The MWSC Reconciliation Committee has come together to celebrate Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June). This year’s theme is – Be a Voice for Generations. Reconciliation Week is a time where we as a school community reflect on First Nations people, their achievements, culture and our shared history. Many activities and events were organised throughout the week: smoking ceremony, food, music, glass drawing, posters, videos, movies and numerous other activities.

In 2022, after a year of working towards reconciliation, Mount Waverley Secondary College  published our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP): Reflect. Over the past year, we have been working on embedding First Nations content in the classroom, and around the school, and community. We look forward to building new relationships with our local First Nations community and inviting them to speak with students and staff about the histories and cultures of the local area.

Our RAP is available on the Website but if you missed out on seeing it there, here it is our vision.  We invite you to read through it, reflect on how you can be a part of this vision, and take action for reconciliation.

Mount Waverley Secondary College resides on the Land of the Wurundjeri Woiwurrung People and we acknowledge that they are Traditional Owners of the Land on which we live, work and learn.  We believe that First Nations cultures are the foundation of Australia’s national culture and identity and First Nation’s histories are Australia’s true history. Here at Mount Waverley Secondary College we acknowledge the injustices since colonization and are committed to working together to create a shared national story. To do this we will connect with and establish  positive working relationships with First Nations People of  the community and invite opportunities for them to celebrate and share their cultural heritages and identities with us. We will respectfully listen to and engage with First Nations perspectives, content and concepts and we want all our staff to feel confident and empowered to respectfully embed these in the curriculum.

We acknowledge that reconciliation is an ongoing journey that the whole school community needs to feel a part of; staff, students and parents. We are committed to creating a school community that is proud and respectful of First Nation’ stories, cultures, and contributions and promotes equity, inclusion, and racial harmony.


MWSC Reconciliation Committee