College Raffle

We have been working hard on sourcing some great prizes for our term 3 college raffle this year.  Over $5000 worth of prizes have been donated including Interior/Exterior painting, Drone, Gift Cards, Novotel and Campion Education Voucher.

The college raffle is running online this year and tickets can be purchased via compasstix.  Raffle tickets are $2.50.  Please support the college by purchasing either a $12.50 (5 tickets) or $25 (10 tickets) book. Feel free to forward the compasstix link to family and friends.    All proceeds will go towards the purchase of new student outdoor furniture and down-ball court.

Raffle tickets can be purchased online via compasstix link : 
Raffle tickets will go on sale from Monday 8 August at 10:00am.  Raffle will be drawn and winners announced on Friday 26 August.


The Importance of Reflecting on our Learning

We are all members of a learning community and as such it is important to reflect on our learning so that we can improve and grow.

According to research by Professor John Hattie there are 3 feedback questions:

  1. Where am I going? This helps us set goals and understand what success looks like.
  2. How am I going? This gives us feedback about our progress and is often expressed in relation to an expected standard.
  3. Where to next? This feedback can help us select the next challenge and allows us to take responsibility for our learning.

Our School Review Process that we are currently involved in is one way in which all members of our learning community are helping to give feedback to help drive the creation of our next School Strategic Plan which will guide us over the next four years.

The subject selection process that all Year 9 – 11 students are undertaking now, is another great opportunity where students can ask these three questions to help them to focus on their future pathways.


School Review

On Monday 25 July, the first of four School Review days was held. Validation Day included classroom observations and student focus groups. We welcomed our reviewer Mr Greg McMahon (former secondary school principal), College Council President- Mr Nishant Patel, School Education Improvement Leader-Ms Kerry Wood and our two Challenge Partners Ms Jill Laughlin (Principal-Camberwell HS) and Mr John Roberts (Principal-Doncaster East SC).

On Tuesday 26 July and Thursday 4 August we held our two fieldwork days and there were more visits to classes on the Junior and Senior Campus. The review teams also met with many groups of students, parents, and staff. Thank you to everyone who was involved, including our College Council Vice President Mrs Chelsea Eow and parent representatives from our learning community.


Information evenings, subject information sessions and subject selection interviews

Well done to all the students and parents who attended our 2023 information evenings over the last two weeks. These evenings are very important for students and their families to understand the courses, subjects, and pathways available next year and in the future.

The sub-schools and curriculum teams have been busy with subject selection information evenings and in the past two weeks six parent evenings were held including our Information Night on the new VCE Vocational Major Pathway for prospective 2023 students as well as a VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) Information Night for our current Year 12 students.

Thank you to the Heads of School-Mrs Debbie Sekula, Mrs Asha Vazirani and Ms Sarah Chase and their teams, our Head of Curriculum-Mr Tim Peters, our Head of Senior Pathways- Ms Lisa McKiernan and the faculty heads and the Careers team for their work in setting up and organising these sessions.


Year 10 Subject Information Day and Course Confirmation

Our Year 10 students were provided with plenty of information on Tuesday 26 July, with presentations on the guidelines for the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) as well as subject offerings. Students also looked at their Career Action Plans and were able to talk to tertiary providers.

Thank you to our Careers Team – Mrs Jo Hall and Ms Victoria Tortopidis for their work with the Career Action Plans and setting up this Tertiary Expo.

On Friday 6 August our Year 10 students attended individual sessions with course counsellors to ensure that the subjects they have selected for their Victorian Certificate of Education are appropriate for the career path they may chose in the future.


Subject handbooks

The 2023 subject handbooks for Years 7 & 8, Year 9, Year 10 and VCE are all on the college website. Further information about 2023 subjects can be found here:


VSMF Orchestra Festival

Thank you to Mr Tim O Connor-Head of Strings for accompanying our String Ensemble to the VSMF Orchestra Festival on Thursday 28 July. The ensemble received a Silver Award in the Intermediate Strings section, which was a great result. The Executive Team had the pleasure of hearing this ensemble rehearse the day before the festival and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful music that they performed.



Year 10 Camp 

I would like to thank the 21 staff members who volunteered to accompany our students to the Year 10 Coonawarra Camp this week. Camps like this would not occur without the hard work and dedication of our staff. I have heard that our students had a wonderful time, were extremely well-behaved and great representatives of our college.


Smoking and vaping

Parents, carers, schools, and community all play an important role in protecting children and young people from, and educating them about, the harmful effects of smoking and vaping.

Research from the Royal Children’s Hospital shows many parents and carers are not aware of the harmful effects or how their views about smoking and vaping can impact the likelihood of a young person taking up smoking or vaping.

The Department of Education and Training has collated resources to help you learn more about the health risks of smoking and vaping, and some suggestions about how to talk to your child about vaping, and where to get support.

This includes a video from experts at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne with tips for parents for starting a conversation with teenagers about vaping.




Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal