the culture of Japanese clubs, and more specifically the way they run ensembles.
Highlight outside of school: Being able to explore and learn about Osaka and the cities around it. I often used the public transport to travel around Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. I love nature as well so taking the train out to the less populated areas was a really good experience for me.
Challenge: I have food intolerances that even though are widely known in Australia, are quite unheard of in Japan so it limited the food that I could eat there. It was a challenge to explain to people about what I could and couldn’t eat, especially in Japanese but I overcame this by learning the Japanese vocabulary for certain things I couldn’t eat and having a strong initiative to look after myself.
My host family: My host family were really nice and considerate to me. They took me out to places and lot and taught me lots of things about Japanese culture. My best memories of them would be our conversations together and the times that we went out to eat Yakiniku and Kaitensushi (sushi train).


My Minami Exchange Student

Name: Kaori Yamada
Kaori’s passion: Dancing.
What Kaori wants to achieve at MWSC: To make 100 friends.
Interesting fact about Kaori: Very perseverant when trying to do something







MWSC College News – Issue 4