It was with great excitement that 250 students and 50 staff members travelled into the city for 2 days of Exploring our beautiful city, Melbourne. On both days, we were lucky enough to experience glorious sunshine and warmth, which made the experience that much more pleasant. The city was very quiet on both mornings but became more like the bustling city centre that we are familiar with as the day wore on.  Students were clearly excited to be leaving the school grounds and to be in a different environment with their friends alongside.

The program for the 2 days alternated between two itineraries. On one day, students experienced the Graffiti tour – probably better described as the Street Art tour – which we found out is the most popular tourist attraction in Australia in non-Covid times. Students then spent the remainder of the day finding popular landmarks and making their way accurately around the city to solve Scavenger Hunt clues. The alternate itinerary included a Salvation Army Homelessness Tour, which outlined the reasons people become homeless, the information about people who predominantly make up the homelessness cohort and what constitutes homelessness. Students were urged to consider how the challenge of homelessness can be prevented. Finally, students were provided with questions to answer in a Culture discovery of the Greek precinct and Chinatown.

It was clear by the end of each day that the full day of collaborating, wayfinding and stimulation had taken its toll on students, as they looked extremely tired and happy to sit down in the Treasury Gardens prior to boarding the bus.  It was very enjoyable to watch students take control of their navigation around the city, work together to achieve group outcomes and successfully meet in order to come home at the end of the day!

Thank you to the coordinators Mr Wayne Griffin, Ms Sarah Smith and the many staff who dedicated the day to supervising and checking in with our students. Thank you to the students who behaved responsibly throughout, we hope that you learned plenty and enjoyed the 2 days.  Thank you to the parents for supporting the changed departure and return times.

Ms Meagan Merlino
Middle School Leader