College Principal’s Report

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Lions Youth of The Year

On Wednesday 20 February Deputy Captain Jessalyn represented Mount Waverley Secondary College in the Lions Youth of the Year (YOTY) competition. The competition involves a written application, interview and public speaking component, and focuses on leadership and community contribution.  Jessalyn wasn’t the overall winner on the night, but she made us very proud! Her prepared speech, titled “Mental disorders are not adjectives” was very moving.   Thank you to Mrs Mary Petridis, Ms Claire McCormack and Ms Hayley Dureau who went along to support Jessalyn!


Government House

Laura one of our College Captains and I represented the college at the launch of the Hansen Scholarships program for The University of Melbourne, at Government House on Thursday 21 February and we met the Honourable Linda Dessau AC Governor of Victoria.  Information has been emailed out to all Year 12 Students regarding this inaugural scholarship and I would encourage all eligible students to apply.


Year 11 and 12 Drama Performance

On Saturday 23 February our students performed on the Beckett stage at The Malthouse Theatre. They presented Advance Australia Fair: Using drama to tell Indigenous stories at the Jumpstart Victorian Drama Conference.    Their amazing performance not only gave the audience goose bumps and tears but also brought on a standing ovation! They then led a Q and A session where the teachers were blown away with their maturity, clarity and the deep learning they had gained through the experience. Congratulations to Ms Jane Carter and our Drama students.


International Visitors

On Wednesday 27 February, 17 Dutch educators visited our college to learn more about our student voice programs. Professor John Hattie from Melbourne University had suggested they visit our college as he is aware of the great work we are doing in this area. Congratulations to our Head of Student Voice- Ms Hayley Dureau for overseeing their visit and thank you to all the staff and students who were involved on the day.

Another group of educators, this time from Indonesia came for a visit on Wednesday 6 March.  Monash University is hosting principals and School Supervisors at the request of the Indonesian Ministry of Education for eleven days. Four leaders have elected to come to our college for two days to learn how our leadership and teaching teams work, and to see Australian Principals’ in action.


District Swimming

Our swimming team have made it four titles in four years after narrowly holding off Vermont by a mere 15 points to take out the overall shield. Our students’ determination throughout the day to create this slice of history is a credit to them and their willingness to step outside their comfort zone and compete in events to gain points for our college was incredible. Congratulations to all seventy students across both campuses who participated and best wishes to those students who will go onto compete at the Eastern Metropolitan Region event which will be held on Tuesday March 26th. Thank you to Mr Matt Cara and Mr Danny Gwynne our Heads of Sport for their great work with the team.


Mount Waverley Secondary College alive with the Sound of Music!        

This year the college has an amazing 300 students participating in the Music Program.  They are committed to a gruelling training schedule which results in these students showcasing their incredible talents in the 3 concert bands, 2 stage bands, 3 string orchestras, 3 guitar ensembles, 2 choirs, a rock band, a jazz combo, percussion ensemble, clarinet ensemble and flute ensemble. This year for the first time 2 string orchestras and 2 concert bands will be introduced at Year 7 to give our students an opportunity to experience playing in a band.

Our learning community looks forward to attending and enjoying many performances provided by these students through the year.  This fantastic music program is a tribute to the hard work and talent of our dedicated instrumental and music teachers.


Jazz at Lincoln Centre

Friday 1 March, the MWSC Stage and Jazz Band’s attended a wonderful educational event held in the beautiful Hamer Hall – ‘Jazz at the Lincoln Centre and Wynton Marsalis’ as part of the MSO Education Series, lead by famous Jazz trumpeter and band leader, Wynton Marsalis.    It was a great experience for these students in the lead up to Generations in Jazz Festival 2019.

 MWSC Jazz Night

Come and join me to support our great Music Program by attending the MWSC Jazz Night on Wednesday 20 March at the Caravan Club in Bentleigh East. Tickets can be purchased via link on school’s website.








Working Bee – Sunday 24 March

I am looking forward to seeing many parents, friends and students at our first Working Bee for 2019 on Sunday 24 March between 9.00am and 12 noon on the Senior Campus.  This is an opportunity for parents to establish a strong sense of belonging to our learning community and to show their children how much they value the wonderful educational opportunities Mount Waverley Secondary College has to offer.
If you have some spare time on this day your contribution would be greatly appreciated.



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal

Campus Principal’s Report – Senior School

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2019 Central Australia Trip – Information Evening

On Wednesday 13 March an information evening will be held for all students and parents who are going on the Year 11 Central Australia Trip at the end of term one. The evening commences at 7 pm in the VCE Centre (V2) and parents/ carers will receive information on the itinerary, the packing list and other important information. The staff attending the trip will also be in attendance.

Car parking on the Senior Campus

As mentioned in the previous newsletter the school grounds and car park are for visitors (at the front of the General Office) and staff parking only. Parents and carers are requested to not enter the car parks and should pick their child/children up in the side streets (obeying parking restrictions).

Assessment – Common Assessment Tasks (CATs)

Staff at the college have been working hard to ensure that all students are completing the same assessment tasks (CATs) in a subject regardless of the class they are in. Teachers have been working together to ensure that tasks provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and CATs are moderated by subject teachers. The Head of Curriculum, Mrs Debbie Sekula, recently sent information about the CATs.

Communication and dissemination of information

In a college with more than 1800 students and many families communication can sometimes be difficult. Information is distributed to students and their families via email, Compass, year level assemblies, the college newsletter and the college website. Please check in with your child and on Compass to ensure that you are up to date with activities, news and programs at the college.

Students Driving to School

An email has been sent to VCE students and their parents and information was provided to Year 12 students at their assembly this week regarding driving to school. All students who drive to school are required to obtain a form from the VCE Centre. The form and a copy of their licence must be returned to the Head of Senior School, Mr Jason Nicholas.
The college is following Department of Education and Training (DET) guidelines. Please note that it is a condition of a P1 licence that a driver must not carry more than one peer passenger aged 16 to less than 22 years of age while they are driving, unless an experienced driver is sitting beside them – This applies directly to students who hold a P1 licence.

Peer observations and the Explicit Instructional Model (EIM) and the Student Learning Model

Over the next few weeks teachers on both campuses will again be visiting each other’s class rooms as part of our Performance and Development Process. Teachers work in triads and observe or are observed. This allows the group to reflect on their practice and gain feedback from their colleagues. It is one of the most powerful ways to improve student learning.  During term one the focus will be on implementing and evaluating strategies to enhance student agency within the classroom and the impact of some teaching strategies.



Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School


Head of Senior School’s Report

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VCE Study Tips

Earlier in the term, the College held VCE Information sessions.  As a part of these was a presentation by renowned psychologist Andrew Fuller.  He gave many insights into effective study habits, as well as those attitudes and behaviours that are counterproductive to quality study.  It has been pleasing to see so many of our students looking to make full use of available time at school and at home to develop their study skills and habits so that they can achieve their potential within each of their classes.  The earlier in the year quality study practices are adopted, the more impact these will have on student learning and performance.

The following link has more than 50 different Study Tips for VCE students.  Ranging from time management, wellbeing to individual VCE subject tips, there is sure to be something that will help to further enhance the effective of each student’s current study practices.



Mr Jason Nicholas 
Head of Senior School

Campus Principal’s Report – Middle School

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How quickly is term 1 moving along. We have less than 4 weeks remaining but I have been really impressed with the overall work ethic of our students and their involvement in so many different aspects of school life.  Students are becoming increasingly clearer about what they are expected to know and understand in each of their lessons and our focus on increasing student learning growth will continue throughout 2019.


Term 1 – Working Bee

The first working bee for the year will be held on Sunday 24 March form 9:00am until 12:00pm at the Senior Campus.  Please come along and help improve the College.  There a range of jobs including, planting, spreading mulch and general gardening and weeding.

Parents are encouraged to bring along shovels, rakes and brooms as well as gardening gloves and a hat.  Morning Tea will be provided.  We look forward to seeing you there!


School Photos

Arthur Reed have completed our photo days and now busy processing them ready for delivery.  The expected delivery date of photos is late term 1.  Parents are encouraged to register for the online portal which allows them to view and order photos.



Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School

Head of Middle School’s Report

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As we reach the half way mark of Term 1, I would like to take this opportunity to remind our families that Term 2 is a busy term for our Middle School students, and attendance throughout the term is essential. Students will participate in extracurricular programs and also fulfill curriculum requirements. The 24th May marks the beginning of our Semester 1 exam period; all Middle School students will complete their Semester 1 exams during their scheduled exam period. Completing exams is a new experience for our Year 9 students; they will be supported by their classroom teachers to help them achieve their best. Year 10 students will participate in the work experience program, this is an opportunity for our students to gain valuable skills and insights within the workplace.



This year our students will complete NAPLAN testing online. NAPLAN testing will occur from  14-24 May. Students will complete 4 test over a period of 10 days, this ensures minimal disruption to the regular curriculum. Further information regarding NAPLAN will be provided closer to the date.


Key Dates to Remember

Year 9
NAPLAN14-24     May
Semester 1 Exams  3 – 7     June
Explore Program11-13    June
Year 10
Semester 1 Exams24–31   May   and  11-13 June
Work Experience  3 – 7   June



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Middle School

Student Voice Report

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Visiting Educators from the Netherlands

On Wednesday 27 February we hosted a group of seventeen educators and educational leaders from the Netherlands. The group had travelled to Sydney, before arriving in Melbourne, and over the course of their stay in Australia they were visiting schools to see and experience best practice in Professor John Hattie’s ‘Visible Learning’. The group had contacted Mount Waverley Secondary College after Professor Hattie suggested they visit us to see the implementation of Visible Learning in the classroom, and to hear about our journey from a leadership perspective.

Thank you to Debbie Sekula (Head of Curriculum), Lisa McKiernan (Head of Middle School), John Simon (Head of Junior School), Jason Nicholas (Head of Senior School), Claire McCormack (Leader of Middle School), Matt Sheehan (Head of Pedagogy), Bill Thomas (Head of Community Engagement), Bree Thomas (Executive Team Assistant) and the Principal Team – Karen Wade, Andrew Batchelor, Ian MacLeod and Julie Cain, for their time and efforts in supporting our visitors through a series of presentations and tours. The highlight for our guests was meeting our students. A huge thank you to Alannah T, Izak B, Jessalyn L, Dom S, Kay C, Catherine V, Bree E, Nina P, Royina D, Heather M, Jen C, Laura C, Mini P, Aayusha L, and others who spent their recess break or lunch meeting the visitors.


School for Student Leadership – Snowy River Campus Term 2

We have finished interviewing and have selected the seven Year 9 students who will represent MWSC at the School for Student Leadership in Term 2. The students are: Megan B, Anna D, Saihaj G, Aidan L, Suhani G, Kevin J, and Kye Li G. Last week the team met with Mr Bill Thomas (Head of Community Engagement) to start planning their Community Learning Project. They attended a student and parent information evening on Monday 4 March at Doncaster East Secondary College. The students arrive at the Snowy River campus on Sunday 28 April, and return on 29 June 2019.


Year 9 and 11 Student Leadership Team

After a lengthy application and shortlisting process, our Year 9 and 11 Student Leadership Teams were finalised last week. Thank you to all involved, particularly to Year 9 Coordinators Ms Rebecca Kosach and Peter Schneider, and Year 11 Coordinators Mr Chris Beale and Ms Emma Kerr.

The Year 9 Student Leadership Team:
Sophia C, Rithvika S, Nima M, Nam P, Kye Li G, Krisha P, Jenny Z, Esther L and Elizabeth S.

The 2019 Year 11 Leadership Team:
Riyah A, Bach N, Shriya N, Shenara P, Lynn Li G, Amit K, Aayusha L, Jesse J, Jennifer C, Ginuli D, Gautam A, Gangana D, Erin T, Dhashan N, Jordan G, Feena L, Dhanvin N, Mekayla M, Emily T, Chuong N, and Freida B.


Mount Matters 2019

Mount Matters is a program that was developed by a group of student leaders in 2016 after they attended the VicSRC Congress Camp. Mount Matters involves student leaders facilitating ethical focus groups with a group of home group representatives at their year level. Since 2016 the program has gone from strength to strength, and from 2018 it ran for the duration of Terms 2 and 2 on both campuses and at years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11!   Year 7, 8, 9 and 11 Mount Matters representatives will be nominated over the coming weeks.

Congratulations to our newly appointed Year 10 Mount Matters representatives:



Casual Clothes Day

The Year 12 Leadership Team are overseeing the Term 1 casual clothes day, which will be held on Friday 22 March. The theme is House Colours. The Junior and Senior Campuses will raise money to support our World Vision sponsor children, Nasir from Ethiopia, and Arunima from Nepal, and community in Tanzania.


UN Youth – Young Leaders Summit: Our Climate, Our Future

The Young Leaders Summit gives students the opportunity to engage with other young people to spend a full day focussed on one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change. Students are invited to join UN Youth for a one day summit on Sunday 31 March to explore the realities of climate change, and the international effort to save our planet. More information can be found here:


UN Youth – Junior Leadership Weekend

In term 2, more than 100 students from across Victoria will come together to take part in inaugural Junior Leadership Weekend. In this 2 day, 1 night residential conference, students will learn about leadership, diplomacy and advocacy in the context of the ‘Education Gap’. Students will form connections and friendships with a diverse array of students and work with them to deliver change in your local communities, and beyond. More information can be found here:


UN Youth EVATT and Voice Competitions

The Evatt Debating Competition and Voice Public Speaking Competitions are now taking expressions of interests for students so they can be first in line for the competitions. More information about EVATT can be found here: and information about Voice can be found here:



Miss Hayley Dureau
Head of Student Voice


UN Youth Opportunities

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State Conference 2019

8 – 11 March 2019

In less than a month, your students have the opportunity to attend UN Youth’s premier event, State Conference. This overnight leadership camp over the Labour Day long weekend (March 8th – 11th) will give your students the opportunity to meet other passionate, like-minded people from all corners of Victoria and have their voice heard in discussions on the issues most important to them.

The Conference theme for this year is States of Conflict, which aims to educate students and generate discussions on a key issue of today’s globalised society.
Students are able to apply for a full or half bursary to assist in covering the cost of attending conference. 

To find out more about State Conference, contact the event convenor, Nell Crossett, at, or click Here


Young Leaders Summit: Our Climate, Our Future

31 March 2019

Our first Young Leaders Summit of the year will give students the opportunity to engage with other young people to spend a full day focussed on one of the biggest challenges of our time: climate change. Your students are invited to join us for a one day summit onSunday March 31st to explore the realities of climate change, and the international effort to save our planet.

To find out more about this summit, contact the event convenor, Gursewak Singh, at, or click Here


Junior Leadership Weekend

4 – 5 May 2019

In term 2, more than 100 students from across Victoria will come together to take part in inaugural Junior Leadership Weekend. In this 2 day, 1 night residential conference, students will learn about leadership, diplomacy and advocacy in the context of the ‘Education Gap’. Students will form connections and friendships with a diverse array of students and work with them to deliver change in your local communities, and beyond.

To find out more about Junior Leadership Weekend, contact the event convenor, Eleri Morgan, at, or click  HERE


The 2019 Australian Youth Representative to the UN Program Has Begun!

We are very excited to announce that the 2019 Youth Rep program has set off today! Melbourne local, Kareem El-Ansary, will begin his tour of the country, collecting the views of young Australians on issues that are important to them.

Known as the Listening Tour, this six-month consultation process will see the Youth Rep meeting not only with young leaders, but also prominent members of the Australian community, including MPs, NGO leaders and those involved in the youth and education sectors. In September, the Youth Rep travels to New York to represent Australian youth at the United Nations.This year, Kareem will be asking our young people, “what will our future look like if young people are heard today?”

Your students truly can have their voices heard by our world leaders.To book a session with Kareem, contact our Youth Rep Liason, Ella Birt, at

Expressions of Interests Open Now!
The Evatt Debating Competition and Voice Public Speaking Competitions are now taking expressions of interests for students so they can be first in line for the competitions!If your school is interested in hosting a round of one of our competitions, please contact our Competitions Director, Jessie Horder-Gerghaty, at, or click the links below.


Student Wellbeing Manager’s Report

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Last week all year 12’s attended a stress management workshop facilitated by Student Wellbeing. The session talked about what stress is, good and bad stress, coping strategies both proactive and reactive and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.  The take away message for students was to have as many proactive strategies for coping with stress as possible and to not be afraid to seek help throughout the year.
On Monday 5 March 2019, I was lucky enough to be invited to a round table discussion with the Shadow Minister for Mental Heath, MP Julie Collins. I was joined by other representatives of the local community and was invited to share my thoughts and knowledge of youth mental health and specifically the needs of students who reside in the City of Monash. It was a very positive discussion and all agreed the importance of more services and resources to help support youth mental health.

The Labor government has made a pledge that if elected in the next federal election they will commit to putting a Headspace in the City of Monash. This is great news for the city as it’s in desperate need accessible mental health support.

In 2018, The City of Monash received funding to deliver youth mental health training in schools for staff and for all Year 10 students. This is an great opportunity for our students to learn more about mental health and to know how to support themselves and others with mental ill health. We look forward to working with the council to deliver this training to students and staff in the second half of the year.

On Friday 8 March 2019, Student Wellbeing Team hosted a breakfast for student leaders to Celebrate International Women’s Day.  International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Students were fortunate enough to hear from MWSC Alumni Sarah Park who spoke about her journey from Year 12 to present day.  Sarah is a life coach, yoga instructor and model. Some of her key messages to students was for them to know who they are are and accept who they are. She encouraged students to find the balance and appreciate where you are in your life journey and to always enjoy the moment.

On Friday 15 March 2019 we are participating in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. The National Day of Action is an important opportunity for the whole school community to reject bullying and help keep young Australia’s safe. Almost two million students in more than 4,500 schools participated in 2018, making it Australia’s largest anti-bullying event. On both campuses at lunch time, the Student Wellbeing team will be inviting students to participate in making a pledge to stand up and act against bullying and violence by writing an anonymous apology or a positive message, which can be placed on our Wellbeing tree.


Mr Paul Graham
Student Wellbeing Manager

Sports News

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On Tuesday 26 February our Senior Girls Cricket undefeated at Division and are now through to Regionals.  Well done girls.          ~ Mr Peter Scott










Our intermediate softball girls lost both their matches and finished 3rd. It was great to see that their attitudes weren’t affected – they really supported each other and were really positive and exhibited fantastic sportsmanship. Lewis was equally fantastic as coach and had nothing but positives to report!             ~ Mr Matt Cara

Although the softball team didn’t win they were awesome – Lewis P, their coach, set the tone for the day by being so positive and inclusive. The girls exhibited fantastic sportsmanship; cheering and supporting each other, never giving up and congratulating their opponents on their win. It was a pleasure to watch.          ~ Ms Kaye Gibson


The Senior Girls Softball team played an excellent match against a well experienced Glen Waverley SC side. Although the score did not go the girls way (Mount Waverley SC – 5, Glen Waverley SC – 14), the girls played with excellent endeavour and spirit. The Year 11 students represented the college to a very high standard and should be proud of their efforts on the day! Congratulations to all girls who participated in the side.
Well done to  Boys Senior Baseball  team for winning every game  against Vermont, Highvale SC, Glen Waverley SC by over seven runs and are into the next round!           ~ Ms Claire McCormack



The Senior Girls Tennis team won their only game and will go through to the next round after a convincing victory.  The Boys Senior Tennis A and B teams battled hard, but unfortunately did not make it through to the next level.   Well done to both teams, they played extremely well.            ~ Mr Liam Wall

Division Swimming Winners

Our swimming team have made it four titles in four years after narrowly holding off Vermont by a mere 15 points to take out the overall shield. Our students’ determination throughout the day to create this slice of history is a credit to them and their willingness to step outside their comfort zone and compete in events to gain points for the green and gold was incredible. A special thank-you and a big congratulations to all seventy students across both campuses who participated, in particular those below who have won through to the Eastern Metropolitan Region competition to be held on Tuesday 26 March.
Go Mount Go!

Girls 12-15yrs Freestyle 200mEdolie R
Boys 12-15yrs Freestyle 200mRiley O
Girls 12-13yrs Breaststroke 50mLinda Y
Boys 12-13yrs Breaststroke 50mNori N
Boys 15yrs Breaststroke 50mTolly N
Girls 18-20yrs Breaststroke 50mJamie B
Boys 18-20yrs Breaststroke 50mAlex L
Boys 15yrs Butterfly 50mTolly N
Boys 12-15yrs Freestyle 100mRiley Ol
Girls 12-13yrs Freestyle 50mLinda Y
Boys 12-13yrs Freestyle 50mNori N
Boys 14yrs Freestyle 50mDamien L
Boys 15yrs Freestyle 50mTolly N
Girls 17yrs Freestyle 50mMerryn H
Boys 17yrs Freestyle 50mEamon B
Girls 18-20yrs Freestyle 50mGemma La
Boys 18-20yrs Freestyle 50mTony S
Girls 12-20yrs Backstroke 100mAshley W
Boys 15yrs Backstroke 50mKieren L
Girls 17yrs Backstroke 50mMerryn H
Boys 17yrs Backstroke 50mEamon B
Girls 18-20yrs Backstroke 50mClaudia W
Girls 12-14yrs Medley RelayGauri ALinda YEdolie RIsabella K
Boys 15-16yrs Medley RelayTolly NFinn HRiley OKieren L
Girls 17-20yrs Medley RelayMerryn HEmlyn BMakenna PClaudia W
Boys 17-20yrs Medley RelayTony SAlex LJordan HEamon B
Boys 12-15yrs Individual MedleyRiley O
Boys 12-13yrs 4x50m Freestyle RelayNori NOscar LKosta NFaraaz N
Boys 14yrs 4x50m Freestyle RelayDamien LAaron LMax DAnthony Y
Boys 15yrs 4x50m Freestyle RelayTolly NRiley OFinn HKyle N
Girls 17yrs 4x50m Freestyle RelayMerryn HEmlyn BMakenna PSarah W
Boys 17yrs 4x50m Freestyle RelayEamon BAakhyaan SDylan NLogan R
Girls 18-20yrs 4x50m Freestyle RelayAmelia VGemma LClaudia WJamie B

Soles for Sri Lanka Shoe Drive – Thank you!

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Towards the end of last year our students, staff and college community helped in donating their preloved runners to under privileged children in Sri Lanka. We are very glad to report that the shoes and sporting equipment has finally arrived. Thank you to everyone for your support. It’s the small things that can make a huge difference.

MWSC makes International News!

The Soles of Sri Lanka shoe drive has been published in a major Sri Lankan magazine as well on online.  Feel free to have a read of the article in the picture.
The link below is the website (non English).      The pictures show the interpreted article.




Mrs Kerry Dragwidge
Head of Physical Education & Health

Japanese Exchange Program – Part 1

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Snapshots from MWSC Students on Japanese Exchange Program (Nov 2018 – Jan 2019)


My Exchange Experience in Japan – By Liz W (11H)

Highlight at school: Eating bento with my friends at lunch and talking with other students who are not exchange students.
Highlight outside of school: hanging out with my friends in Osaka and having dinner with them. Going home alone.
Challenge: trying to understand what they are talking about because they speak fast and sometimes in kansai dialect. I asked them to tell me what it meant or asked them to speak slowly.
My host family: my host family was kind and helpful, they took care of me very well. My best memory with them was going to Wakayama because there were beautiful decorations and the scenery was awesome. There weren’t many people so it was peaceful and quite.

My Minami Exchange Student
Aika Sakamoto
Aika’s passion: likes One Direction and Johnny Depp
What Aika wants to achieve at MWSC: study and improve her English skills
Interesting fact about Aika: she likes The Vamps (band)




My Exchange Experience in Japan – By Vickie W (11L)

Highlight at school: My highlight as school was being able to make new connections with everyone in your class, talking to them and getting to know them better.
Highlight outside of school: My highlight outside of school was definitely having the freedom to use the Japanese transport system to venture out and explore different parts of Osaka.
Challenge: It can be very had to talk and really become friends with the people around you, as some can be very shy and reserved.
My host family: My host family were some of the nicest people I’ve met, they would always cater for me and make me really feel at home. My favourite memory with my host

My Minami Exchange Student

Name: Suzuha Nomura
Suzuha’s passion: Manga, singing, acting, eating Japanese foods
What Suzuha wants to achieve at MWSC: To be able to make lots of new friends, understand English better than before and teach everyone Japanese culture.
Interesting fact about Suzuha: Loves everything banana, especially banana juice! Also part of the drama club in Japan!




My Exchange Experience in Japan By Sam S (11M)

Highlight at school: Getting to know everyone and make friends with the people in my grade.
Highlight outside of school: Everything is really convenient in Japan. There is likely to be at least one convenience store and/or a vending machine within 500 metres of you.
Challenge: Building up confidence to engage in conversations was hard, but worth it. Starting conversations was easily the hardest part, though.
My host family: My host family was very kind towards me. They usually didn’t get home until quite late, but I got used to it. My best memory with them was when I had to say goodbye to them at the airport, because I knew that I had a great time living with them and living in Japan, and I will forever be grateful towards them for letting me stay with them.

My Minami Exchange Student

Name: Runa Koseki
Runa’s passion: K-Pop. She especially likes BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, fromis_9 and (G)I-DLE
What Runa wants to achieve at MWSC: She wants to talk to a lot of different people, not just to learn English, but also to teach them things about Japan.
Interesting fact about Runa: She loves K-Pop – both the music and the dancing! She also used to play basketball, so if you see her around, feel free to invite her to play!





Read more of our student experiences on Japan Exchange last year and meet the rest of our Japanese Exchange students in the next edition of the MWSC Newsletter…

MWSC College News – Issue 3