Global Citizenship Student Ambassador Program

Throughout the year, six Year 9 students, Jayda, Samadhi, Shaurya, Nicholas, Sania and myself  were given the opportunity to take part in the Global Citizenship Student Ambassador program. The program was spaced across 10 sessions that empowered us to take action upon issues we cared about, connect with peers and build leadership skills.

During the sessions, we collaborated with other schools via webex to discover what issues they wanted to focus their projects on. Our team decided that we would address the problem of food wastage around the school and in food tech classrooms by creating a worm farm.

With the help of Mr Myers and Mr Laan, we created our worm farm by drilling holes into buckets before stacking them and adding the compost. To voice our project to the school and broader community, we created a website as well as posters that were placed on screens around the school. At the end of the program, we presented our project to the other schools and discussed our problem and chosen solution, how we got the community involved and the challenges we faced along the way.

Overall, it was an incredible experience that helped build our critical thinking skills, understand different issues on a local and national scale, and leave with a sense of pride over making a small change in the community.


 by Aisha H (9B)