Last Wednesday, theYear 10s headed to Coonawarra Camp. After a four-hour bus ride, we were greeted with a large shimmering lake surrounded by fields, lined with horses and bundles of pine trees; it was worth the long drive. Over the three days we partook in a range of activities; one that stood out particularly was the twin flying foxes. We raced in pairs over the lake, while taking in some incredible views, until we crash landed, not so gracefully, into a pile of tanbark.
Another activity that we did was canoeing, which wasn’t as easy and effortless as it first looked. There was a sense of bonding though, in that everyone had one similar goal – trying not to be the first canoe to capsize.
As for the sleeping situation, it seems nothing creates friendships like conversations held late at night while sleep deprived and amped up on sugar. Overall, Camp Coonawarra had great activities with enough time left over to hang out with friends and make new ones. 

by Keira G (10M)



From 1st to 3rd February, the Year 10 students went to camp Coonawarra as their Year 10 camp experience.  At 6.45am on the first day, the MWSC staff and students climbed onto the school buses, ready for the long journey ahead of them. The drive was lengthy and suspenseful with every turn being a surprise whether it was the turn to Coonawarra or not. The drive was also accompanied by beautiful scenery and greenery of the Victorian countryside. 

At long last we finally arrived. Three buses stopped at campsite Iguana and two were at Lakeside.  At campsite Iguana we were first welcomed by the lovely staff who showed us around the campsite and the structure of mealtimes and afternoon tea. We then settled in our cabins. During my three days at camp, I grew very close to my cabin mates, and everyone was friendly, supportive and we all bonded very well. Soon after we were assigned to our activity groups where we had our first activity. The activity that my group had was damper making where we made fresh dough together, placed it on a stick and cooked it over a bonfire. We then put jam on our breads and ate it. It was so delicious and an amazing snack. Some of the other activities that students participated in were the Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Canoeing, Raft Making, Rock Climbing, Labyrinth and Archery. 

On the second day we started off fresh with an early start with my favourite meal of the day, breakfast consisting of cereal, toast, beans and hashbrowns. Breakfast was then followed by a big day of activities. My favourite activity was canoeing where my friends and I had so much fun. We all tried to capsize each other and towards the end we got to swim in the lake too. It was a core memory that I will never forget, the amount of fun I had with my friends at the lake that day. For our final night’s activity, Ms. Xing and the teachers organised a trivia night. Everyone was so excited and pumped to answer the questions in their groups and even the teachers competed.

Before we knew it, Year 10 camp Coonawarra came to an end, and we were waking up and packing up our cabins to say farewell and go back home. In summary, camp Coonawarra was an amazing experience. Thank you to all the teachers who helped organise this trip for everyone and give us the opportunity to go to camp and make new memories and friends.

by Amelia K (10N)