Last Friday 19 November,  the year 11s were involved in a Fancy Dress Day, where they could come as any character from a movie, book, tv show etc!  The students exceeded our expectations, and the effort that they went to in making amazing, creative and detailed costumes was incredibly impressive!

The day was very fun.  Students congregated at the fishbowl during lunch where photos were taken and awards given.

The winners of the day were:

Nick T – Santa
Charlotte, Jarrah, Mia V and Bella K –  Mean Girls
Megan and Eden – Mr Newport and Mr Wall
Olivia Zhu – Giorno
Tamsyn – Abby from NCIS
John K – Personified

But honestly, we wish we had more awards based on how amazing everyone looked!

Additionally, the year 11 cohort generously donated food goods which will be delivered to the Asylum Seeker Resource Center who are in need of food to provide people doing it rough. Thank you to all the families who donated, and to everyone who got involved in such a fun day!



Ms Gabrielle Phelan
Year 11 Coordinator