Year 12 Motivational Letters

Recently all of our Year 12 students received an individualized thank you letter with comments from some of their teachers. Thank you to the Senior School team for organizing our Year 12 Motivational letters for our students and special thanks to Mrs Narda McLennan for compiling these letters. Some student responses were:

“Thank you for the email this is beautiful!” 

“Thank you so much for sending this through, it really made my day :)” 

“This is incredibly thoughtful idea and has made many year 12 students days and weeks, it means a lot!   Thank you to everyone who was involved in organising it :)


VCAA VCE Leadership Award

The 2021 VCE Leadership Awards are coordinated by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) to recognise VCE students for their leadership, initiative and involvement in extra-curricular and community activities.

I am pleased to announce that the VCAA has selected Rachel T of Year 12 as a winner of a VCE Leadership Award. The 2021 VCE Leadership Award Ceremony will be held on Friday 17 September where the VCE Leader of the Year will be announced.

On behalf of our MWSC learning community I would like to congratulate Rachel on winning such a prestigious award.


MWSC Virtual Cross Country

Congratulations to the students and staff of MWSC on what can only be described as an unbelievable effort during last week’s virtual cross country.

Our school walked or ran a total of 9,015.33kms. We travelled through Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the Northern Territory and into Western Australia, where our journey came to an end in Port Hedland. Unfortunately, we missed out on breaking our record from last year by only 3.3kms, but this is still an amazing effort by the entire school community. Well done!

I would also like to congratulate our individual winners:

Year 7 Results
1st Place – Aaron C
2nd Place – Noah B
3rd Place – Yaj K

Year 8 Results
1st Place – Marcus W
2nd Place – Kavil S
3rd Place – Andrew D

Year 9 Results
1st Place – Neyssa S
2nd Place – Anneliese B
3rd Place – Lachlan B

Year 10 Results
1st Place – Viola H
2nd Place – Jocelyn S
3rd Place – Ellen L

Year 11 Results
1st Place – Bowen C
2nd Place – Jaimi A
3rd Place – Natalie L

Year 12 Results
1st Place – Charlie W
2nd Place – Andrew K
3rd Place – Hannah R

Staff Results
1st Place – Mr Wallace
2nd Place – Ms Boughen
3rd Place – Mr Martin tied with Ms Thomas

Congratulations to Mr Danny Gwynne our Junior Campus Sports Leader, on this great initiative and for entertaining us with fun video clips during the week!


Alumni Music Concert

On Friday 27 August we were entertained by seven alumni at a lunchtime music concert. The quality of performances was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these talented musicians. Thank you to our Alumni Yi Yang, Henry, Rick, Mitch, Vuyo, Ray and Alex for performing on the day and special thanks to our Music Captains Chris and Lesedi and our Director of Music, Mrs Tijtje Keatley for organising this special event.


Book Week

Well done to the Library team for all the great activities on offer last week during book week. Special thanks to all the students and staff who got involved. I am sure the students really enjoyed the week and activities on offer.


Student Parent Teacher Conferences

A reminder that Semester Two Student Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday 9 September between 1pm and 7.30pm.  Conferences will once again be held online via Webex links.  Thursday 9 September is a student free day and no classes will be running.  Please encourage your child/ren to attend these conferences with you so that they can receive feedback regarding their learning.


STEAM Centre

We are moving closer and closer to building commencing on our new STEAM Centre. The tender documentation is almost finished, which will then allow the tender process to occur which will determine who will build this fantastic new centre. We are still on track for a December start to these works. Thank you to Mr Ian MacLeod – Campus Principal Middle School, for overseeing this building project.



Mrs Karen Wade
College Principal