REACH workshops  

The REACH Foundation have been providing several workshops so far this term to help support peer connections, develop emotional intelligence and improve overall mental health and wellbeing. They are a significant contributor to the overall student wellbeing program at the college, providing workshops for our year 7, 9, 10 and 12’s. For more information please visit their website


 Felstead Education 

Another supportive partner of our Student Wellbeing Program is Felstead Education. They have delivered a variety of mindfulness and positive mindset workshops to our senior school students. On Friday 12 August, the year 10’s will attend a presentation on the power of sleep. This is one of our favourite presentations – Brad – the founder of Felstead Education will take year 10 students through the science behind sleep and how it will support their academic progress.


Jemima Montag 

Jemima Montag is an Australian Race Walker. She is a Commonwealth Gold medalist, an Olympian and recently finished fourth in the world in the 20k walk at the World Athletic Championships. Jemima is a friend of the school and has presented several times in the last 3 years sharing her journey of success as an elite athlete and a learner (currently studying medicine). Watch out for Jemima this Saturday as she competes in the 20k race at the Commonwealth Games. Everyone at MWSC wishes her well and is excited to hear her stories and presentation to our year 11’s on Monday 22 August.


Cyber Safety 

A reminder to parents about our Cyber Safety hub on the website. Its a great hub for parents to get lots of information about the different apps available and how to support your child to stay safe online.


Parent Bulletin 

Last term our Mental Health Practitioners launched our first Parent Bulletin with a range of information and advice to support parents/carers. Look out for the next Parent Bulletin coming soon!



Mr Paul Graham
Student Support and Resources Manager