Online Workshop with Japan Foundation

On Tuesday 14 February, a group of Year 10 and 11 students participated in an online session with Japanese teachers from Japan Foundation based in Tokyo.

During the session, our students were able to use their Japanese language skills to introduce themselves, speak about their hobbies and interests and give a detailed description of our school. Despite initially being very nervous about taking part in a session conducted solely in Japanese, our students did a fantastic job of communicating and the Japan Foundation teachers were very impressed with the positive and enthusiastic manner in which our students participated.

Congratulations to the following students for their efforts;
Rennie T, Kevin K, Ananya J, Michael S, Natasha L, Clementine J, Jessie T, Hiruki M, Mia A, Cammy N, Fathan Z, Sanuli F, Imogen M, Anvi R, Keira G and Sara P.


Online Interaction with  Japanese Junior High School

On Tuesday 7 March, volunteers from our Year 10 and 11 Japanese classes participated in an online session with 20 students from Kawasaki Municipal Junior and Senior High School in Japan. We introduced our school by showing pictures and telling them about life at MWSC and they did the same about their school. We then divided into small groups and engaged in some free conversation with the students. Topics covered in the discussions included favourite food, movies, books and what kind of clubs, sports and hobbies we participate in.

It was an excellent opportunity to use our Japanese communication skills and to interact with the school that four of our Year 10 students will be visiting in May as part of the Hakuhodo Language and Culture Exchange scholarship program.

Students who participated were;
Rennie T, Kevin K, Ananya J, Michael S, Natasha L, Clementine J, Jessie T, Hiruki M, Mia A, Fathan Z, Sanuli F, Imogen M, Anvi R, Keira G, Sara P, Ashley W and Tasmiya H.


Hakuhodo Culture and Language Exchange

Four students from MWSC will be representing Australia on an international trip to Japan between May 13-23 in 2023. They will join 36 students from 9 countries from around the world who are all studying Japanese at school. The purpose of this program is to give students the opportunity to learn from each other about the similarities and differences between their countries through the use of Japanese as their common language and experience life as a junior high school student in Japan.



Ms Ayako Yasunaga
Head of Languages