On Wednesday 8 December, we had our Year 10 Gala. It was a night filled with lots of dancing and celebrations. Though the evening was one that many thought wouldn’t happen due to continuous covid19 lockdowns and restrictions, we got there!

All of us Year 10 Leaders worked really hard to get the night organised and were amazed with how it turned out. The countless hours which went into organising this night run by all leaders and teachers were tremendous but it paid off when the night began. We are extremely thankful for Mrs Merlino, who helped immensely with organising and booking the Gala. The participation from the Year 10 cohort was exceptional, with all 200 attendees dressing to the highest standard. The Vogue ballroom was a perfect location, with the inclusion of a 3-course meal which was delicious and accommodating for everyone’s taste. The dance battles and conga lines were amazing and were a great way to celebrate the long year we have had. As leaders were amazed by the participation from everyone and cannot wait to see the fabulous photos from the night. We want to thank everyone who assisted and all the teachers who came and supervised what was one of the best events that happened in 2021.

by Jocelyn S (Year 10)


Special thanks to the Year 10 Leadership Team and Mrs Merlino for their meticulous organisation of the Year 10 Gala. As Year 10 Coordinators, we were so proud of the cohort for their enthusiasm, positivity and excellent behaviour. We were particularly impressed with the number of students that got out onto the dance floor.

Ms Sassos & Frau Rogers