The Middle School would like to extend a warm Welcome to the Senior Campus for the new year of 2023.  We trust that you have had a restful and relaxing break, spending much deserved time with family and friends.  It gives us great pleasure to introduce the 2023 Middle School Team:

Campus Principal: Mr Ian MacLeod
Head of Middle School:  Mrs Asha Vazirani
Middle School Leader:  Ms Jo Rogers
Middle School Administrator:  Mrs Karen Box
Year 10 Level Coordinators:  Miss Grace Leszczynski and Miss Stephanie Xing
Year 9 Level Coordinators:  Mrs Juliz Mathew and Mr Jackson Waters

It has been an eventful start to the school year with our Year 10’s going on Camp to Coonawarra and our Year 9’s engaging in the Inspire Program.  Both events ran very successfully with students providing positive feedback on their experiences.  We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that both programs were a success.  Congratulations to the Year 10 team, Jo Rogers, Grace Leszczynski, Steph Xing, Karen Box and all the staff members who accompanied the Year 10 students on camp.  Congratulations to the Year 9 team, Jackson Waters, Juliz Mathew, Karen Box and all the staff who supported the Year 9 INSPIRE program.

The Middle School Team is committed to supporting our students to develop skills in resilience, persistence and independence.  We are confident that our parent community will support us in ensuring high standards in each of the core areas mentioned below so that together, we can build a safe and positive learning environment for all our students.



The Department of Education requires that children of school age (six to seventeen years) are in full-time attendance at a government or registered non-government school unless formally exempt.

Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 or an equivalent qualification have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives. It is important that children develop habits of regular attendance at an early age.

School participation is important as it maximizes life opportunities for children and young people by providing them with education and support networks. School also helps people to develop important skills, knowledge and values which set them up for further learning and participation in their community.

All students in Years 7 to 12 at the College are required to have an attendance rate of at least 90%. Mount Waverley Secondary College will keep a record of the reason given for each absence.  If a student is arriving late to school, they are to report to the Middle School Office to sign in. If a student is leaving early, a parent is required to sign them out at the Main Office.



School uniform assists our students to develop a sense of school pride, dress smartly, become confident and help them to realize that they are all equal in our educational organisation.  It also assists our students in establishing unity within diversity, students begin to apply their focus on their education as they do not get distracted, and they develop skills in working collaboratively as they develop a sense of belonging to the school community.

We have returned to the pre-COVID requirements and all students are expected to wear the correct full school uniform to and from school. They will be expected to change into their correct full Physical Education uniform at school for practical classes and wear their correct full Physical Education uniform to school on the day of a school approved sporting event. No long sleeved tops under short sleeved tops are permitted, hoodies are banned and will be confiscated.

If a student is not wearing the correct full school uniform, they are expected to bring a note from home and get a uniform pass from their sub school when they arrive, prior to their first class.  If a student does not have a note from home, they are still expected to get a uniform pass from their sub school when they arrive. 


Mobile Phones

As per the Department’s policy, mobile phones should be kept in lockers throughout the duration of the school day.  Students are expected to place their phone on silent and in their school bags upon entering the school gates.  Their bags should be securely locked in the lockers and students can take their phones out once they have exited the school gates. We expect all our students to follow this expectation. Students cannot use their mobile phones to pay at the canteen, they are expected to bring cash or a card.



As students should now have a locker allocated to them, if any student does not have a locker they are required to come to the Middle School office to have one organized.  Bags are to be securely locked in student lockers and it is expected that students do not share their combination with any other students for any reason.



As a student of MWSC, we expect our students to demonstrate the College’s ILEARN values at all times and uphold the highest standard of behavior inside and outside of the classroom and also when they are traveling to and from school

We look forward to working with you all during this year to ensure our students achieve their personal best in all areas of school life.  Our great team of teaching staff and education support staff are looking forward to ensuring students feel safe and supported as we commence 2023.

Please feel free to contact your student’s Year Level Coordinators if you would like clarification or support in any matter.

Wishing you all a great start to the year and I would like to leave you with this quote: ‘High achievement always takes place in the framework of High Achievement’ – Charles Kettering




Ms Asha Vazirani
Head of Middle School