As we approach the end of Term 3 we are reminded of all our achievements to date and we now have the time to reflect and re-energise for the remainder of the year.  It has been another successful term of learning for our students across the middle school.  Students have been busy engaging with their studies in the classroom across the eight learning areas.  They also have had a wide range of activities outside the classroom that have added to their experience this term including House and District Athletics, Round Robin Sports, the college production – Matilda and the Year 10 Gala to name just a few.

For our Year 9 Students the term ended with a wellbeing day.  The day covered a wide range of topics giving students plenty of tricks and tips on wellbeing.   The presenters included author Ms Melissa Keil who shared the story of her own journey to becoming an author, a presentation on Real Life Resilience with some fun including yoga basketball and inflatable challenges.  Thanks to Ms Kerrie Haworth, for her work in making this day happen.

Parent Teacher Student interviews happened on Thursday 8 September.  These interviews were a fantastic opportunity to visibly see the collaboration that exists between students, teachers and parents.  These conferences allowed students and parents to talk to teachers about how they are progressing and what they can focus on to continue their learning growth next term.


Middle School Team

Thank you to the Middle School Team for their work in supporting out Year 9 and 10 students across this semester of remote learning.  Well done to Mr Wayne Griffin, Ms Sarah Smith, Ms Grace Leszcynski and Ms Stephanie Xing for this work.  Thanks also to Ms Bec Kosach and Ms Asha Vazirani for their leadership of this team.


STEAM Centre

The STEAM Centre work has been progressing well with concrete slab being laid this week.  We look forward to seeing work continuing over the coming weeks.



Mr Ian MacLeod
Campus Principal – Middle School