Year 10 Camp 2022

Having missed out on camps and other excursions for the last two years, we were extremely excited to visit Coonawarra for our Year 10 Camp. Despite our early 7am arrival at school, energy was running high as we packed onto the buses. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the lovely Coonawarra staff (and a herd of ducks), and after organising our cabins we headed off to our first activity. Team building was a consistent theme as we undertook various challenging activities, such as raft making, damper making , canoeing and a labyrinth. Our individual courage was also tested on the giant swing, rock climbing and horse riding.
During the evenings, we gathered together as a cohort and had a movie night, and a trivia night.

This camp was an amazing experience to spend time with our friends, and develop relationships with our classmates. We played sports together, went on walks, and observed the picturesque greenery and lake. From sharing cabins, to sharing meals, to sharing sinks when brushing teeth- we will now share memories we will hold to year 12 and beyond. As we head into our final years of schooling, experiences such as these are priceless. Blessed be the ducks!

By Edolie R and Georgia K