Swimming Success

Congratulations to our students who competed in the Division Swimming Competition on Monday 6 March, and came second in the overall shield, after losing narrowly to Vermont Secondary College by 17 points.  Our students’ determination throughout the day to create this slice of history is a credit to them and their willingness to step outside their comfort zone and compete in every event to gain points for our school was incredible.  Special congratulations to the following students who were awarded as year level champions.

15 Girls – Aleisha C
15 Boys – Hyuga W
17 Girls – Edolie R
17 Boys – Patrick D

Mount Waverley Secondary College also won the Junior and Intermediate shields and came second in the Senior shield.  Well done to all involved and thank you to Mr Danny Gwynne and Mr Jay Newport for overseeing this event.


Lions Youth of the Year

On Saturday 4  March, College Captain Vineth M participated in the Lions Youth of the Year – Zone 6 Final. Vineth and another student from Huntingtower School participated in an extensive interview stage before a public speaking component of the competition.

Both students had to respond to two impromptu topics without any preparation time. The topics asked students to discuss ‘their thoughts and suggestions for the ATAR system and the new Vocational Major component of the VCE’ and to consider ‘one person they would bring back from history and why?’.

A huge congratulations to Vineth, who won on the day and will progress to the next round of the competition. I would like to extend my thanks to the Lions Club of Ashwood-Mount Waverley for their continuing support and assistance with the program. Thank you also to Mr Jacob Myers-Head of Student Voice who came to support Vineth on the day.

Good luck for the next round Vineth!



School Council Student Representatives

Congratulations to Georgia and Farah of Year 11 who were elected to represent on student body of the 2022/23 School Council. Special thanks to all of the other students who were nominated and to Mr Jacob Myers for organising this student election.


International Women’s Day

Last Wednesday, 8 March we celebrated International Women’s Day to celebrate the social, political, economic and cultural achievements of all women globally. This year’s theme was ‘Embrace Equity’ and we held a special breakfast for some staff and students.  We supported a voluntary charity on the day by donating items to ‘Impact’ which is a charity committed to supporting women and children escaping domestic violence. Thank you to our Student Wellbeing Team for your work with this important initiative.



2022 Virtual Presentation Night

Congratulations to the following students for receiving awards at our 2022 Virtual Presentation evening which was held last week. I am so proud of your achievements, particularly as 2022 was the first year we were back studying onsite full time.

Kwong Lee Dow Award  ADF Long Tan  Community Service Award:
Young Scholars: Leadership Awards: Kyra H – Year 12
Farah H – Year 10 Georgia K – Year 10
Maya C – Year 10 Cameron H – Year 12 VCE Leadership Award 
    (Norm Gibbs Award):
Ampol All Rounder Award: Bindi Gatward Award  Charlotte W – Year 12
Natalie L – Year 12 Junior School:
  Jayda C – Year 8
Lifetime Achievement in Sport:
Imogen T – Year 12


Year 7  Year 8  Year 9  Year 10  Year 11   Year 12 
Endeavour Endeavour Endeavour Endeavour Endeavour Endeavour
Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards
Zinia A Moutamn A Nikhita A Lachlan B Marios A Theresa C
Jocelyn C William A Lucas B Maggie C Jiaqi C Sophia C
Yuna C Ruby B Tiya C Taya F Anita C Aamir K
Angelina D Jayden C Gisele F Jaydon H Carissa H Hanh L
Manny D Sofie D Tasmiya H Ishmanpreet K Jacqueline H Alannah G
Joel E Rita J Alisa H Kristy L Angelo K Harry M
Holly F Eric K Michelle K Tuong N Teagan M Damien L
Jasper J Darcy K Naomi K Saya O Mishima P Saras N
Eshal K Hiruka K Amelia K Sara P Manu V Unni V
Mikayla L Elliot L Seo Young L Alannah R Jack A Elena H
Aarav N Lili M Connor M Morgan S Hannah F Finn C
Elissa O Gurleen N Gemma M Max T Hosanna K Kyra H
Daniel P Stan O Esther S Joshua T Amber R Ming L
Kemitha P Rithila R Yvette S Ashley W Maxwell D Jessica R
Julia R Dejan R Jessie T Justin W Samantha J Amiliya S
Toby S Aska R Gianfranco V Edolie R Elena F Suhani G
Eddie S Aditi S Campbell W
Damian S Rynie T Xinyu X
Reuben S Adams Y Elaine Z
Melissa Y Chak Ming Y Rowan B
Year 7 Year 8  Year 9  Year 10
Academic Awards Academic Awards Academic Awards Academic Awards
Nicole C Lily N Sihan C Farah H
Sristi D Aisha H Keira G Maya C
Anita G Jayda C Xiao Yu W Nihitha A
Swasti V Mia W Anna W Sara P
Matthew Z Shiro Y Nicola G Hayley S
Elaine P Sakina K Madison W Enhui C
Aakanksha P King F Andrea S Karina L
Zoe K Vishwa P Lydia W Natasha S
Saachi A Crystal M Minh Khanh N Gisele A
Avneet Kaur A Amabelle L Kiah C Zitong C
Sophie H Jonathan F Kaitlyn L Krisha R
Dinuki M Manali D Mia J Georgia K
Lauren B Ananya R Hy An D Tim H
Mahi P Yixuan Z Nok Tong L Fathya P
Katherine R Ava B Zahra A Milla C
Gemma H Prithvi D Flora P Elise H
Hannah R Nicholas L Gang Y
Annada V Tai N Brintha B
Shreya M Andrew D
Year 7  Year 8 Year 9  Year 10 
Academic Dux Academic Dux Academic Dux Academic Dux
Amelia Chan Lily Nguyen Susan Chen Farah Hassan
Year 11  Year 12  Top ATAR Awards
Academic Awards Academic Awards
Accounting Vraj S Accounting  Stefan M Tajwal Anwar
Accounting – NHT Gisele A Accounting Vishwa P Nora Bartol
Accounting – NHT  Wei Yi W Biology Natalie L Ewan Burgess
Biology Nihitha A Biology – NHT Marvin O Bowen Chen
Biology Harry S Business Management Avishka Y Azraf Ezaz
Biology – NHT Suha R Business Management Ashlyn S
Grace Guo
Bridging EAL Glanda Z Chemistry Ewan B Parsa Heydari
Business Management Bimsara U Drama Sarah B Trung Le
Chemistry Vidyuth S Product Design & Tech Cameron H
Steve Li
Classical Studies Harry S Economics Stefan M Mingzong Li
Computing Vraj S English Language Ewan B
Natalie Loh
Drama Kiska A English Olivia K
Alice Meng
Economics Vraj S English – NHT Natalie L Stefan Mincic
English Neave M EAL  Jenny Z Ryan Nguyen
English Laurence W Environmental Science Han Ji C
Marvin Ongsawasd
EAL Rachel C Health & Human Dev  Hanano S Nam Pham
English Language Harry S Health & Human Dev Bowen C
Dan Pham
English – NHT Maya C History: Revolutions Olivia R Olivia Rando
Environmental Science Caitlin H Applied Computing Nam P
Hanano Sakamoto
Food Studies Oliver W Literature Marvin O Ashlyn Sequeira
General Maths Caitlin H German Natalie L Catherine Su
German (2nd Lang) Maya C Japanese Megan L Jenny Zhang
Health & Human Dev Allison O Japanese Mirae S Sophie Zhao
Health & Human Dev Sruthy S Legal Studies Olivia R
History 20th Century Magnus T Further Maths Parsa H
Japanese (2nd Lang) Yejean K Further Maths – NHT Ewan B
Japanese (2nd Lang) Harry S Specialist Maths Ewan B
Legal Studies Amanda F Maths Methods Sophie Z
Literature Anne F Music Performance Felicia L
Maths Foundation Chethan S Media Natalie F
Maths Methods Vicky L Outdoor & Enviro Studies Olivia R
Maths Methods Laurence W Physical Education Ethan H
Maths – NHT Amelia G Physics Ewan B
Maths – NHT Harshini T Philosophy Olivia L
Media Charlize M Psychology Azraf E
Music Performance Ethan L Studio Arts Kye Li G
Music Performance Alexander R Systems Engineering Grant H
Outdoor & Enviro Studies Pria T Visual Communication Alisha G
Philosophy Liliana E
Phyical Education Georgia K
Physical Education Madeline T
Physics Vidyuth S
Product Design Wood David R
Psychology Clementine J
Specialist Maths Vicky L
Studio Art 2D & 3D Anne F
Studio Art 2D & 3D Caitlin H
Systems Engineering Natellie L
Visual Communication Ethan L
Year 11
Academic Dux Harry Smith
2022 College Dux Ewan Burgess


Special thanks to Mrs Narda McLennan Marketing and Events Manager of overseeing this event, Ms Amy Walk and Ms Jacinta McLennan for their work with filming and editing, and all of the other staff who were involved. It is wonderful that special nights like this can continue to be celebrated.


Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

The focus for students at Mount Waverley Secondary College is to achieve their very best and to continually improve their learning. An important part of this focus is the partnership between school and home, between teacher and parents/carers and student. Parent/student/ teacher interviews play a key role in this partnership where all parties meet to discuss the student’s achievements, progress and strategies for improvement.

As per the notice that went out on Compass, Parent/student/teacher conferences for semester one are scheduled on Thursday 30 March between 1pm and 7:30pm. These conferences will be held online via Webex links.

Thursday 30 March is also a scheduled student free day. No classes will be running on the day.

Please note the following dates and times:

Wednesday 15 March at 6pm – Conference bookings are due to open to parents/carers via Compass.
Monday 27 March at 9am – Conference bookings are due to close.
Tuesday 28 March by 4pm – Confirmation email to parents/carers to be forwarded, noting selected conference times and Webex teacher links.



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal