Welcome everyone to term 3. It’s obviously not the way we wanted to start the term but hopefully we will all be back at school next week! Whilst we are in lockdown and students are engaged in remote learning, it’s a good time to remind parents/carers of esafety commissioner and the great resources available to you and your child on staying safe online. https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents

It is also really important to encourage your child to stay connected to their peers during this time. For some this is easy but for others being in lockdown creates significant challenges socially and it’s important that you help facilitate and encourage them to maintain connections. It is the single most challenging issue for students when they transition back to on campus learning.

Support during remote learning:
Student Wellbeing is available for support during lockdown. Students can access support via email or video counselling. Please feel free to contact any of our wellbeing staff if you are concerned about your child’s overall wellbeing and would like some support and or advice.

New Staff: 
At the start of term 3 we welcomed our new Mental Health Practitioner, Ms Phoebe Cummings to the Senior Campus. Phoebe is a registered Psychologist and will provide psychological intervention through counselling, psychoeducation, and mental health support. All referrals to Phoebe are allocated by the Manager of Student Wellbeing.

Parenting Program:
For those parents/carers who are interested, City of Monash is running a parent program called “Tuning in to Teens” – a 6 session parent program starting on the 4th of October focusing on ‘Emotionally Intelligent Parenting’. More information can be found by emailing FamilyServices@monash.vic.gov.au


Student Wellbeing Program – Term 3

Year 7:
On Tuesday and Wednesday of week 1, Reach foundation delivered their “connection” workshop with our year 7’s. The workshop focused on strengthening connections, building resilience, showing empathy and enhancing social and emotional skills.

Year 8:
On Friday 3 September, students will receive a presentation by one of Australia’s most sought after motivational speakers, Mr Luke Kennedy. He will be speaking to the year 8’s on how to detach from labels and negative thoughts.

Year 9:
Each home group will attend an alcohol and drug education workshop by Access Community Health. This is in support of our health curriculum and offers a proactive, fun and engaging workshop to provide students with a tailored presentation by trained youth workers.
On the last day of term, year 9 students will participate in the “Year 9 Wellbeing Day”. The day starts with a guest presentation by author Ms Melissa Keil. Students will then attend a workshop teaching them basic first aid skills by our college nurses and then a mental health presentation by Headspace. The day will conclude with several opt in fun activities such as yoga, downball, soccer and dodgeball.

Year 10:
Its a very busy term with several wellbeing programs delivered for the year 10’s, this is due to postponing some of these workshops from term 2 due to lockdown. During mentoring, students will engage in a presentation on the Power of Nutrition and the Power of Sleep by Felstead Education. Both are very important topics for students and will help them get the best out of their academic performance.

On Tuesday 17 August – The Student Wellbeing and Careers team will be providing the opportunity for our 10 students to participate in a day focused on building on their character strengths, problem solving, challenging gender stereotypes, building resilience and exploring future career options.

Students will attend a Q & A presentation by Ms Tayla Harris (Australian Rules Footballer and well known activist for female participation in sport) and then they will attend 4 separate workshops. Two workshops will be delivered by SALT (Sports and Life training) “Empowered” and “Health Masculinity”. The other two workshops will be delivered by MWSC alumni presenting on their career journeys.

On Tuesday 31 August – Student Wellbeing specialist and award winning international speaker and author, Mr Daniel Merza will be coming down from Sydney to present his empowering presentation on “Leader of your life”. He will aim to inspire year 10 students to take control of their destiny through positive thinking, which will set them up for a positive approach to VCE in 2022.

Year 11:
During mentoring, year 11 students will receive a presentation from Red Frogs on developing their own self identity. Red frogs are a well respected and engaging company of speakers who present at schools on a range of topics. They are most well known for their talks on schoolies and helping students stay safe at the end of their year 12 celebrations.

On Monday 13 September, the year 11 students will also receive a presentation from Ms Jemima Montag (commonwealth gold medalist and Tokyo Olympian) She will be fresh from competing in the Tokyo games to share with the year 11’s all the lessons she has learnt this year competing for gold and striving to be her best.


Student Wellbeing Model

(Positive Relationships, Social and Emotional Learning, Student Voice and Agency and Partnerships and Support) 
Phase one of the implementation of the student wellbeing model was achieved in semester 1 with several presentations on the wellbeing model presented to students at every year level and all staff. The poster of the model is now in every classroom to remind students and teachers of the importance of the wellbeing model.

The second phase of implementation includes engaging students with the student wellbeing model, including running activities in home group and mentoring focusing on the four areas of the model as well as running professional collaboration sessions with staff.  We will also be delivering an online virtual event to promote the model to parents/carers later in the term.
I hope everyone stays safe during this time and please let us know if there is anything the student wellbeing can do to support.



Mr Paul Graham
Manager of Student Wellbeing