Outdoor and Environmental Studies 2 night camp

“In order to witness what makes Australian outdoor environments unique and to compare Indigenous Australians with our own impacts, perceptions and interactions of our Australian outdoor environments, the 2023 outdoor education class headed off to Gariwerd (or the Grampians) departing from MWSC at 5.30am.

We traveled on foot with everything we needed in our packs for 3 days in Gariwerd. Walking a total of 16km on the first day up and down hills, climbing over rocks around Lake Bellfield. The views were spectacular and a lot of native wildlife was spotted throughout the journey including lizards, cockatoos, kookaburras, finches, emus, kangaroos and wallabies.

Evenings were spent setting up the tents, cooking food and appreciating the outdoors. Overall the group did roughly 28 km over the course of three days. After the hike we sat down with a local ranger and discussed the Indigenous perspectives and interactions with the land, we drove home listening to some wicked tunes. Everyone had a fantastic time.”

by Pria T (Year 11)