General Achievement Test

This week our senior school students received information sessions in preparation for the General Achievement Test (GAT). The GAT will occur on Thursday 15 June and is a pen-and-paper test of general knowledge and skills. The GAT doesn’t require any special study but plays an important role in the quality assurance fo VCE assessments, as well as providing students with an opportunity to demonstrate they meet the Victorian Literacy and Numeracy Standards expected at a senior secondary level.


Year 2 Wellbeing Day

The Year 12 students will have a Wellbeing Day on Wednesday 14 June. This day will provide students with a range of activities to support them with surviving year 12.


Year 11 Exams

Our year 11s will have semester exams from June 5th whilst the year 12s will continue with normal class.
All senior students will begin Unit 2 and/or Unit 4 on June 19 with holidays starting from June 23.


Ms Lauren Kelly
Acting Campus Principal – Senior School