Final Library Celebrations for 2021

After a long period of closure, both the Junior & Senior Libraries were able to award the Premier’s Reading Challenge certificates along with our traditional prizes.

Many of our wonderful readers managed to access reading material from other facilities and met the 10-15 book minimum over the 6 month period. Others, in their usual style, read many more.

Kyra H (Year 11) & Petra H (Year 8) read 46 & 40 respectively, and therefore won a $50 book voucher.

Maya C (Year 9) & Charvi J (Year 7) took out the runners-up prize of a $20 book voucher.

Everyone received a book prize as well.


Thankyou also to all our wonderful Library Leaders. Your involvement in all things library cannot be underestimated! We look forward to getting you all involved much more in 2022!

Congratulations to everyone for reading and sharing their book reviews, and contributing to a vibrant reading community.

We hope to continue to encourage everyone in the school community to read, both for pleasure and for information, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year.


Have a safe, happy and restful holiday.

Mrs Whitelaw, Ms Daniels and Mrs Thomas
Resource Centre Team