As the end of term four rapidly closes in, I want to take a moment to reflect on how proud and fortunate I am to work alongside all of the staff and students at the Junior Campus of Mount Waverley Secondary College. The way every member of our community has approached this year is nothing short of extraordinary. Staff and students have time and time again reflected our college values of Integrity, Learning, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Nurturing in everything that they do. It has been especially pleasing to see how many staff members have been nominating students for our College Values through Compass.

So many parents have been thrilled to read messages such as the following:

Learning: Caeden has been doing excellent in remote learning Mathematics, he is up to date on all his tasks and even made the effort to do some extra without being asked. It is really wonderful to see his dedication to learning!

Excellence: Riley made an insightful contribution to discussions in class today about Edward Scissorhands – he had really thought about symbolism and meaning in the film. Well done!

Accountability: Stefanie, thank-you for your friendly and cheerful participation in today’s class. Your willingness to speak up and be involved was most appreciated! Danke!

Respect: James always speaks so respectfully with, and around, his peers. He handles difficult situations calmly and expresses his feelings very eloquently.

Nurturing: Jimmy has consistently offered his help to his fellow classmates who needed help in completing their tasks for the Humanities CAT. He has shown maturity and kindness that demonstrates a real commitment to upholding college values. Well done!

Well done to all of the above students, and dozens more who have been recognised this term.

Good luck to year 7s with their move into year 8 during ECP, and a big farewell to our year 8s who will next week be joining the Senior Campus as year 9s!



Mr Matt Sheehan
Campus Principal – Junior School