End of 2023 Academic Year

As our Early Commencement Program has rolled around again I wanted to take the opportunity to thank this year’s Junior Campus community for all of their hard-work, support and wonderful resilience.

I wish our Year 8s the best of luck at the Senior Campus, and look forward to our Year 7s stepping up to the challenge of being our leaders in 2024. I would like to thank all of the Junior Campus staff for their great work in another challenging year, and wish all those moving campuses or to new schools all the best of luck. Likewise to all of the students who are seeking excellence elsewhere, we thank you for contributions to the MWSC community, and look forward to hearing of your successes in your new schools.

To all the families, have a happy and safe end to the year, a relaxing break over summer, and we look forward to working together again in 2024.


College Values

Many of our students have been recognised by school staff for upholding and demonstrating our our college ILEARN values. Well done to all of the students below, and dozens more who have been recognised this term. Here is just a sample:

Integrity: Pantelina works well with others. She is always ready to advocate for herself as well as give space for others when working in a team.

Learning: Divit is committed to learning in Maths. He asks fantastic questions and is focussed and engaged during lessons.

Excellence: Well done to Celia for having an excellent attitude towards her studies. She always shows interest in class, asks questions, and completes all work.

Accountability: Salma is a mature student who works very well in class. She is polite and respectful and follows up on any missed work when she is absent. Salma has an excellent approach to her learning!

Respect: Saipranav is a very polite and respectful student. He is friendly and welcoming and always greets me cheerfully during class and in the yard. It is a really kind gesture that makes me smile!

Nurturing: Well done to Svara for the way she conducted herself at camp. She was friendly to all, mixed well with different groups of students and was always positive.  Just the type of student we need on a school camp.


Junior Campus Leaders 2024

At last week’s final Campus assembly for the year we were able to thank the 2023 Junior Campus Student Leadership team and announce the team for 2024. These students have been through a rigorous process, and we are sure that they will do a great job!

Well done to our Junior Campus Captains Dhineli & William, our Deputy Captains Henry & Advika, and our House Captains Nulara, Bradley, Divit, Sanchitha, Taite, Keira, Lalita, Amali, Declan, Swathy, Partha, and Jacob!




Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School