I would like to congratulate our VCE students for their outstanding commitment to their learning throughout term 3. Much of this term has been spent at home in lockdown with students learning remotely. Whilst it has not been easy, we are so proud of each and every student for working through the ups and downs of lockdown and still showing up every day and giving their best. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think this saying proves evident throughout remote learning, and our students are fortunate to be part of such a strong school community.
Thank you to our families who have continued to support our students at home, thank you to the college Wellbeing Team for providing one on one support, parent resources, and student presentations. Thank you to the Senior Sub School team for always making yourself available to support students and their families. Most importantly, thank you to our amazing team of VCE teachers who have maintained their excellent standard of teaching to ensure our students continue to achieve success in the classroom.

Unit 4 is coming to an end and our year 12 students are starting to prepare for their end of year exams. To help students prepare for their final exams, year 12 teachers have produced resource packs to support students with their revision over the holiday break. Thank you to Mrs Narda McLennan for all of your work in organising the printing of these terrific resources. Unfortunately due to being in lock down students were unable to collect their resource packs onsite at school. I would like to thank our college Principal, Mrs Karen Wade, for organising each resource pack to be individually delivered via courier to our 400+ students completing a Unit 3&4 exam in October.

On behalf of the Senior School team I would like to wish our students and their families a restful holiday break. Hopefully we will be back on site early in term 4.


Consideration of Educational Disadvantage (CED)

VCAA announced earlier in the term that all students studying a Unit 3&4 subject are eligible for CED. Students have already completed and submitted their statement of disadvantage. The Senior School team will work with VCE teachers throughout term 4 to continue this process to ensure that any disadvantage experienced is taken into account.


General Achievement Test (GAT)

The GAT is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 5 October. Students were provided with important information via a remote assembly in week 9. Students are encouraged to arrive at school by 9am on the day. In the days prior to the GAT we will provide an update for students and families regarding the most up to date covid measures.



Ms Lisa McKiernan
Head of Senior School