Unit Three SAC (School Assessed Coursework) Week

All students completing a Units 3 & 4 subject will be involved in SAC week from Monday 6 June. Students will complete their final assessment for first semester. Classes will not run, and students will have an opportunity to focus on their assessment and review the work completed so far. Students must attend the college when there is a SAC and if absent from assessment must have a medical certificate (unless it is a school approved activity).


Year 11 Exams

All Year 11 students will have exams from the Monday 6th until Thursday 16th June. Students need to come to all exams and if ill must contact the college and provide a medical certificate. The exams cover all of the content and skills covered in Unit 1 and provides students with an opportunity to develop their revision, study and exam techniques.

Thanks to Mr Tim Peters (Head of Curriculum) and the Middle and Senior Subschool teams, our faculty heads and teachers and Mr Scott Smith (Daily Organiser) for their planning and support of the exam process.


Year 12 Formal

Our Year 12 students, and many of their teachers, are looking forward to the Year 12 Formal which takes place on Wednesday 7 September.  Students will receive further information about this soon.


Careers Activities

During the week the Careers Team have arranged for speakers from a range of institutions to come to the college to speak to interested students. Thanks to the Careers Team and to the students who have come along during lunchtime.


Professional Learning Week

This week our staff attended workshops and sessions facilitated by their colleagues. It provides an opportunity for staff to collaborate, share their expertise and improve their teaching and student learning. The sessions highlight the skills and experience of our staff at the college. In addition, some of our teachers have been involved in running sessions for other teachers. Ms Jane Carter (Head of The Arts) presented at a Work Futures Conference, Mr Matt Hall (Head of Technology) presented at a Cybersecurity Seminar on ‘Student, School and Teacher Resources Overview for Australia’ and Mrs Debbie Sekula (Head of Junior School) and I have been mentoring teachers new to VCE Business Management.


VCE Music Recitals

Our Unit Three Music students performed on Thursday 12 May to an audience. The Unit One and Year 10 Recitals will take place over the next few weeks. Thanks to all of the students for their hard work in preparing for this and to Ms Tijtje Keatley – Director of Music and our talented Music and Instrumental Music staff.


Reporting – First semester

Reports will be distributed via Compass at the start of the term break. The reports will contain detailed feedback on each of the Common Assessment or Learning Tasks or School Assessed Coursework, in the case of VCE subjects, completed by students and the grade for the semester exam (Year 9, 10 and 11 students). There will also be information on student learning behaviour and reporting on Victorian Curriculum progress where applicable. Please check Compass to keep up to date with information regarding this.


Year 12 Camp

Our Year 12 students and a group of teachers headed to Torquay and Anglesea this week. Thanks to all involved – it was good that students had the opportunity to attend their camp. Thanks to all of the teachers who gave up their time during a busy period in the term and a special thanks to Mr Matt Cara (Senior Subschool Leader) for his planning and organisation of the camp.


Mrs Julie Cain
Campus Principal – Senior School